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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Seoul once again!

Haha...I found it...I'd saved it under some obscure name...don't ask me why.

Tuesday, 09.04.2012

Little did I know that things would hot up a little once we reached Seoul, South Korea.

The night before we left Sydney, I’d stayed up chatting with my friend until the early hours of the morning…so much to be crammed in before we left.

As a result I only had two hours of sleep…having to get up at 4am.

It was a very emotional goodbye at the airport. Tears flowed and I am still grieving…but have shoved it to one side to deal with in the luxury of my own home. I try not to think about leaving everyone behind. Even hubby was emotional about the parting…but he walked off before he was reduced to tears by our daughter and I.

Farewell Australia, our dear friends, our daughter and her partner and all those that I met whilst there as well as the guardians and ancients. It was a fabulous holiday filled with laughter and fun.

The people in Australia are extremely friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Surprisingly we are heading home with money left over…in spite of us having freely spent our stash of funds. Shows you how the love and pleasure of life creates abundance.

We arrived in Seoul to discover that not only was the hotel paid for (which I knew as it was included in the air ticket) but dinner, breakfast and lunch were included. What a lovely surprise.

Dinner was spectacular…yum…I do so love food. Breakfast was the usual western style of either full English or continental…and Korean breakfast which included miso and seaweed soup, and lotus root in soy (or something like that) which we both tried but it is not a taste that can be described…and as usual the obligatory baked beans!!

We have vouchers for lunch at the airport. Very efficient and well looked after. Not much time to walk around and sightsee as we were in Incheon rather than in Seoul itself…which is a two hour journey.

But as was explained to me…I am not here to sightsee but to anchor the energy.

Needless to say last night we were both exhausted after little or no sleep…so were in bed at 9.

This morning I felt great. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and whilst doing so felt something on my foot. I looked down to see a small dragon standing with its front feet on my foot, looking up at me. It was toooooo cute. That was when I realised it was time to get out of my funk and do some work.

I went back to bed to have a cup of coffee and tuned into the energy. We were surrounded by dragons, large and small of every colour imaginable. Nothing was said except a brief bow of acknowledgement. I drank my coffee and went off to have a shower.

When I got back, it was time to anchor the sacred union energy, which we did. As the energy of the love of life is strong within both of us it did not take long to anchor the energy. I have become so used to living with pleasure, love and happiness that I don’t even notice that it’s there…it’s become normal to feel the joie de vivre constantly.

It was after this that I realised we had attracted some attention. We had brekky and came back to the room and I took time out to meditate. I found myself surrounded by some very strange looking creatures. I assume they are all part of the myths and legends of the Pacific area that I confess I don’t know much about.

9D Athena came through me. I could feel her deep love and compassion for all. These entities that were around (except the dragons, who are I think 6 or 7th dimension) were from the 4th dimension.

Their first question was how did they fit in with the changes being experienced. They were suspicious… or rather I should say it was more a wariness of letting go of the old and moving into something new after centuries of holding a specific energy.

There was much discussion about how the traditions of old were keeping them where they were…but at the same time they had helped create what their people had experienced over the years. It was a circular motion of each feeding the other and they wanted to know how to make the changes.

It reminded me somewhat of the Christians and Jesus. They keep him on his cross through their energy of worship and he no longer needs to be there anymore…this was a similar dilemma being faced by these other entities.

Athena patiently explained that all the gods were experiencing these changes and so they weren’t alone.

I must admit I was somewhat surprised by this whole exchange as I’d thought that all entities of myths and legends were okay with the changes…but obviously not.

It is similar to the guardians in Australia. They have had their set way of keeping certain things alive and are now facing having to make the necessary changes.

Many of these entities are either earth bound or 4th dimensional and it has never crossed my mind that they would be as confused as the rest of us.

Pretty eye opening stuff.

Athena asked for their support and approval to help with the changes. She mentioned that I was the body into which she had poured much of her energy in this incarnation to move around the globe anchoring the energy and touching people as I went, thereby creating the necessary opening. She also mentioned that through my work these entities would find that attitudes would start changing but in that change they need to not fear the outcome. Worship is a word whose connotations and energy needs to change. Too much focus was placed on worshipping outside of ourselves rather than acknowledging and worshipping ourselves as the god within.

This then brought to mind for me the thought that we place certain connotations on specific icons and symbols and in doing so create more of the same energy. Instead we need to change our attitude to these symbols and icons and imagine them as ‘good’ rather than ‘bad’, thereby changing their energy. It reminded me of the story I read somewhere about a woman who was so worried about the negative energy of bar codes on goods that before she brought anything into her house she would make sure that the bar codes were taken off. This just feeds more energy to the idea.

I am not sure if there was any agreement reached…but they consented to go away and think about it and we would meet again soon.

Once they’d all left I was shown how when I orgasmed this morning, a beam of light shot out my crown and perineum simultaneously and it was this energy of light that was anchored. It has connected with all the other areas where we have done this.

Hubby mentioned that we are now ‘worldwide shaggers’…not the mile high club but the ground level club :-)

Focusing on my surrounds once again I discovered in the place of the other entities were seven toads…or maybe they were bullfrogs. I know that there is some significance of these but cannot for the life of me remember or figure out what. This was when I came out of my meditation to realise that it was time to check out and catch the bus to the airport.

All in all this has been a very interesting journey. I have not known much about the Orient at all…having been influenced by Africa and Europe and having travelled through the Americas – north and south when I was younger (hehe...before my shagging days), but have never ever been touched by or touched the East in any way.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this new experience and am looking forward to meeting all the new entities I have no knowledge of…although I must admit that in the recesses of my mind I did recognise them to some degree. A trigger of a memory?

There have been so many synchronicities on this holiday…so many good things…that I have experienced which has cemented the confirmation that living your life as a meditation of love and pleasure brings nothing but love and pleasure to you.

And for this confirmation I am truly truly grateful.

Many thanks to those of you who have supported me energetically throughout this journey. I have felt your presence and it made me very happy to know that you were part of the anchoring and cementing of this beautiful energy of sacred union and the changes it will bring about.

May you all be blessed with an abundance of love and pleasure.


Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your experiences on your travels and have felt very connected to you too. It is funny that you mention the `barcode thing' as this had come to my mind recently as well ... and only yesterday, while writing, I diffused a lot of the energy which had built up around the letter x. It is good to laugh at oneself ... it is like bursting an energy bubble. It is good to laugh .. full stop! :-)That is another thing which is so enjoyable about your blog ... the humour which runs through it ... humour and warmth. ( warmth is what I need up here in the freezy north)
Thanks for sharing your journey .. we are all connected... and our sharings intrinsically linked. It felt like a wee trip home for me ... maybe next time you could hop across the tasman. :-)
Much love and thanks

Karen-Pallas said...

What a lovely reply, you sweet honey, thank you.
I would love to have hopped across the tasman...but you're right - there is always a next time.
:-) laughter...it's our favourite, isn't it?
I gather it is still snowy up there, so sending you a great deal of warmth, love and humour together with a sideways bum <3