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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Opening of portals on the body

I woke abruptly in the early hours of this morning to find myself floating and hundreds upon hundreds of little portals were spinning upon my body. They looked like little spirals and they ranged from large to very small, sort of misty like steam or fog. I somehow knew that these were the butterflies that had changed. 

I heard the words, ‘the portals are open’.

You don’t say, eh?

I continued to float, feet first, past what seemed to be a collage or a mural of firstly flowers, then it became fruit until finally it was pictures of every day things like buildings, cars, etc. It felt as though I was, or rather my body, was acquainting itself with all of these things through the open portals.

I can’t quite figure the reason they have suddenly opened or what they are meant to do. Does this mean that the chakras on our bodies have morphed into portals or were they always portals and I simply didn’t notice because they weren’t active?

One thing I did notice was that my body was on fire and it lasted about half an hour until I finally fell asleep.

I was shown this morning when I woke that the frangipani flowers that had morphed into butterflies, had become the portals. The ivy leaves were the connection between the body and the portals. I had a look to see what their symbolism were and found this. There are many more but these two seemed to jump out at me.

The frangipani is a symbol of immortality because of its ability to produce flowers and leaves even after it has been pulled from the soil.

Ivy’s five-pointed leaves makes it a symbol of protection as it signifies the harmony of the elements unified by common bonding energy.

Anyways, I did a meditation this morning on what this was about. I was still floating past hundreds of things that in our world would be pretty mundane. I realised that my body was acquainting itself through these portals with the 5D world. I am bringing in that knowledge so that it would be knowledge within my body rather than in my head. I think this is why I keep moving between the different dimensions, because my body hasn’t quite ‘got it’…and because I needed to clear a few more things in order to fully immerse myself.

I suddenly felt a deep thirst and wanted to stop and take a long drink of water when I heard the words, ‘Thirst for knowledge’. I was given the impression that this was not a water thirst and I should sink into it and allow it. I did and the thirst disappeared to be replaced by my body relaxing and the most exquisite sense of bliss.

I felt my whole body gently fill with love, every part of me absorbing the exquisite energy of love. My mind drifted to hubby as I meditated on him and our relationship.

The song It’s a kind of magic by Queen came on.

My heart was so full and then hubby walked into the room. I opened my eyes to see that his body was full of these spiralling portals. I found myself loving him and all his quirks and irritations. Yeah, we do fight and get irritated by each other – part of the human condition. But in that moment I could actually see the love radiating out from my heart and eyes to him.

He hesitated and then came over and gave me a big kiss.

It made me smile as I thought about us doing these workshops. When I was in Australia my friend and I had a good laugh when we imagined him amongst a gaggle of floaty women.

Hubby is a man who is a timekeeper, although neither of us have worn a watch for more than 10 years. He will say we need to be ready by say, 7 o’clock, but starts to get itchy feet by 6. He does make me smile and I think I drive him insane with my relaxed attitude to time. Don’t get me wrong, I am on time but not in the way that he wants, you know, like 6 hours before we should be there :-)

Can you imagine a group of women chatting away and he is standing there tapping his foot and his watch saying, ‘it’s time ladies’. Being a man, he has short to the point conversations and cannot understand when I chat away for ages on the phone or when I am saying goodbye to someone at a gathering.  He will ask what we have talked about and really when you put it in a nutshell it is not much, but it is fun to talk, so we do. It is simply the act of being together with someone on the same wavelength, talking nonsense…and I know I can waffle. I am good at waffling – in fact I have a degree in it :-)

Back to the portals – it seems that the portals opening on our bodies now are bringing in far more information than we have had before. I have been cautioned to create the intention that it will come in at the correct speed that we as individuals can handle and are comfortable with. Too much can cause an overload and leave us reeling.

I have also been asked to give a word of warning about the portals. These activated portals will bring up any very strongly any resentments, angers or fears.

Many of us are struggling with acceptance of another and through acceptance allowing ourselves to love them, warts and all. Accepting someone and their irritations doesn’t mean we condone what they do. It simply means that we set them and therefore ourselves free and in the freedom we can get on and do what we need to do without interference.

I know it is difficult to accept someone as they are but remember that in the acceptance it frees us up (and our energy) to get on with our lives - and that in itself is a gift. And I don’t mean ignoring someone in the hope they will go away. That doesn’t work. Focusing on another’s so called defects makes them bigger as we are feeding it energy. Ignoring it is another way of feeding it - much like the large elephant that is in the room you wish would go away, so you pretend it's not there.

I am being told to stress this. Quite a few of us are no longer babies or teenagers in this spiritual world, we are the adults and as such it is expected that we act like adults and take responsibility for everything, and I mean everything in our lives. 

Strange isn’t it? Acceptance is such a small thing to do and yet it is so darned difficult.


Dorothy said...

damn it, I can't ignore someone to make them go away?? LOL! Fine. It doesn't work anyhow. :)
Acceptance of their foibles and their beingness is absolutely there in me, just not pleasure in their presence (lol). This message jumped right out and hit me in the gut, it was certainly meant for me.

Do we all of us have these new chakras open now? Is that what that means? Or just you or some particular folks who have attained a certain level? Spiritual walkers or everyone?

What a cool experience that was. Thanks for sharing it, I really appreciate reading your posts and learning from you.

Karen-Pallas said...

Thank you, Dorothy, for reading them.
As far as the portals are concerned, it is my understanding that there are those that have, those that are and those that will experience their opening - you have to figure out which of these groups you are in.

Anonymous said...

KP ... enjoyed this post too. Acceptance ... interesting as I have been getting `Trust' lately.
A while ago I dreamed of a manatee who is all about acceptance.
I see both those words as being connected ... loose and easy ... not pushing .. allowing words ..letting things come to you words... BEing words..

Also ... your post was at 11.11 - cool


Karen-Pallas said...

Hmm...'she' seems to be hammering home this fact lately...wonder if I am not 'getting' it?