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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Yesterday hubby told me that he had a suspicion that there is something dead in the roof. It's in a section that he cannot get to.

I didn't pay much attention to it...cos hubby has a thang about anything that enters our home that isn't welcome...flies being one of them. Every year when spring/summer comes he stomps around the house armed with his fly swat and spray.

I shrug...live and let live...they don't worry me too much.

So the darling man sprayed...and kept muttering the whole day yesterday about dead flies...but because they never came into my reality I, once again, didn't take notice...until this morning.

Blimmin' heck the flies are falling out of the roof in their droves. I've spent most of the day hoovering up dead or almost dead flies.

I decided that there was a message in this so had a look to see what it was and came across this:

For most of us, the fly is an annoyance at best, but in the realms of Natural symbolism, nothing is off limits.
If flies are buzzing around in your environment and capturing your awareness, perhaps they're conveying a symbolic message.
At least, that's what I think. And I'm not the only one. I've been asked about the symbolic meaning of the fly and thought a post about them might be appropriate.
Flies get a bum rap in most myths and cultural view. For example, ancient Christian lore depicts the fly as a symbol of impurity and a temptation to diverge from the path of righteousness. Phoenician myth associates Beelzebub as the 'Lord of Flies' in which the insect represents corruption and putridness. This association is why the fly is featured on some renditions of the Devil card in the Tarot, because it represents base impulses, and uncleanliness in many areas of the human collective consciousness.
Understandable. After all, the fly is a well-known carrier of viruses. But it's not like it's spreading disease on purpose, it's just a natural process.
Thankfully, not all cultural myths count the fly as a nemesis. Did you know the fly is sacred to the Greek god Zeus? Uh huh. The pervasiveness of flies was observed by the ancient Greeks to signify omnipresence. Flies are everywhere, and so too is divine presence - always watching, always buzzing with energy.
The Bamun people of Cameroon recognize flies as an energetic kingdom of tiny winged insects and their presence signified strength in unity according to Engelbert Mveng (L'art d'Afrique Noire). Moreover, the Bamun recognized the shapeshifting and cyclical nature of their ancestors. Essentially, they hold to an ideal that by swatting a fly, they may be squashing the spirit of a great great great grandfather.
In Native American symbolism, Navajo legend places the fly in high regard too. Dontso, the 'Great Fly' is called during healing ceremonies as the fly has the ability to 'eat' away necrotic or dying flesh. The fly is considered a purifier, and asked to consume negative influences and fly away with them - leaving the afflicted free from malady. I've also been told the Great Fly is considered a divine messenger, and even called upon as a heroic guide on spirit walks.
Parts of Asia take a more thoughtful approach, and view the fly as a symbol of a wandering or aimless soul.
When Nature pulls on the strings of my attention in various guises, I like to contemplate outstanding features of the flora/fauna that's playing on my awareness.
For example, when flies come buzzing my way I take it as an invitation to evaluate the nuisances 'bugging' me. Irritants accumulate in our energetic matrices - often unnoticed. Thus, the fly encourages me to take stock of the petty irritations I'm holding on to. Sometimes I even ask the fly to wing those vexations away from me (and I thank them for their service).
The fly is a master consumer of waste in all forms. In this analogy, am I saying we should consume our own waste? No, but I am encouraging a look at our emotional poop for the purpose of clearing out the stuff that no longer serves us.
I also appreciate the visionary quality of the fly. They see the world with over 3000 optical lenses. Can you even imagine? Consequently, when the fly pays me a visit, I'm reminded to expand my vision - see the world with multi-dimensional sight - the way the fly does.
So, the next time you're tempted to squish those flies buzzing around your aura, first take a moment to contemplate a deeper meaning of their presence.
Just thoughts.
From the website Token Rock 

Makes me wonder who this message is for?

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