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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 16 April 2012

What now?

Cobbler's pose

I’m sitting here in my garden in the sunshine. I love this time of year when the garden is slowly starting to wake up after a long winter sleep.

This is the time when I find out which plants are back and what new ones have arrived to energetically help and support us.

As you might or might not know…I am a flower and gem essences practitioner by trade. Haha…yeah, I know – I seem to be lots of things but don’t really practice any of them :-) - except on myself and my family, all very useful for treating any illnesses in the family.

So as a result plants (and crystals) fascinate me.

My hydrangeas are back with a flourish - very good for helping with mental clarity and focus.

The bluebells - throat stuff

Poppies – for grounding

Celandine – tantra

And of course – the roses

…and too many others to mention. I have not seen any new additions to the family of plants that will support us energetically…maybe it is too early.

I do remember years ago struggling to grow hydrangeas – no matter what – they died. It seems focus and clarity are needed nowadays.

I have gone back to my old and favourite position for meditation and writing – Cobbler’s pose. It is so comfortable and I never knew that it was a yoga pose…it just seemed natural to want to use this position.

It feels like it opens me up.

I have found a kundalini yoga teacher down at the local yoga centre. I’m starting on Friday. This is a new phase for me. I’ve not been drawn to yoga at all before…having tried it for a few weeks but then stopping and not going back. It seems everyone in the alternative world does yoga…except me :-) Even so, when I did the kundalini yoga in Australia I found that I’d been doing some of the exercises as toning exercises anyway…so who says I haven’t been doing yoga in some shape or form?

I'm wondering if the sessions I had with the twins a few days before I left when the codes were downloaded has anything to do with it? See the blog Further downloads and activations and then a week later I took part in a kundalini yoga class in Australia, which simply fell into my lap (so to speak)!

Whilst meditating this morning I saw myself in France on our new deck that we are going to have built, doing yoga by myself and then it jumped to me teaching a class there…but not so much yoga as something to do with a combination of certain yoga moves, dancing and meditation for couples. I felt a smidgen of doubt enter my mind when I asked, ‘how can I teach something I don’t know anything about?’ It was shoved aside by the inner wise me who said, ‘don’t worry about the ins and outs – simply concentrate on the vision’

So I did.

Last year when we were in France we set the intention that we would move there as a base from which to travel. Maybe it is going to happen sooner than we think? I don’t know – but I do think it is the start of something very grand.

All I know is that I woke this morning thinking I was there and being really happy. I could smell the air of France, feel the sun and the wonderful feeling that comes with it.

But this of course doesn’t negate that there will be long visits to other countries. It gets really cold in France during winter…so then we go somewhere else for spring and summer…which is another of our dreams.

So…having cut the ties, I now have space for the new to come in. The gestation and growth of the new has started. Let us see what unfolds over the next 9 months, shall we?


Sue said...

What came into my mind reading your blog, Karen, was world citizen. You are on the road to becoming one. Enjoy the flowers, east sussex is blooming in a lovely way in spring, isn't it, Sue :)

Karen-Pallas said...

It reminds me of a channel you did last year about how many of us would start travelling more than we have been. Do you remember it?
Sussex in bloom - lovely sight.