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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Where do I come from?

A question I’ve asked myself on the odd occasion over the last 16 years of my conscious spiritual journey has never been answered. I’ve asked it and then been distracted by other more important developments in my growth.

Who am I? Part of it was answered with the revelation that Pallas Athena is my higher self. It also answered the question why she seemed to hang around (is ‘hang around’ the right words for a goddess?) without ever interacting with me. I simply thought she was an interested entity.

But who is Athena? Where does she come from? We all know the ‘Greek history’ but I do feel that this is just a cover story. Have I been buried so deep within this reincarnation cycle so that no-one knew I was here – like an undercover spy that no-one knows exists except a few.

I have so many past life memories (including that of an insect-like sentient being) but none of them give the answer. Some of these memories are of that of a conscious being - I cannot draw the line between Athena and I. I remember working in beautiful temples with many priestesses. I’ve also been the Dean of a University on Atlantis. I remember the crystal caves of Lemuria and Atlantis and the wonderful energies. Hmm…maybe Namibia is a left over of Atlantis with all its crystals? Why can’t I remember?

But…I don’t have any memories of being on craft such as the Galactic Federation (I think that is their name?). I do remember how to drive my Merkaba but haven’t overcome my reluctance to do so in this 3D body.

Over the last week I’ve suddenly felt it is becoming more important. Not sure why. And then I see a blog from Robert on Thursday http://lightworkers.org/blog/136313/kp-universal-question-you asking if I have come from another Universe to help out. He and I have briefly discussed this before as he believes I might be from elsewhere. I think he is correct as I don’t seem to fit in anywhere. Robert would never have been nudged to ask this question unless I needed to focus on this. Thank you, Great Heart :).

Something is happening in the background that I am vaguely aware of. It is a fleeting memory that seems to disappear as soon as I focus on it. Instead of getting frustrated I am leaving it to manifest when the time is right.

Huh…so this very interesting question has me sitting up, ears pricked and waiting. Over the years I’ve followed and understood many teachings from the Sirians to the Pleidians, Melchizedek to Egyptians, the Arcturians to the Hathors - I could go on - none of them ever resonated so deeply within me that I felt I was ‘home’. I’ve read much with interest but it doesn’t grab me. Maybe I don’t need to know to fulfil my mission. Maybe remaining in the dark is what I need to get the job done.

So I have asked Athena the question and it remains to be seen whether I get an answer. So far I’ve drawn a blank. I could of course make something up but every time I think of a scenario it doesn’t feel right. It is the same feeling I had when I was searching to find out who Hephestemon is. No answer seemed to quite fit until I happened to stumble across the gatekeeper piece. A shiver ran over me right down to my wiggling toes.

There are so many higher selves of higher selves of each one of us. Maybe the Pallas Athena, Lord of Karma, is some other greater entity? Being perfectly honest and not deluding myself is the best way forward and the answers will unfold as they need to.

So the question remains unanswered for the time being and I wait patiently.

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