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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Shooting from the hip

The more I get into this 5D thing the more I am getting the hang of BEing.

Hubby and I discussed this last night. Well…I initiated the discussion – it’s not something he would think about. He maintains I analyse too much.

Maybe I do think too much but I like to look at things from many different perspectives before I am satisfied with what I have discovered. I like to look at it from a logical point of view and then from an esoteric point of view and find the balance between the two.

Hubby is different – he acts before he thinks. He pushes many buttons as he is a straight talker and tends to shoot from the hip. He has a raucous sense of humour that tends to have a bite to it. Because of him, I have never taken myself too seriously – heck, can you imagine what I’d be like if he didn’t. I’d probably be incredibly anal retentive. But despite this, he doesn’t maintain he is non-judgemental – he knows he is.

Man, does he push my buttons at times. Stand up screaming fights, door slamming and plenty of swearing. But…it’s all good. Without him to push my buttons I’d be sailing along serenely without any movement.

Now – back to BEing. I have discovered that I enjoy BEing in a heart centred space - obviously because it does me the world of good but because this nudges another’s heart centred space to the surface. It is like watering and nurturing the secret garden of their very core without them knowing. Holding up a mirror to the beauty within someone is far more satisfying to me than criticising or judging them. Doesn’t mean to say I’m all fluffy and white – I’m a tiger – I do bite. But of all the large cats – tigers are the most tolerant of others until they step over the line.

So this is what the discussion was about last night. Maybe in our own way we are becoming the balanced male/female couple, while balancing the masculine and feminine within ourselves.

Hubby is learning when to BE and when to DO – as am I. I am more BEing nowadays and he is more Doing. It used to be that we were both DOers.

Love making is a good example of this. There is a time to BE and accept what you are being given and another time to DO and give. I find that either state brings a great deal of pleasure. Hubby has always been a giver and DOer. He is now accepting that he can BE in a meditative state and accept. It doesn’t always go well. Sometime he pops out of the meditative state and wants to take over.

Now when I talk about love making, I don’t always mean the physical act. I am talking about the ‘foreplay’. This is so important. It sets the scene for the physical act. It is a meditation of love and through this meditation of love we are creating a beautiful energy that not only runs like fire through our bodies, it is also catapulted out into the world. It infuses the world around us with this beauty, reinforcing our 5D sanctuary.

Giving from the heart during this time and connecting on a deep esoteric level can bring about a gorgeous state of ecstasy and bliss and everything becomes rapturous. Sometimes either one of us can lose control and hit a high note before we should :) but hang, it’s all part of the fun of learning.

So I figure this is what it’s all about – the rapture of BEing and DOing. These days we don’t always need any rituals to get us into the right space. Our bodies seem to understand and automatically I find myself slipping into the deep state needed. Although, spending time together, laughing and connecting makes a world of difference. We enjoy each other’s company. This goes a long way to setting the scene so it becomes a pleasure rather than a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ chore.

And…I have come to realise that clearing the clutter from my life – such as cutting the energetic ties to everyone around me – has made the difference. I don’t carry anyone else’s baggage – all of it is purely mine and therefore easier to deal with. Yeah, it may sound selfish but it isn’t – it’s smart. This is something Athena has taught me. Everyone has their own path to walk. Me supporting them energetically serves to keep them in the same place because then they don’t have to do any work and results in them not taking responsibility. It also drains me of that precious energy needed by my body during ascension.

It can be very confusing for those you’ve energetically supported when you do cut the ties. It can result in a very difficult time for all, but the end result is well worth the difficulties.

By clearing out the clutter my life has become simple. Yes, I am on the go quite a lot but ultimately that is my choice. I am still trying to get the balance between BEing and DOing – haven’t quite got it right.

I have made a decision to cut down my working hours. From October I shall only be working one night and one day per week which gives me quite a bit of free time to concentrate on me.

All the hardships and difficulties I have endured and will probably endure in the future are so worth it. As I reach different levels I can feel the difference within me and it is mighty encouraging to see the results. It is also encouraging to see the results in my marriage. Am I creating my own reality? Yep. Maybe in another reality hubby and I are separated or something. I chose for this not to happen in this reality. Is it a path set for me? Who knows – I certainly don’t. But so far I am satisfied with what I have created and it is getting better daily.

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