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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My job in 5D (a lighter perspective)

Hah! I thought I’d done my blog for the day. But no, it isn’t to be.

Nag nag nag…okay…

I have to give a rundown of my job in 5D *eye roll*

The question I need to ask is this:

If every single one of the lightworkers had to withdraw from 3D working, where would that leave the world?

Interesting question, don’t you think?

This is how I see it and this is only my perspective – others will see it differently and need to be elsewhere.

I hold the light at the NHS, specifically for the hospital that I work at. I honour everyone who works there and through this honouring they are able to ‘see’ their way to making the changes needed to bring the NHS into the 5D world.

About three years ago one of the Consultants stood up at a seminar and stated he felt vitamins were the most important thing he could think of toward optimum health. He caused quite a stir. He then went on to explain with diagrams what Vitamin E does for the body. That night we all went out for dinner with sleep centre from around Southern England. I sat between several consultants from other centres and the discussion headed towards…well, what I can only describe at ‘spiritual’ stuff. One consultant explained how he’d gone to the stones at Avebury to cure his migraines, another was discussing how many dimensions there were!! I sat totally gobsmacked and didn’t say a word – I simply shone my light. I had nothing to say – they needed to discuss this amongst themselves and work their way through to a conclusion that suited them.

One of our consultants is a neurologist. His work revolves around the brain – so the wiring up we do is mainly on the head. You can then see from the traces the different stages of sleep and what happens when someone sleep walks, talks, acts on out their nightmares (oh and another one called sexsomnia – people who need to have sex in their sleep without waking) – oh yeah – we’ve seen it all come through our doors. It never ceases to amaze me what the unconscious mind gives us.

Many of our patients stop breathing in their sleep – this leads to all kinds of health issues – cardiac, diabetes and high blood pressure. Sometimes sleep deprivation presents as depression.

From a 5D perspective these people are coming through our doors because their HS’s are leading them there. In treating them we are giving them a boosting chance to heal themselves. When they leave our centre they take a bit of light with them and this allows them to use the light to see their own way to healing. We have had many a success I am proud to say.

Not everyone wants this – there are those who have an adverse reaction and through fear lash out in anger. So be it, there is nothing I can do for them. They know where we are and if they need ‘assistance’ both in light and love and physical they can find their way back to us.

To those lightworkers still working in 3D – you might not know what you are delivering energetically to your job, but you are important. You have a mission – whether it is to learn how to work with energy in a 3D setting, getting to know yourself and others or simply to shine brightly. You are not wasted where you are. Make the most of it and view it with love because that is what you should be spreading – not anger or hatred. There are enough people in the world focused on that – we need you to join the ranks of lightworkers holding light and love. Whenever you are faced with a dire situation – don’t react in anger – have a look energetically at what is going on.

I will give you an example – when I still worked at a law firm there was one woman who took an intense dislike to me. She would make conversation with everyone but me. Any teas made she’d ignore me. It carried on for a few months like this – but didn’t bother me too much.

Eventually I decided to address it and created the intention that an opening would be created naturally that she and I would connect. I held a space for this to happen without judgement. The following day we bumped into each other in the kitchen – she hesitated when she saw me and then smiled and asked if I could like a cuppa. Just like that I’d changed the energy brewing between us. It is so simple if we get out of our own way.

It turns out she thought I was a stuck up aloof snotty nosed person – her words not mine. I never used to say much – I was an observer and this frightened her, cos she thought I was watching her and judging. How incorrect she was – but that was her perception and she reacted accordingly.

Okay now I’ve had my two cents I’m going to sit in the sun and energise for tonight and tomorrow.

Sheesh, how I set myself up – straight after my night shift tomorrow morning, I come home, have breakfast and then rush off to the hospital to my five hour course before I can have any sleep! Although on reflection this always happens when they are going to hit me with something big as I have all my defences down when I’m sleep deprived.

My job in 5D (a lighter perspective) - to read comments on LW

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