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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Namibian crystals

It’s amazing how much information a person can gather when ‘sharing’.

My question ‘Where do I come’ from has certainly opened new doors for me to focus on and get, if not the whole answer, certainly parts of it. I’d been given a link to Amorah Quan Yin’s website where she spoke about Pallas Athena and the Trinity of Goddesses. In perusing her site, my eye was drawn to a section where she talks about Namibian crystals.



This certainly answers quite a bit as to why I lived there surrounded by these exquisite crystals and why lately my own crystals have been calling for my attention.

I am cleansing them and will meditate with them this weekend some time.

Actually now that I think about it - South Africa also has many places where crystals are lying on the ground - a friend of mine used to talk about picking them up on their hikes through the bush.

Namibian Crystals - to read comments on LW


pascal said...

Thank you for discovering Namibian crystals.
I'd like to find minerals on the ground, it would be wonderful. In the Alps, I've found some minerals, years ago, but today there are too much crowds in the mountains!

Karen-Pallas said...

Namibia is such a vast country with a tiny population so it is pretty easy - well it was when I was young :)
I think that as we move into 5D more crystals will make themselves known...you never know...you might find one on the ground. They are not always easy to spot in their rough form unless you know what you're looking for or they have cracked open. We are used to seeing them polished.