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Monday, 25 July 2011

The Silent Sentinels


I’ve been meaning to write this for ages but keep putting it off. This is mainly because I’m not fully aware of exactly what these beings are. What I am about to write now is by no means complete.

There are many different posts in the lightworker army. One of them that hasn’t been talked about are the ‘silent sentinels’.

Silent sentinels are exactly as the name depicts. They work both here on the earthly plane as well as in the different dimensions. In conjunction with their higher selves they clear much of the negative entities and energies as possible, whilst their higher selves tend to guard the portals.

Silent sentinels have incarnated as humans who have agreed to swallow and transmute large amounts of negative energy. They are very different to empaths, which most lightworkers seem to be. Empaths feel the collective energy, but are able to shield themselves if they so wish. Sentinels cannot as part of their job is to draw this energy into themselves and transmute it from within.

Once this energy is consumed by the silent sentinels they seem to become ‘dark’ themselves. As they transmute the energy they become lighter and lighter, seemingly changing over night.

I have had far more insight into this lately as I have realised that our son is one. I’ve been puzzling over the things that have been happening to him since he turned 16 a year ago. He’s always been a very aware being – I recall an occasion, approximately ten days after he was born, I was feeling really angry and depressed. He had been crying constantly and nothing I did seemed to make him feel better. I put him down on the bed to get away before I did something stupid. 

He stopped crying and watched me as though aware of my struggle. His focused eyes followed me as I walked up and down. This is unheard of in newborn babies, whose eyes remain unfocused for a few months. I remember being slightly freaked out by this and this vivid memory has stayed with me.

I, of course, had not embarked on my journey yet, so was very unconscious at the time, but now with hindsight, I understand he was transmuting this for me at such a young age.

Most children pick up on their parent’s emotions and mirror them. I assumed all these years that this is what he was doing. He was not an easy child at all. Tantrums, constant crying, never sleeping or eating well – these are all the things I was feeling during those early years. It took a while for me to clear the depression completely.

As an aside - years later our son’s Japanese teacher translated each letter of his name into Japanese letters/characters. She wrote the characters down and next to each character wrote the translation of what that character meant. It said, ‘You are the beautiful guardian of a tiger’. I cried when I saw it and had it framed - and still have it. I am born in the year of the tiger and have identified with the tiger for a long time.

So all these years our son has been helping our little family unit to transmute all our negative energies and we never knew it. When we arrived in the UK the ‘dark night of the soul’ started for us and it was a difficult time. We arrived with four suitcases, hardly any money and two small children in tow.

Anyway, his behaviour always had me wondering what on earth is going on. I have left him to walk his own path and believed that when I needed to know the answer would arrive. I was assured by them upstairs that there was a reason for this.  I just assumed it was an extension of his difficult behaviour as a child.

Yet through all these difficult times, he and I have shared a very strong loving bond. We are very close, it is a different closeness I have with my daughter. I know about many of the past lives we have shared, and reading his energy I could never figure out what it meant and why sometimes he was peaceful and then suddenly a screaming tantrum that seemed to come out of nowhere and energetically was larger than was possible.

Long story short…our son came in to speak to me on Friday and as he walked into the room, I had this epiphany/insight that he is a silent sentinel.

We had a long discussion trying to figure out the implications of being a silent sentinel. The more I think about it and go over history the more I realise it fits him perfectly. It is all making sense as the puzzle pieces fall into place.

His energy seems to belie the amount of negative or dark energy he attracts to himself. I assumed he had much karma to clear. But the proportion of it just seemed completely overgrown or too much.

When he hit the age of 12 he seemed to calm down and turned into a different child. ‘Yay,' I thought, 'his puberty is going to be a lot easier than the earlier years’ - it was until he turned 16. Now I realise that we were on an even keel and there was not that much transmuting left for him to do for us. He had a four year breather until he turned 16 when he started to take on the world’s negative energy.

And yet beneath all of this, throughout his current 17 year life, he has always been a very kind hearted loving easy going person. So much so that I could never reconcile the Jekyll and Hyde personality he seems to have. He is very wise for his years and passes on sage advice to his friends. He has always attracted much attention and seems to make friends easily. Whenever there is a problem – he is the one that sorts it out or clears the air. But on the flip side he is the one that takes on the difficult behaviour and seems to attract it like a bee to honey. He is, I must say, handling it better than he did when he was little. It seems he has found out a way to allow himself to do the transmutation without affecting others around him too much.

Now I understand. And so does he. He thinks it’s quite cool to be part of the lightworker army. So from now on whenever he is seemingly angry, depressed or just plain awful – we both know what is going on. This knowledge has given him a boost and has certainly made him feel that what he does it worthwhile rather than feeling there is/was something wrong with him.

The unfortunate side of this is that he withdraws into himself when he has taken on a lot of negative energy. He needs this withdrawal to help with the transmutation. 

This is service indeed by the silent sentinels - a hard task for anyone to take on at such a young age.

How many more are out there that don’t know or understand why they seem to have similar problems that seem to be totally out of kilter with their karma?

I don’t know and I wouldn’t even hazard a guess. Athena knows every single one of them - she has been nudging me in this direction for a while.

I’m not sure if I’ve conveyed this very well – my writing skills are not perfect and so the description probably leaves a lot unanswered.

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