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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wedding vows and Union

Sacred union - something I’ve written about not really fully understanding what it means. 

I still don’t…but had some insight yesterday that has given me another piece of the puzzle to add to the picture.

My nephew (my sister’s son) (let’s call him J) and his fiancé (let’s call her M) got married yesterday. 

They wanted a low key quiet wedding in the registry office and hubby and I were the witnesses as well as the representatives of the families.

M and J were saying yesterday in the car that they have no idea why they suddenly decided to get married. Hubby with his crazy sense of humour said we’ll see in 9 month’s time :-)

But seriously, they were quite happy to merely remain as they were. They have been together since school and arrived in England 7 years ago at 18…two raw youngsters with no idea what a wallop of a lesson London would give them.

And yet here they are…years later all 'growed' up and making a commitment to each other. They have accomplished a great deal in the 7 years they’ve been here and it has been a pleasure to watch them grow within themselves individually as well as a couple.

This is what M wrote in her blog:

'Today I marry my best friend. My culinary guinea pig, my spider catcher, my shoulder to cry on, my biggest supporter, my financial advisor, the person who helps me into my skinny jeans, my favourite travelling companion, my personal chauffeur, my alarm clock, my coffee maker, my confidante, my optimist, my grounder, my high school sweetheart.
I am one lucky girl. 

Even though they didn’t want much fuss, I thought that on a special day like this it would be good to have some sort of acknowledgement from hubby and I as the only family to attend. Both families live in South Africa and don’t have the means to make the journey.

We bought some ivory ribbon for the car and biodegradable confetti to throw at the end of the ceremony. M suffers with hayfever so I thought the last thing she needed was a bunch of rose petals thrown at her!

On the way there I connected the four of us energetically clearing as I did so.

When we arrived at their home in London, they were both looking rather calm. M was looking absolutely gorgeous. The most exquisite dress and shoes…

J was looking spiffing in his black suit.

Hubby was the official photographer as well as the driver.

The town hall where the wedding took place is filled with walls and floors of beautiful caramel and pink marble – very grand and sumptuous. Absolutely lovely - no bride could ask for a better setting…besides maybe a botanical garden.

The ceremony was held in the Victoria Room…hubby was supposed to sit next to J while I sat next to M. As photographer hubby was moving about a lot taking the pics of the ceremony.

M and J turned to face each other and as they exchanged their vows, I realised M’s voice was wobbling a bit. I placed my hand on her back where her heart chakra is and syphoned off some of the energy. She was feeling overwhelmed by the sudden realisation that it was actually taking place. I sent the energy down in to Mother Earth but it also hit me and I was in tears too.

It was a very special shared moment, which hubby respected by standing still as we all quietly felt the energy of this union. No photos exist of this stillness of experience but it will be a memory etched within our hearts forever.

The lady registrar hesitated, glancing briefly at all of us before carrying on. She could sense something happening.

What was really happening was my heart and hubby’s had encompassed the two of them and held them within a safe space of love, binding the two of them together through their hearts and energy fields. As they said their vows the energy of love wove them together. So I and hubby were privileged to have the front row seats watching as these two beautiful beings, by declaring their love for each other, were committing to moving forward in love.

Neither of them are what I would call lightworkers…but what defines a lightworker?

Through hubby and I, their union was blessed by Source. I could see coming in through hubby’s crown a magnificent column of pink and ivory light that moved out of his heart to connect with them. I looked down and found mine was doing the same.

I then became aware of the elementals in the room. As I didn’t want to miss too much of the ‘proper’ ceremony I shut down that part of me with the request that when I get a chance later on and meditate I would ‘remember’ it.

This beautiful energy remained with us, but it was quite intense and after breaking open the champagne and cutting the cake, we all started to yawn. Finally we left as hubby and I were really tired. I disconnected us energetically from M and J. On the way home in the car the energy became stronger and stronger. When we reached home we were both buzzing and exhausted.

An afternoon of loving, meditating and exchanging energy ensued. Hubby suggested that when we go to France in September, we reaffirm our vows by exchanging rings deep in the forest next to the resort and ask the fairies to bless us.

Hmm…hubby and I have lost our rings. Well, I lost my engagement ring last year and this year hubby’s finger swelled so much he had to have it cut off at the fire station. So we are currently ringless. I have my grandmother’s wedding band but it is too small for me to wear. I’ve been contemplating having it and my wedding band melted down and another ring made. So this is the perfect opportunity for us to do so. It all makes so much symbolic sense as our marriage has changed – it has morphed into something so much more.

What we witnessed yesterday at the ceremony was the sacred union both within M and J as well as their outer union. If this union was not one of the highest intent, from what I understand, this energy from Source would never have been quite as powerfully overwhelming as it was. It doesn’t mean that only certain unions will be blessed…of course all are…but these days unless we are living from the heart with pure intent…the blessing won’t be as strong. The reason for this is that if your love for each other is genuine…it will strengthen the blessing, because the energy coming through will respond.

As they held hands the fairies settled on them and sprinkled some kind of fairy dust. This created a ribbon of silvery sparkles around their intertwined hands.

The magic of this has me in tears today. Oh to be involved with this kind of love every day would be wonderful. The ribbons of love that gently wove themselves around this beautiful couple had them glowing in a way I have never witnessed. I am not sure whether they understand the significance of what occurred yesterday. I certainly didn’t…and I don't think I still have. There is so much more that went on that I have not even touched on.

A world filled with love was experienced in a microcosmic way yesterday by all of us.

Whatever happens in the future, these two have a very solid base of love to work from. Granted it won’t all be roses…

Hubby and I were greatly honoured and privileged to be part of the blessings given.

Thank you both, sweetie pies, for allowing us to be witness to this and be part of your special day.

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