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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Living through the heart

I am in total awe of who we are becoming.

I have held this vision of creating heaven on earth since I can remember…but to actually see it happening before my eyes is a gift in itself.

I have spent the morning in the quiet stillness of my heart, simply being with this new energy download.
It a space of such beauty that I am filled with joy.

Whilst sitting in the space I felt something on my leg. It was a tiny spider. So I gently lifted him with his web and placed him on the mirror next to me. A while later I noticed him crawling through the air to once again land on my leg. I left him.

To this spider I am part of nature. This is something I have always wanted…to be part of nature in such a way that I don’t spook them. To be able to sit surrounded by birds, or squirrels, etc. and they display no worry or fear because we are in perfect harmony. We are one.

This has not been possible in our 3D world as there are so many discordant energies around.

But as we move to live in the heart, bar the odd discordant note that needs clearing, we will become more aware of the harmony in the world around us.

It once again makes me think of the words I heard during one of the downloading of codes with Martin and Angaela, ‘Slumbering giant’.

We are all slumbering giants slowly awakening from our deep sleep. A deep sleep that allowed us to experience that which we are truly NOT - a reaching down into the depths of darkness.

My unbounded gratitude goes to those that played the role of darkness. You are me and I am you. You are part of my energy and therefore a construct of mine, created by the splitting off and separation that we felt as we incarnated in a body.

I watched the birds outside for a while and as I did so I could feel the whole outer world I was seeing, stirring within me. As with-in, so with-out. This is the first time I have felt it so strongly.

For some further time, I sat in the stillness of my heart. I became aware that the only ‘chakra’ we will eventually have is the heart, where all of our ‘old’ chakras will be contained.

This sorta jogged my memory when I realised what I was looking at. I’d heard of this before from my friend in Australia, who’d been to a workshop where the person leading it said that as we move up we will only have one chakra – can’t quite remember everything but I think that is the gist of it. At the time, I’d kinda thought about it and then dismissed it, mainly because I knew that the time was not right for me to embrace this, if this indeed is where we are heading. Now I have seen it for myself on the bodies of hubby and I…and seen it in action.

I also understand what I needed to go through to reach this stage.

Working and clearing some of the issues that hubby and our son displayed has certainly given me a boost. Last night is evidence of that. Hubby is behaving differently as is our son, who on his own without any nagging has cleaned his room and done the washing up. We also asked him to clean the bathroom that he and his friends use which he did without a quibble…and he did the work out yesterday without me having to drag him there. My energy is now flowing freely through both of them as far as this is concerned and I no longer keep them bound by my limited mind constructs. Don’t say I have got it all sorted…

These aspects of ours are amazing. They bring us such important lessons that we very often don’t want to see. I suppose the time will come when we won’t have any fears at all…

Reflecting on last night’s happenings, I understand that worrying about whether to have an orgasm or not, is not the issue. Each moment in time has its own purpose and so for us to worry about something in the future is placing limitations and expectations upon it. Thus we set ourselves up for disappointment.

All that exists is NOW.

Oh gosh I do so love living now during these amazing times.

As for the words I heard this morning - ‘…will create an interphase link between DNA codes…’ I still don’t know what it means. I will meditate on it later today. I found this description on the internet.

An inter-phase link for a shared tripping device, wherein the shared tripping device is structured to operatively couple at least two circuit breakers, and the inter-phase link has an elongated body with a mounting end and a distal end. The inter-phase link body mounting end is structured to be coupled to the primary circuit breaker operating mechanism and the inter-phase link body distal end is structured to extend through a primary circuit breaker housing assembly shaped opening and a secondary circuit breaker housing assembly shaped opening to engage the secondary circuit breaker trip device.

I read the above and then sorta zoned out…not my thing and it means absolutely nothing to me…but I assume that somewhere along the line ‘they’ are setting up a circuit breaker so that if my circuits get overloaded I have a back-up of some kind…or maybe not…dunno.

Oh I understand now…it is a system set up so that as I/we change we are comfortable with the change because the last thing that is needed is for us to completely shut down.

So I looked it up in a medical dictionary and found several definitions:

The interval between the end of one mitotic or meiotic division and the beginning of another—called also resting stage.

The cell is the structural and functional unit of life. New cells arise from the pre-existing ones. The process by which new cells are formed from the pre-existing cells is called cell division. Mitosis is the characteristic division of the body cells

Definition: A stage in the cell cycle when a cell doubles its cytoplasm and synthesizes DNA. Interphase is the "holding" stage or the stage between two successive cell divisions.

So if my understanding is correct, the interphase link between the DNA codes will help with the biological changes that the body is going through to create the one chakra of the heart through which we will start living, creating and experiencing…unless anyone else can add to this understanding?

I have attached a link to an animated version so that if you really are interested :-) you can actually watch the changes - Animation: How the Cell Cycle Works.

I am also going to meditate some more on the Golden DNA codes that the twins gave me.

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