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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Embracing all our beauty

This has been an amazing week of synchronicities.

Last night I watched the Group’s message. In it they stressed owning our mastery as well as creating through the heart, working with our teams and a few other things that seem to have come to my attention during this week.

Drunvalo’s latest Q&A also discusses creating through the heart instead of the mind. He also spoke about using our Merkaba to protect ourselves from everything. Just like a crystal, the Merkaba (as it is a crystalline structure) can be programmed to do anything we want.

A few days…maybe a week ago…I asked to start living through the intelligence of the heart and everything that has happened lately has been pointing toward that becoming a reality.

Every time I look at everything in my reality, I see how it has the stamp of my energy on it. I have now come to realise that I am everything that I interact with daily and am starting to own all that I have created. I suspect that this is the tip of the iceberg.

I decided yesterday to sit with the aspects that are me (in the form of hubby and our son). I opened my heart and embraced them both. There was much releasing as the tears flowed.

All three of us were connected to each other through our chakras as we held hands to create a circle. A conduit in the form of a white column of light appeared in the middle of our circle/triangle. This took all the energy of the issues we’d created and removed them for transmutation. Wow…super power of energy. We remained connected the whole day.

But last night I decided to disconnect from both of them. My guides were not happy that I was disconnecting from hubby, but I insisted. The main reason is that I was experiencing difficulties with my body…I was getting flu-like symptoms and couldn’t sleep, in spite of being so tired. Once I’d disconnected I fell asleep for a while before being woken again feeling uncomfortable. I wonder if there were some strong CMEs last night?

I had not connected this morning, but realised I felt quite bereft…like I have cut out a piece of myself, although the flu-like symptoms have gone.

Very interestingly yesterday I noticed on my credit card that the car hire company in Australia has once again taken off some money. We have had this on-going issue with the toll fee that needs to be paid (well I'd assumed it is that, as no-one from the company had come back to me despite frequent queries). I’ve sort of half-heartedly dealt with it. Last week I’d asked the universe to supply me with a specific name rather than a generic email address and we received a letter from them on Saturday.

So yesterday I wrote another email to the manager and she responded this morning saying they are refunding the money and apologised. I’d also asked my team last night to sort it out, which it seems they did. Another lesson for me of how to NOT be lazy about clearing, checking my energy and where I place my attention :-)

My guides reminded me yesterday that the money represents my energy and this leak of money is the leak of my energy. I needed to call it back and clear anything that has hooked into me…which I did and voila! I get a response.

Once again…an indication that everything in my life I create and whatever I want to change in another person/corporation, is something I'd should be changing in me.

Much later…

I asked my body to reconnect chakra to chakra with hubby. I thought it had. I wandered around the house for ages feeling slightly irritated and very restless. Eventually I tuned in to discover that both of us were trying to connect but couldn’t. The reason is that my Merkaba and his had taken our instructions literally and would not allow anyone or anything to attach to us and our bodies were attempting…only to be thrown out by our Merkabas. Oh well, at least I now know that this is working :-). We changed the programming to allow our connection with each other but nothing else, unless we need to work with someone closely.

During the course of last year before the soul-mate/twin-flame exchange in hubby, every time Aeolus fleetingly connected with hubby’s, I’d find myself in Agartha. At one time I was wondering if the ‘home’ that was waiting for me was Agartha. I know now that it isn’t…because we are creating heaven ON earth not in it. Spending time there in the beautiful energy helped me to understand what we are creating and I can return to it any time to experience it.

But whether this is a real place inside the earth or not…that I don’t know. All I know is that it is beautiful. Maybe it is that space within myself slowly making itself known…a piece of stillness within the heart filled with so much more than what I can explain.

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