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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Maju Stones

Darrell Leakey on his Maju Stones

Hello everyone 

Some may wonder if I can make a maju without knowing the name of the individual and that they would show up for it. I asked myself that same question many years ago. 

I put my maju's in a store for the first time and I wondered if it would happen. 

I was visiting the store one day as my friend worked there too. I was talking with my friend and this woman came in and came upon the show case with the majus in it. She immediately asked to see one of the majus. The woman looked at the maju and asked to see the reading and during that time began to cry. They talked a bit more and then my friend came over to where I was and told me that she asked the Lady if she would like to meet the artist. 

So I went over to the woman knowing that she had indeed found her maju. She thanked and hugged me and then told me her story. 

Before telling you her story I will tell you mine. When I created this maju I knew that I was recreating something exactly as it had been before. I don't usually get that specific of instructions to recreate something, it does happen but not often. 

Anyways when it came to the reading, information came through very clearly that the person who would receive the maju was in another life a prophet and the maju I created was exactly what the person had worn before. The original was used to assist the prophet in quieting the space and those within it so that truth could manifest. It had a calming energy that it emitted. So too would the maju I had created. So It was very specific the reading. 

So the woman's story was that she had already remembered that lifetime and she was again a channel for prophecy and she remembered the original and that is why she asked for that particular maju out of the other 10 that were there. 

I no longer questioned that again as I knew it was possible and it was nice to have my inner knowing validated. 

So if anyone is drawn to any of these message me and we can talk. 
Big Love Darrell

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