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Monday, 16 July 2012

Nature spirits, elementals and devas

Gorgeous snow leopard
I have discovered that I was a priestess who was an earthworker in Atlantis. It was around the end of times then when we dispersed to various parts of the world taking portions of the sacred knowledge with us.

I have spent many a day with this priestess, whose knowledge of the elementals, nature spirits and devas is very vast. Of course she had to have worked with them because of what she did.

I was rather puzzled because I do remember drowning, as Atlantis sank, whilst singing the blanket of protection over Atlantis, hence my love and fear of water.

Turns out that there were several aspects of myself that incarnated at the same time…and each one played a role. The third one that I have had a brief glimpse of is as one of those who was on the opposite ‘side’ – one of the techno fiends who believed that technology was the way of the future.

Hmm…none of us have any idea what parts we have played in this cycle of darkness.

The reason for my need to be with myself in silence is that I am to bring forward that part of myself that has been buried for aeons…that of an earthworker. I am to familiarise myself with the nature spirits, devas and elementals once again.

I should not ‘see’ them, but merely call them into my energy field and heart and ‘feel’ them. And so I have been doing this for the last ten days.
A vast array of energies have come my way. I have witnessed the tiny elementals working with the bees. There were several bees buzzing around sampling the flowers in my garden and with them were these tiny elementals. It looked like they were riding the bees but actually they weren’t. They were merely part of them. Difficult to explain but it was a symbiotic relationship of give and take.

This got me to ‘thinking’…again…about the relationship we have with everything around us. We have no idea how many of the elementals agreed to accompany us through the dark times.

Amazing what is out there that we have no idea about. For example, I was given a visual of a plant that looked like it was made up of tiny round leaves…but it wasn’t a plant…it was elementals that had arranged themselves to look like a plant.

As each elemental came into my focus, I discovered that even the latest technology that we use these days, has an elemental.

One of the bachelors

We went to the Port Lympne gorilla sanctuary…as we needed to spend time with nature and animals.They breed endangered species and if possible, re-introduce them back into their normal habitat.

It's a work in progress and each time we go there...much has changed. They try and keep the animals in very very large enclosed areas and as close to their habitat as possible...so sometimes you don't get to see them, especially if it is a hot day and they are sleeping in the shade.

As we were driving I experienced a very strange sensation of France in England. It was almost as though one was superimposed over the other. It lasted about 30 seconds before I consciously shook myself back to ‘reality’.

This happened once again once we were in the wildlife park. I felt a superimposing of Africa over England...and the mixing of the two energies. It lasted about half an hour and really confused me. It was as though the best parts of both places had come together to form a wonderful air that brought to life my memories of living in Africa. In future I shall embrace this rather than pull out of it.
It kinda reminds me of my feeling on our return from Australia…that we can bring together the best aspects of each country that we like…to form our own reality.

I really felt close to nature yesterday. We arrived just before 10 and left late afternoon. We took the safari trucks around the park for an hour and then walked the rest of the day. The place reminds me of the ‘boutique’ safaris you get in Africa these days for the busy tourist who doesn’t have hours and days to spend searching for wildlife. Here it is much easier to spot the animals.

I decided to speak energetically to the animals. I wanted to experiment and see what reactions I would get. Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken to the plants, to the weather and I wanted to find out if I could do the same to the wildlife. I think this is one of the reasons why nature has been trying to get me to spend time away from the computer and deep within myself. I need to find that place where I am able to communicate with everything around me…as we used to do many aeons ago.
An obliging pose

I decided to do little things like ‘ask’ the animals to pose for us. I decided to do little things like 'ask' the animals to pose for us. I involved the elementals, nature spirits and devas - speaking to them energetically. I had a fun day of seeing how much and who would respond to me, while hubby took hundreds of pictures.

Which reminds me - last night I asked the elemental who looks after my computer to protect me from anything that might be detrimental to me that comes off the computer. She was very happy to oblige and was keen to do some ‘work’. I have since gone around to all my appliances and done the same.

I’ve always spoken to the sun elementals and asked them to protect me from the sun’s harmful rays and to only allow the nutritious rays that my body needs to come through. I’ve also been talking to the spirits of the house and the garden about clearing, cleansing and protecting…although I’ve done that on and off over the years, but never really taken it seriously. I've not taken any of it very seriously...now I am.

When I feel the rain on my skin as I walk to work, I know it is the elementals that are kissing my skin. Hubby finds it puzzling that I prefer to walk to work whether it is raining or sunny…and even if it is storming…it makes me feel alive.

I’m an earthworker and I want to go back to working with the earth…and all the spirits that come with that kind of work. I feel more comfortable with it. It shouldn’t surprise me, as I always find myself singing to and working with the energy of the soil to create or protect or nutrify by sinking my hands deep within the soil…and I never really knew why. I recall some of my lifetimes as a medicine woman, a witch who worked with herbs, etc. but that is not really as in-depth as the priestess. Probably bits and pieces of the knowledge that came through.

So this is my intention…I am an earthworker and therefore I intend to start working as an earthworker as I used to in Atlantis. I have called forth my talents and abilities, as well as the nature spirits, elementals, divas, animal spirits and plant spirits to start to work with me as a team...and I reinforce this intention daily.

Nature is always in love. Creating through making love, dying down to rest and then starting over again. The green man and his queen spring to mind again.

Strangely enough I would never have considered myself an earth mother.

This whole thing has really exhausted me because I have been sleeping 12 hours solid every night. It is not all honey and roses...my guts explode every so often as does my nose with sneezing...sorta like hayfever. Lots of deep clearing going on.

I feel the elementals, nature spirits et al, all around me as I ask for this just before I go to sleep…to feel them rather than see them.

It has been fabulous. I feel like one of them. I am totally immersed in the world of the elementals and nature spirits…

What an honour and a privilege to be part of their world.

There is an understated sense of excitement. I am loving this little known world. Well…little known for me now…but aeons ago probably very well known.

We have so much available at our fingertips that is willing to be part of our team and help us if we ask. If there is something troubling you, no matter what it is, tune in and find out if there is an angelic being, nature spirit, deva or elemental that can assist.

I find that being immersed in this world I have expanded my senses…and yet there is more to come…this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

I can feel myself changing and morphing once again to encompass this aspect of myself that is integrating…and working with a team that is eager to help.

We are definitely not alone...we never have been.

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