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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dragon Mountain and the Pool of Truth

Dragon Mountain

I am breaking my silence for today as I had an amazing meditation this morning outside in the sun. It seems that the silence of my own company is pushing me beyond. 

I have disconnected from hubby for this week. It is time for us grow in our own ways…and what has come of this silence is really amazing for both of us. 

Once this is uploaded, I am moving once more into the silence of my heart. I cannot tell you how wonderful this silence is…it is truly profound and wondrous.

This morning, I found myself surrounded by nature spirits, divas, elementals, animal spirits and the dragons, Venrida and Ba’shiba.

I asked them to help me clear the root that seemed to be stuck to my left foot, creating the pain that started last night. We cut it and cauterised both ends and then Ba’shiba said she had something to show me.

The next thing I knew we were flying through the sky, me sitting on her neck. I noticed that flying beside us was hubby and his dragon. I smiled when I saw him and we connected heart to heart during the flight. I could feel the stump on the bottom of my foot throbbing. I noticed that hubby had a tendrils hanging from either foot.

As we flew I asked what country we were passing over and was told China…we were on our way to the dragon mountain in China. I was slightly puzzled by this as I am not a dragon. Ba’shiba said that I had the dragon gene gifted to me by my mother, who is a fire dragon.

We arrived at the mountain and hovered over it. It didn’t seem like a dragon to me, but rather looked like a crocodile. Ba’shiba mentioned that in the etheric 5th dimensional realm it is a crocodile.

We touched down and hubby and I climbed off the dragons’ backs. They stood head bowed while we waited for something to happen. I could feel the stump growing and sinking into the mountain like a taproot.

My feet suddenly started sinking into the mountain. It was a strange feeling of slowly sinking through the mountain into a cavern where we hung suspended. It took a while for my eyes to adjust. It was a huge cavern filled with still water. The dragons flew ahead of us, us trailing behind. It was great because I was flying on my own…loved the sensation.

We went through many tunnels of half filled with water and caverns of still water, all interconnecting until we finally landed on a ledge overhanging another pool of still water, which had an eerie bluey green glow to it, as tendrils of steam came off it.

Ba’shiba said that this was the Pool of Truth. Were we ready to dive into it? I stared into the pool and realised it was so deep I couldn’t see the bottom. It was very clear and very very deep.

I turned to hubby and asked him what he thought. He hesitated before saying he wasn’t sure. What if we drowned or weren’t really ready? Ba’shiba answered by saying that even if we did die, it would be a symbolic death of something old that we no longer need. The question once again is are we ready to dive into it?

Hubby and I looked into each other’s eyes, our heart connection growing until it encompassed both of us. We nodded and holding each other jumped feet first into the pool.

It didn’t feel uncomfortable or anything like water. It wasn’t hot or cold, it simply was. I realised my throat had closed off and my skin was absorbing the ‘water’ into it. It seemed to be taking the oxygen or something from the water before expelling it. The walls of the pool were made of a reddy/brown rock covered in greenish/blue algae.

I realised that the dragons had joined us in the pool and were indicating that we should go down. We followed them, swimming way down to the bottom, which seemed to go on forever until we saw in the distance a speck of light.

We surfaced into another pool with high steep cavernous sides, except that this pool was outside. Seated on the ledges all the way up the steep sides were dragons of all shapes and sizes and the most amazing colours…some I’ve never seen before.

When they saw us, they trumpeted a welcome, which resonated in a tingle through my body. The next thing I knew we were once again on the dragons’ backs flying over a thick jungle. I once again asked where we were going and was told to visit the ‘grand old lizard’.


As we flew over the jungle we passed over the odd clearing here and there. In the clearings were small fires burning something that smelt like incense. Ba’shiba explained that the essence of trees willing to sacrifice themselves for this, were permeating the landscape and would enter our noses and olfactory organs which would create a resonating change within our brain.

This was being done for us. My feelings of gratitude to those trees was overwhelmingly strong, as was the reaction from my senses from the essences smell hit them. It seemed to open something up in the top half of my head. Not sure what.

After a long flight I could see the place we were heading in the distance. As we drew closer I could hear a baby crying. I ignored it, thinking it was outside of myself. It persisted and grew louder until I realised it was my inner child crying in fright.

When I acknowledged this ‘she’ seemed to appear from nowhere. I took her in my arms and held her tight sending her love to calm her down. I glanced over to hubby on Venrida’s back to see that he was dealing with his inner child too. I had the feeling that I should suckle my child…which I did…and the beautiful energy flowing from my breast to her was overwhelmingly loving and tender. She quietened down and eventually fell asleep.

I looked over at hubby and grinned when I saw he was doing the same to his child. Now it might seem odd that a ‘man’ is suckling a child, but we must remember that each of us has a feminine aspect, whether we have incarnated as male or female. It was this side of him that was tenderly nourishing his inner child.

We flew over the ‘grand old lizard’ and settled on the ground in front of his face. Ba’shiba said he was very very old, so old he hardly ever moved, he simply slept most of the time, but he was very very wise. The wisest of all the reptiles.

Hubby and I stood on the ground holding our sleeping children, the dragons on either side of us, waiting for something to happen.

One eye slowly opened. It was then that I realised that the lizard wasn’t actually a lizard as such…but a chameleon. Only one eye opened and rotated to look at us. It was a glowing amber that seemed to bathe us in an amber glow.

We simply stood soaking in the glow. I vaguely heard my cat meowing in the distance. It grew louder and more persistent. It was then that I realised she was asking to be part of this. I held my hand out to her and our other cat and they both appeared in our arms. I looked around and realised that both our house and garden had appeared too. It seems everyone wanted in on the action.

Suddenly the chameleon moved lightning fast and its long tongue shot out and grabbed something and was eating it before I could even blink. I must admit I got a fright and looked around wondering who it had eaten.

It was then that I realised that the amber glow had pulled out little black things that looked like midges or flies from everything that was bathed in the glow and it had collected above our head in a mass. It was this that the chameleon had eaten. Again and again as the black things left our house, garden, our cats, ourselves and our children and the dragons, the chameleon’s tongue shot out and grabbed the mass of black that was above our head…until there was no more.

He then shut his eye and went back to sleep…and that was that.

We climbed on the dragons’ backs, children and cats in tow. I asked Ba’shiba if we needed to take the house and garden and she said that they were okay and would find their way back without our help.

And so we went back the way we came until I landed back in my seat on the chair outside.

From what I understand that stump that I still have is part of a taproot that I used to sink into 3D Mother Earth to ground myself. It is now up to me where I choose to tap into.

A really amazing meditation and one I shall not forget.

I didn’t know if there really is a dragon mountain in China or what the symbolism of a crocodile or chameleon is, so I looked it up.

And now I retreat once more.

Much love to all.

Sorry...forgot to say that if anyone has connected with their dragon and feel they are ready to visit these places...ask your dragon to take you.

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