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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Continuation of shark meditation

This is a continuation of the meditation when the shark appeared and I screamed and ran away- And then they said BOO...

Going back I found myself in the pool once again. The shark was floating in the water next to me. I know that sharks cannot stay still and need to constantly keep moving. But this one didn’t. He looked at me with one eye and waited patiently.

All the fear, the horror and the pain came rushing back, but I stayed with it and really felt it. My legs were tingling constantly…you know that toe cringing fear of expectation.

Strangely enough Eddie Grant’s song Don’t back down started playing. Good advice.

I immersed myself in the feelings knowing that he would not hurt me again. He was merely here as a representation of the incident so that I could work through the feelings and finally release them.

I cried and cried…and at some point I felt him nudge me with his snout and I put my arms around him and cried some more. The energy coming off him in waves was compassion…which really pushed everything up and out.

The acceptance and absence of judgement from him of the situation helped to steady me as well…once I’d released quite a bit. The shark who did this to me bore me no malice. He was hungry and I was available.

At one stage I was able to quietly stand holding him. I could feel my legs twitching, almost bubbling. On going inside, I could see that the constricted arteries and veins were opening up.

Think about this…fear makes us cold and therefore restricts the body as we hunch over or curl up to get warm. My veins and arteries were being freed from the constriction caused by my fear and pain and thus allowing the blood to flow freely without restriction. As the veins are the biggest problem with restriction, this is a significant breakthrough for me. Even today as I sit here my legs are tingling as the releasing continues.

Sliding into the place of fear and pain was love. The beautiful pink of my heart was taking over and that made me cry some more. Not only was the shark being accepting and loving…I was loving myself too.  

This means that more love, nutrients and oxygen were being taken to all the parts of my body that really needed and taking away the waste for expulsion from the body. While it was doing this the veins were also receiving bucketloads of love to thank them for their hard work.

This really has a huge knock on effect on the body. I can see that it will eventually lead to us not needing food in any form other than love. But we are still at the stage where we need nutrients from our food to give us the impetus to keep our negative habits in place. It is also needed to give us the energy needed to create the changes. So until we are the pure embodiment of love…we are gonna have to eat.

It is hard work keeping our negative emotions fed. But on the other hand it is hard work making the changes from negative to positive…but once we achieve this…there is no limit.

And so we plod on with our addictions and cravings…

There are so many layers to be revealed and I am nowhere near finished with this Pool of Truth. So it seems I will be revisiting it quite a few times. But for the time being I have released enough for today.

I looked up the symbolism of shark -

People with the shark totem navigate through life with a specialized "gut-rudder." What's a gut-rudder? That's what I call a primal instinct. It's a visceral, hard-wired knowing that guides certain humans. It's infallible, reliable, and geared for one thing only: To protect the sacred. And what is sacred? Life.

The shark is both oracle and embodiment of fundamental life. The shark relays root-chakra energy to me because of its superior instinct, and that remarkable drive for survival. That's a prime root chakra concept : Ancient Instinct. Primal Knowing.

Furthermore, sharks are symbolic of acting on life. They never wait for opportunity. They are not handmaiden's to the life experience. Far from it. Because they are authorities on life - they know precisely what it's about and they seize it with verve.

This is made manifest by their constant motion. They move to allow oxygenated currents roll over their gills. Their motion through life - actively moving forward - insures their existence. Moreover, most sharks sink when motionless (a side effect of not having a "swim bladder" as most fish do). They can't afford to be still.

This carries symbolism for those who embrace their shark totem. It identifies the tendency for forward momentum in life. If sharks swim in your awareness, it's very likely you are extremely driven and perpetually moving forward. You meet life full-on. You rarely stay in the "shallow end" of life, but prefer to move deftly through the waves of experience - encountering adventure with undeniable exuberance.

And for all this zealous talk of life, the shark is also symbolically equipped to share lessons of death too. Actually, sharks know death is a fallacy. They have no concept of it. Sharks are in a constant state of renewal, and those with the shark totem will confirm the absence of death. Sharks, and humans attuned to sharks will only see renewal - only transition.

Sharks are superior organisms. From tail to teeth, sharks convey perpetual fluidity and momentum. They are examples of progress in its most assertive stages. To wit, their biological mechanisms are so elite, they've had no need to evolve over insane spans of time. They function from a place of timeless propulsion. Ever-forward.

Perhaps it is the shark’s unsinkable nature that makes it a bit of a cold character (energetically speaking). Sharks are about aerodynamic efficiency, and they allow no fluff to enter their consciousness. They're quite austere and are wrapped in robes of distance and mystery.

Those with shark totems will display similar aloofness. Inwardly, they sense the waves of emotions within and around them. Yet, outwardly they are cool, controlled, steely. This makes people of the shark clan extremely good businessmen/women, leaders and visionaries.

It's important to note the inherent duality here. The element of water is esoterically symbolic of emotions, dreams and intuition. And yet, the shark conveys a sterility in emotion. To be clear, the shark is not symbolically devoid of emotion. Rather, it is a master of emotion.

This symbolic lesson is tantamount for humankind, and the lesson is this: We can be submerged in emotional dramas, but we do not have to be swallowed by them.

Whether or not you relate to the shark as a totem, this is a sacred conveyance of emotional wisdom - a most vital gift of the shark.

And...this morning we woke to find TWO dead birds in the house. One upstairs under my chair in the bedroom and the other on the bottom step.

I knew there was some significance to this...so I did a search and found this which so ties in with me experiencing the death of something old making way for something new - seems that the Pool of Doom's double edged sword has swung in my favour :-)

Air totems signify higher level of knowledge. The bird being dead doesn't necessarily signify anything bad...death is an end to a cycle and also implies a new one beginning...so soon you can expect something new on the horizon that will affect your level of knowledge

Bless you little birds, thank you for the message...although it saddened me somewhat to see their little bodies.

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