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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Legs of Jelly and a breakthrough

Oh my word.

Our new fitness regime of weight training had made my legs wibbly wobbly like jelly. The walk home was an exercise in giggling and patience as my legs didn’t seem to want to go where I intended.

I sang the song that we used to when the kids were little
Jelly on a plate
Jelly on a plate
Wibble wobble
Jelly on a plate

Uh huh…no ways… my legs objected as I attempted to climb the stairs. I had to crawl to my bedroom, where I passed out, face down, on the bed for an hour. I think I had no adrenalin left.

Shows you how fit n healthy I am! Dunno about you but I have never attempted working out with weights. Too much of a lady…

‘Come on, you can do it,’ Vicky kept encouraging us.

Yeah, well, my brain said it wasn’t okay so my body had a slight meltdown. Mind over matter…with that little programme going in the background that said it isn’t possible. Oh well, another programme to delete :-)

Good grief I was so exhausted I climbed into bed at 8 and slept like the dead until 10.30 when I realised hubby was in the bed. We meditated for a while and I asked Athena/Aeolus to give us further insights into the heart/wormhole thing. I was still really exhausted.

We then snuggled and one thing led to another. As I had my first orgasm (which felt really different to any other I have had) I was told to open my eyes. The room was filled with pale pink light.

Later we had gentle slow moving languid penetration sex, my favourite, with hubby stopping to pace himself on the odd occasion. At one stage his heart (which is now the large area from below the collar bones to the sternum) was glowing with a white light. I had a look inside and it seemed that this huge light Being was on the other side. Remember I said that normally when I look through the heart I can see space. As we moved and time went by this light Being filled him up (and me but at the time I was concentrating on hubby so didn’t notice) and he started to glow from inside. Every pore on his body emitted light.

I looked down and his penis was a long glowing shaft. All the chakras or rather should I call them energy centres, cos chakras seems so ‘old fashioned’ were also emitting white light, but by far the largest was his heart. I could see the energy running up from where we connected up into my body and out through the heart back to his as it moved down. But this energy was really wasn’t really separate from him/me. It was us moving us around each other’s bodies. My heart swelled with so much love…I started crying…or rather my eyes started leaking.

It was so awe inspiring and the most beautiful experience I have ever had. This blissful energy finally tipped both of us over the edge…but the orgasm wasn’t an orgasm as such. More like a gentle build-up of energy that grew until it was too great to contain and then gently flowed out and as it did so our bodies (the container) seemed to move away in pieces to expose the great light Beings underneath.A whisper of wind through the trees or a sigh that went on forever.

I can’t quite remember everything in detail, so I don’t know if we melded our energy once the body was gone or what happened. All I remember is crying with the love happiness and pleasure the whole way through…

By far the greatest insight for me was that as the heart grows and expands and becomes US, we will think, create and experience through the heart.

I was buzzing despite being so tired, I couldn’t think or do anything but certainly couldn’t sleep. I must have eventually done so because I woke at 8 this morning hearing these words ‘…will create an interphase link between DNA codes…’ and that is all I remember.

I know I was having a discussion/lesson of some kind but don’t remember anything more than those words.

My body is still buzzing but I am so exhausted.

When ‘they’ said that I needed to strengthen my body, I thought they were going to give me a few weeks to do so, not hit me with it on the first day…although thinking about it now…I did ask, didn’t I?

My stiff body and I stumbled to the toilet this morning and on the way back met hubby coming up the stairs. He asked if I wanted a drink…then grinned after looking at my face and asked if maybe I wanted a new body.

Haha…funny man…and I am definitely NOT going to Zumba this morning.

There is so much more that came through in last night’s session that I am aware of but have yet to formulate into an understanding.

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