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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

The various faces of love

Regularly I get spam…as I am sure most of you do.

I obviously never read them…and simply press the spam delete. But lately my attention has been drawn there. I didn’t have any idea why…until today. From the subject headings, I see that most of them are about the sex industry.

It sorta makes me sad to think that humanity is so desperate for love they need to either have bigger boobs, a larger penis or to use pornography to find it. Anything that stops them actually feeling who they are within. But it is the way things are/have been.

It also brings home how important it is for us to walk the walk and be part of the changes from the conditional 3D love to that of 5D pure unconditional love.

Look at the sales of erotica…and the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I’ve not read it, but from those I know who have, they've really enjoyed them.

When I first started writing in 2009, I discovered that this portion of the publishing industry is huge money. I wrote a blog about my elderly laptop getting all hot and flustered with my writing – I have finally gone mad.

It got me to thinking about my own books. I suppose they walk a fine line. I tried to introduce the beauty of loving one another through the heart. I have no idea if I succeeded as I’ve not had any feedback from anyone that has purchased them.

It was also a case of writing what the general public wanted as well as not selling out too much and making it too much like the lovemaking that we see in the 3D world, but to also not to go too far to the other side and make it too esoteric, or sweet and soppy. I did my best to put across the understanding that tantra is about living in love.

Tantra involves rituals which kinda made me not go too in-depth into it in my own practice. I took what I wanted and left the rest…deciding to experiment and evolved my own way that suited me…and suited hubby. Karezza fulfills this very nicely...

Again walking a fine line.

But despite all of this discordant energy around love, I can ‘see’ the underlying love of our souls for each other. We are all playing a part…even those that commit heinous crimes…

Imagine if you will, being at your life between lives review. One of your soul family would like to understand what it is to be a victim. The question is asked – ‘who would like to be the abuser?’

One resilient soul steps forward and agrees to be the abuser. This is done out of love. Both souls know that it will be a hard task that they undertake…and yet they do so out of love for each other – as part of the cycle of learning and understanding. This is true unconditional love. I don't think there are many of us who have incarnated time and time again who have not experienced this one way or another.

This love will get distorted in the 3D world we live in and become something totally different than what it was at the life between lives review when we are in spirit form.

So these last few days of having my attention drawn to the spam folder, it made me wonder if it was because I needed to pay attention to this part of my creative writing, which I’ve neglected. I have 4 erotic books on the backburner. Or is it because I need to review the published ones in some way.

But you know…this morning I got the answer and it really surprised me.

It seems that my attention has been drawn to this side of the industry because it needs blessing. Yep, blessing. Everything that comes into my space needs to be blessed and loved. So instead of ignoring it in the hope that it will eventually go away, I need to embrace it. And embracing it doesn’t mean that I am going to take part or that I agree with what is being done. It simply means that it is being accepted for its part in our downward spiral. By loving them unconditionally it is being given the ability to change…it is their choice whether to accept this or not.

It is also tapping into unresolved aspects of myself that need accepting and loving...the last dregs of that which holds me back from fully embracing unconditional love during my lovemaking.

It reminds me of the scam that I experienced a few months ago. Same thing – aspects of myself that were asking for my attention and love.

So every time I send the spam to the trash can, I bless and love them…and I have let go of wondering about my books…they are what they are.


Anonymous said...

Unconditional Love Karen ... you read my mind. I have just been vacuuming the place thinking about unconditional love about how my husband has seen every side of me .. and loves me unconditionally. How grateful I am for that and how I can see what a challenge it can be for many of us to love ALL. Sometimes we can play a game with others ...show them a side which may not be `acceptable' or `loveable' willing them to love us ..in spite of ourselves... to love ALL of us. We all want to be loved for ALL of who we are ... even those bits which may not look so great. I wondered today when we are going to let go of judgement once and for all ..and really Love one another ...and then I come here and you are writing about it. :-)It really is only when we can love all of ourselves that we can do this for everyone else for it is then that we see that we all have our foibles and once we forgive our own we can forgive another. Gosh ... `here endth the lesson' - didn't mean to bang on. :-)
Yes.. I remember that day when I came across your rather racy post :-) ... you made me laugh and we had some fun ...which is what we also sometimes forget. It is good to have fun ... actually it is imperative.
So glad that you made me laugh that day and broke through to the two of us getting to know each other.
You are my sister in fun. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

KP your link for that post `I have finally gone mad' seems to not be working ( for me anyway) ... would love to have a look at it again. You did make me laugh. I was in a shop recently and the girl at the till told me that the till was slow that morning. I said to her that maybe the till really got going at around 3am ...saying that maybe every evening the store comes alive with all the appliances chatting each other up. She simply looked at me ... hahahaha! It is so great to find a kindred spirit with a sense of silly. :-)

Karen-Pallas said...

Hehe...you know I was thinking about the silliness yesterday and I came to conclusion that I seem to have lost my sense of humour lately and become extremely serious. It's time to put on the silly hat and get on down 'wiv de' fairies.
So it was great, once I got the understanding about the spam, to find that old blog and have a good giggle...which sort of ties in with the elementals I see hanging around my appliances lately.
I do so love being able to have a sense of the silly with someone who understands. Quite often I have fits of giggles at work about some strange idea. Everyone laughs cos I am laughing, but you can see they don't get it at all.
I checked the link - which for some reason it didn't take - so I have 'redone' it and you should be able to read it now.
From one silly hat wearer to another :-)

Karen-Pallas said...

Unconditional love...haha...you doing the vacuuming too. Must say I don't haven't had much of that love for my vacuum cleaner, but today I sang to it and it hoovered like there was no tomorrow.
We are both very blessed with our hubbies...oops had to change it cos I wrote 'hobbies'...hehe.
I'm back, I'm back...
I lova ya too :-)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - hobbies ... well ... if they are our `hobbies' who do we do the rest of the time -Hahahahaha!
Oooh ... I am awful ... but you like me ;-)

Karen-Pallas said...

Ah...hahaha...nudge nudge wink wink, say no more, say no more ;-)
Ooooh I do like a good snigger to start the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Just found a new Henri :-)

Karen-Pallas said...

C'est la vie, Henri...

Sue (sisteroflight) said...

Back to the sensible...it makes sense to me, karen. I spend a lot of my time working with the akashic records and really just asking for discordant energies to be cleared. I've done work on books too. There's nothing to reject, is there. We all played in this sandpit too. We just seem to be lumbered with the task of clearing it all up!