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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Handfasting and the beautiful Giant Sequoia

Me n the Giant Sequoia at Sheffield Park

Yesterday I felt the amazing and strong need to start monthly meditation circles with the elementals, etc. I'd received an email from someone I've not heard from for some years. It somehow pushed me and without thinking I decided to take out an ad, and upload the sessions onto my blog...and it is not something I'd ever thought of before.

Bam...out of the blue it grabbed me and ran away with me before I had a chance to 'think' about it.

Later in the day I did have a brief flash of intuition that this is a winding path leading me somewhere and this is a stepping stone on the journey.

Somehow the sacred union/weddings vows is all part of it. A few weeks ago when we were in Sheffield Park (click here to view the amazingly beautiful gardens)…I stood beneath the Giant Sequoia and felt that this would be perfect place to have a handfasting ceremony. Gentle, majestic and powerful sacred energy. Reminded me of my time with the Californian Redwoods as a teenager...very awe inspiring. Again...something I'd never have thought of.

Its colour of pink/red/cinnamon bark is captivating
I am not going to anticipate or speculate how it all fits in…I tend to make huge assumptions that are completely wrong. So I will wait patiently for it all to unfold. 

I know that something profound happened at the wedding of my nephew and his wife at the beginning of this month…it has had a knock on effect on all that I am experiencing now. But the depth of the profoundness is as yet unfolding.

What I have come to realise is that SACRED UNION doesn’t necessarily mean that within ourselves of our aspects or with a twin-flame, but also with everything around us. It is all part of the sacred energy. The more I delve into this world the more I realise that everything is reflecting back at me my inner world...and the elementals and nature spirits are eager for us to acknowledge and be with them.

It also seems to tie in with the Sacred Union travelling...and hubby and I renewing our vows before the fairies in France during September.

I did hear a bit of giggling in the background when I thought about the travelling. Although I am itching to know...I shall be patient and bide my time...cos I have a habit of fogging things up with my 'need to know'.

My right ear lately feels like it has water in it. My nose is still feeling strange as though at the start of a cold and am sneezing constantly. My eyes are still itchy on occasion although it is not as bad as it was. I asked what this was all about.

All of it is connected to the third eye. The third eye encompasses the nose – sense of smell, ears – sense of hearing, eyes – all seeing. They are adapting to fit in with the heart chakra. I got a visual of the auditory and nasal canal growing larger and more cavernous – better for hearing, sound and smell. It will help with the resonance of different waves – so we should be able to hear, smell and see different frequencies – pretty much like animals can hear certain frequencies and pitches – and so shall we. The 'something' that Nonki, the unicorn, placed in my third eye a few weeks ago has started this adjustment.

I am still taking Euphrasia but have to include extra vitamin C, and drink chamomile tea twice per day and as well as place the teabags on my eyes twice per day as a support for my body. As the eyes, nose and throat are interconnected, it should help all three.

The heart chakra is growing and slowly encompassing my throat and solar plexus. It seems to be taking a while…but in the meanwhile the rest of my chakras are making ready for their inclusion.

I bought myself two rock salt crystals on Saturday, because they jumped out and grabbed my attention. I know there is a reason, but haven't as yet made the effort to find out. I am simply enjoying their presence.

As I sit here I can see the elementals that came with them. In fact I am seeing so much more these days everywhere. I am loathe to move out of this and lose it by spending too much time on the computer and away from my heart.

I need to find the balance between the two.

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