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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Trumpeting and other things

Hmm….have you ever had a dragon trumpet in your ear?

Ba’shiba seems to be pretty enthusiastic about EVERYTHING I do that is positive…and trumpets. It sorta rattles and buzzes around my body each time. Initially I found it disconcerting…now I find it funny.

I eventually asked her why and she said it was helping to reinforce my positive thought. Eh?

Turns out that the pitch of each trumpet rattles around in my ole brain and body cells making them go, ‘Egads, I got it.

Actually, the truth be told, I thought she was a bit odd…she never said anything, merely used to trumpet until I asked the question. I remember thinking that she must be a very young dragon and was wondering why they had ‘given’ me a young dragon.

She answered my thoughts…gotta watch what I think…and said she was young. She was going to be growing with me and part of her job was to support and protect me…although from the info she’s given me I think she might be far further along than I am. When I asked her how old she was, she kinda gave me a feeling rather than a number. Um…okay then very old…in fact ancient. But then she did point out that I was too…the only difference is that I put on a new body suit regularly, so I think I am younger…but I am not. 

So us two ancient juvenile delinquents are doddering along together teaching each other something :-)

This whole thing about getting private lessons with Vicky has been at the foremost of my mind. I have arranged it and we start on Monday…but for the life of me I couldn’t really give her an answer what I wanted to do. Was it pilates, yoga, aerobics, zumba?

Dunno’, I said rather vaguely, ‘Maybe a mix of things?’

Ms Dragon merely says we will know what is we want. Hmm…how do you tell someone you don’t know very well, your wacky and strange ideas of what you want but you are not sure yourself? Anyhoos….going along with it.

Ba’shiba did mention that it would be a very intense six months of training. Sigh…am I going to become a fitness fanatic?

Hubby thinks I am slightly crazy…but he is going with it.Suppose it is not every day your wife tells you that an imaginary dragon says she must exercise the bejeebers out of her body :-)

So, during my break at work last night I had a conversation with Ba’shiba which sorta went like this.

ME: So, is what I am doing making a difference?

BA: Yes, big difference.

ME: How come I cannot see it? I sometimes wonder if I am kidding myself, how do I know it is having an affect? I can see in meditation the difference in the energies but…you know…I still doubt.

BA: It is like building a house. When you dig the foundations, you still cannot see the house. It is only once the walls are up and the roof on that you start to get a better idea. You are digging the foundations and will soon be laying the cement.

That gave me food for thought before my flitting mind took off in another direction.

ME: So what is this sex thing all about?

BA: Sex is not merely sex…it is creation. Everything in our lives is creation…every moment of every day we are creating. The energy that you use to create your life is the same energy that you use to make LOVE…and you can see from your world what kind of LOVE you’ve all been creating.
The matrix that you are laying is a signature, it’s a criss-cross of energy, a single note and harmonies at the same time.

This brought me to the difference between men and women ejaculating.

I wanted to know why men shouldn’t and women could….because surely it’s all the same? I understood the concept that a man ejaculating his seed is losing part of himself but surely a woman doing the same is also losing part of herself…and yet a woman feels energised but a man doesn’t and wants to sleep. It puzzled me.

Ba’s answer was simple.

Men’s ejaculation carries the ‘seed of life’ in the 'nectar of life' whereas women’s juices are only the 'nectar of life'. Men’s sperm (not the fluid) are an outward expression of themselves…a DOing, active, out there…masculine energy. Whereas women carry their seeds (eggs) within and they remain within until flushed out by a monthly menstruation cycle. It is part of the BEing nature of the feminine, hidden and mysterious. 

The seminal fluid of the man and the fluid of the women are the same thing, except that a man’s carries the seeds of life in order that it may begin new life once melded with a woman’s egg….creation.

When we come into our fully empowered human body, we will have complete control over our bodies and women will not have a monthly cycle like they do now, where the egg is released and if not used…flushed out of the system. It is a waste of a woman’s ‘seed of life’ just like it is in the ejaculation by a man of his ‘seed of life’.

In a fully empowered woman, the egg will only be released when, by mutual consent of mind body and spirit with a partner, it is agreed they wish to create life…not by accident or unconsciously like it is nowadays.

We will know exactly when a baby is created…and will have been in contact with the new soul who wishes to incarnate.

A man’s seed prior to orgasm can be absorbed into their body, thus nourishing and nurturing their body instead of it lying uselessly on the bedsheets or inside a woman and not being used. The same goes for the egg. A woman should be able to reabsorb the egg into her system for nourishment and nurturing instead of being flushed out of her system.

It is not that menstruation is wrong…it is not…but women, once fully empowered, will have the control and choice to decide when and whether to menstruate.

I do know most of this, having written about this in my books. What I didn't know was the difference as to  why men couldn’t and women could.

By jove, lessons in love from a dragon...and great to get confirmation.

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