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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dragons again

Hubby announced last night…after sleeping all afternoon…that he needed a full body orgasm to get rid of his illness. Hehe…never one to shirk my responsibilities…I agreed.

The sacred union was a gentle and sweet one of deep love. I was in charge and was DOing whilst he was BEing. I wanted the energy to move in a way that it didn’t give him a coughing fit…his throat being so sore and scratchy as it is…

Well, he certainly slept a whole heap better last night and looks far healthier this morning. Says one more day of resting and he will be good to go. My gift to hubby.

Brushing my hair this morning I felt many somethings on my feet and moving around. I looked down to find quite a few little dragons. Oh, here we go again.

Darn…last night as I read James Tyberonn’s latest channel I had a brief flashing thought that I was due for a visit. Now I wonder…was that precognition or manifestation?

Anyways, it has been a while since the meeting in Seoul and I suppose another one is due…there has been enough time to decide what they want to do.

But before the meeting, I had something to do. They agreed it could wait until I got back.

Zumba…I was wondering this morning whether I had the energy for it. I’ve been very tired (but not as tired as Saturday) and it seemed that the Zumba class would be too much.

But I dragged myself there and…had a great time. Really got the energy moving. What I love about Zumba is that we swing, wiggle and jiggle our hips. When I walk back I find my hips swinging as I make long strides.

But still I am in that contemplative mood.

As I was walking back I mentioned to the dragons who were with me at the class, that I wanted to have breakfast and shower. No, they said no eating today…fasting until late this afternoon and also no shower. Huh? Why no shower?

I believe the sweat created by having fun and laughing was needed to cool on my body whilst they did some sort of initiation or ceremony. As the ceremony continued the sweat would sink into my body together with what they were going to do, so I couldn’t wash it off.

Ooookay, so I made myself some mango tea and then came upstairs to sit all hot and sweaty, towel around my neck and covered up of course because I would be cooling down as I meditated.

The first thing I noticed was that the dragons I thought were the ‘ones’ that I’d seen at the classes were rather small in comparison to the ones that I laid my eyes on in meditation. Blimmin’ heck I felt like a speck next to them and there were many crouched around me. All shapes and sizes, each one a different colour but the colours were so iridescent that as they moved they were all the colours of the rainbow. A coat of many colours again.

I had put some music on. The dragons mentioned that they would be taking me through some kind of ceremony from each of the elements – fire, water, air, earth and the ether.

I suddenly found my Zumba teacher next to me. I wondered what the heck she was doing there. One of the dragons said that she would help me with the kundalini energy and I must approach her about private lessons for this. Somehow she would be involved in the workshops I am going to be doing.

They also mentioned that they would be with me at all the workshops that I do.

My teacher, Vicky, didn’t seem to be surprised by the whole thing. I thought I recognised her when I first met her – seems she is from my soul family. Anyways, she started dancing and I followed her movements.

The first dragon stepped up and asked me to do the do the fire breath…which I did and then continued dancing as he breathed fire into my root chakra. With that hundreds of dragons, large and small blew their fire into every chakra on my body. The fire energy moved up my spine and out my crown and then started spewing out of all my chakras. I seemed to be on fire.

Strangely enough the energy wasn’t dramatic…instead it was quite soothing.

I heard one of the largest dragons roar ‘Enough’- made my hair stand on end. They all stopped and stepped back.

Again I had to do the fire breath for a long time.

Then the water dragons stepped up – one blowing water into my root and then the others breathed water into all my chakras. This I found quite emotional as the water ran up my spine and through my body. Again Vicky and I continued dancing…stopping once as they asked me to breath in a specific way to help the water energy move through my body.

After this was the air dragons who blew air into me and again I was asked to breath in a specific way to help the energy before continuing to dance. I saw Aeolus standing to one side watching.

Next was the earth dragons and finally the dragons of the ether.

And that was that. They started to leave…the large dragon who kept shouting ‘Enough’ saying that they would be there when I needed them…I simply had to call. He did say that one of the dragons would stay with me all the time.

A black dragon came forward. It seemed to have the same iridescent colouring to it and so even though it was black when it moved it changed colour. It was introduced as Ba’shiba. Took me a while to get the name. It sounded really weird. I think that is the spelling…well that is how I say it anyways.

The large dragon said that ‘she’ would assist me a great deal. That surprised me…didn’t realise it was a ‘she’ but on closer inspection her energy was feminine and she seemed daintier than the rest although she was just as large to my eyes.

He said that she was all the elements in one dragon. Wow.

Once everyone had left, including Vicky, I stood facing Ba’shiba wondering how on earth you hug a huge dragon when I was about the size of her claw.

Her heart opened and I felt movement on my chest. I looked down and found my higher heart and lower heart melded together in one big heart and it was open too. A beautiful gold energy shot out from both our hearts and mingled.

The same happened with our minds. Third eyes, mind and higher minds opened and the same gold energy merged between us.

Reminded me of the meditations – Hearts and Breasts and Hearts and Minds.

Hmm…so now I am melded with a dragon. It shouldn’t surprise me. I have been surrounded by dragons all my life. My mother is one…she carries the dragon energy within her very strongly.

I think I might have forgotten a few things that might come back to me later. It is difficult to always write down what happens because I go so deep…and get confused by the time scale.

Now that I think about it, I do recall seeing the black Unicorn with pearly pink hooves to one side. I’ve not seen him for a while...and then there was also the agreement of all the ancients and guardians to support and protect me while I (and others) do this work.

So…I wonder when I can have a shower?

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