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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Flu vaccine

This is the information from the box for the flu vaccine. Please read it through and then ask yourself - is this going to make you healthier?

Formaldehyde and mercury carry hazardous poison warnings everywhere else yet it's okay to inject into us.

 Apart from laboratory use, Triton X-100 can be found in several types of cleaning compound,[citation needed] ranging from heavy-duty industrial products to gentle detergents. It is also a popular ingredient in homemade vinyl record cleaning fluids together with distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Triton X-100 appears as a final ingredient in several yearly influenza vaccines worldwide.


Anonymous said...

Yes ... vaccinations ... they are poisons really. Even printing the ingredients out and giving it to some people will still not stop them believing that they are `doing a lot of good' ... even Bill Gates standing up in front of an audience saying `If we do a really good job with the vaccination programme ... the population will decrease' will not stop some people thinking that the western world trying to vaccinate little kids in far flung countries is heartwarming to see.
The thing is ... everyone needs to learn what they need to learn ..when they need to learn it. And everyone will only wake up with they are ready to as well.
To not choose the vaccination, doctor, hospital route is to take responsibility for one's own health ... and ... well .. that takes a bit of owning up to stuff and some work ..as we know.
It is not for everyone I guess ... so it is good that the information like this is made available ..however the individual will continue to see what they want to see.
Thanks for posting this KP.
Good grief .. those ingredients ! And once I had a doctor try and tell me that homeopathy was dangerous.

Karen-Pallas said...

Yep...it is where we are at in time. What we see today, will be different tomorrow...all part of the growth of each individual on their journey.

I found it interesting though, as I knew there was mercury in all vaccinations which acts as a carrier (not just the flu jab), but didn't know about the others.

Hehe...of course homeopathy is dangerous...it is empowering :-)