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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting our colours

Hubby and I went deep into meditation yesterday. I sat between his legs and lent back against his chest.

I created a circle of protection and waited. 

Suddenly I felt something land on my head. My vision split and I found I could see myself from above as well as my normal vision.

It seemed to be a circlet of what I thought was gold. It was very thin and at the back had what looked like feathers made from this metal.

Instantly a long purple feather attached itself to the circlet in the middle above my brow. Slowly more appeared and it seemed I was wearing a headdress of all shades of purple – from pale lavender to deep indigo. I looked at hubby and he was also wearing a circlet but his was made up of the fiery red feathers.

We sat side by side in this vision, dressed in white.

Slowly the colours in our headdresses changed. Mine became all the colours of pink – from pale pale pink through to cerise. Whereas hubby’s was all the oranges fading to yellow.

I asked what was happening and was told, ‘you are getting your colours’.  I decided to have a closer look at the metal of the ‘crown’. It didn’t actually seem to be gold…it was a duller looking metal. I think it might have been brass. We sat and waited.

Finally a single green feather appeared in the centre above our brow.

That is when we stood side by side. We held hands – hubby was on my left hand side so I held out my left hand and he held out his right hand. We slowly moved to face each other and brought our other hands together and then moved back again. We continued to move together and apart in a sort of slow dance.

The longer we did this the more the colours of our clothes changed and soon were rainbow coloured, as were our headdresses.

The above is a vague recollection of what happened and then after this I sort of lost the thread and it is difficult to know what came first, last or at the same time. Actually now that I think about it, it all seemed to happen at once. The sacred union after that was truly beautiful…I don’t want to box it up with words. I simply want to experience the energy.
I asked hubby what he experienced. Being a man of few words…all he said was it was a reaffirmation of our wedding vows :-)

For a while now when I have meditated my third eye has been streaming all the colours of the rainbow, which somehow ties in with last night’s ceremony of ‘receiving our colours’.

I looked up the meaning of brass and could only find this:

Brass was a melding together of two metals (copper and tin). Fine copper was classed as being as precious as gold, therefore its symbolic meaning is the same as gold, which is faith and love, heavenly riches.

We combine our divine nature with our human nature, so that they cannot not be separated (as the two metals in brass cannot be separated). We are fully divine and fully human (copper = divine nature; tin = human nature).

I’ve not had much time to meditate on the events of last night. But when I get a chance I will do so – and try to figure out what ‘getting our colours’ means.


Anonymous said...

KP .. your husband is wonderful. It is funny when you say that he is `not into any of this' .. and yet here he is meditating in this way with you... and also the other day when he supported you with the fasting. I feel that he is playing his part very well.
When I read about `getting your colours' it reminded me of a way of the ancestors which Barry Brailsford wrote about in his books `Chronicles of the stone.'
Here is an excerpt .. to show you what I mean:

`Grandmother Ula beckoned for the couple to stand before her. Tu pulled Awi forward so they might be first. She remembered every shade and shimmer of what she felt from that instant, recalled her intense grip upon his hand, her need for an anchor as she spun into a whirlpool of surging excitement. She still saw the old one, with grace and soft words of power, open the way and draw two stones from her beautiful woven basket. Watched her lift them clear with ceremony and knew the thrill of expectation as the entwined cords, a twist of red and yellow were stretched taut between gnarled hands. Two stones clenched in one and the end of the twisted length in the other. Stood entranced as grandmother let the stones go to hang and spin from her outstretched arm. Filled with joy as the red and yellow spun to create a blur of orange. Saw the stones slow and finally stop and separate.
There was design and power in the twirl of the cords. Now Awi knew the wonder of it. The child within was of that moment of new light, the flash of orange; the colour beyond theirs. It was created by the ancient tides that carried all that had ever been into the closeness of their joining. It had touched and awakened the excitement and joy of every part of her being at the crest of their embrace. It was yesterday, today and tomorrow. The timeless space of knowing. It was Creation.

Karen-Pallas said...

Oh, how beautiful, Mati, thank you. A timeless space of knowing...Creation...yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yes, that resonates. Every time I think about the ceremony I get a ping of excitement...and this piece captures it beautifully.
As for hubby...he is so in the flow of acceptance...not like me who is always questioning, looking at it from different angles, taking it apart and putting it back together again.
I think I drive him insane with my constant questioning...and has told me so a few times.
Heart hugs

Dorothy said...

wow, I can't imagine my husband ever meditating with me, or alone for that matter. I had the same thoughts as mati, you say he is not into this yet here he is, doing it all with you! What a lovely gift. Your meditation sounds so wonderful. Mine are never that good lol.
Love following your journey. And how different all of ours are, yet similar too. I always picture the journeys as the spokes of a wheel all leading into the hub....different paths, one destination.

Karen-Pallas said...

Thank you, Dorothy.
I think maybe meditation is becoming a more acceptable word to him rather than 'quiet time' as it used to be.
A big change...although I am not sure he has noticed it too much...it's seems to have simply become the norm.

Indeed...spokes of the wheel is a good analogy.
May your path be filled with flowers and sunshine.