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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Friday, 11 May 2012

I am everything that is in my life

There are certain blogs that I have stopped reading…mainly because there seems to be this blame culture going on…negative entities doing this and that to someone or another.

Blogs of those that I considered quite advanced…and yet when I see this, my alarm bells go off. But that is where they are and I cannot judge them for that….so I just rather don’t read what they write…cos that is not where I am.

I accept that there is interference…but quite frankly if I wasn’t attracting that attention through my energy…they wouldn’t interfere. It is up to me to make sure that I protect myself and not spew on about how they attack me all the time, because again...we are creating what we believe, aren't we? We need to accept responsibility for this and not lay blame elsewhere.

I am everything that is in my life, I’ve created it through my thoughts and energy. Sometimes by default as I am not aware enough to know everything I do. But that is the beauty of getting something not so great happening…it draws our attention to that which needs loving.

That’s my rant for the day :-)

I have had a headache for three days now. At times it gets really strong and I feel ill. All part of the solar flares, moon stuff, etc…and I think it might also be the hearts and mind meld I have with the dragon, Ba’shiba. Her energy is very strong and I have to increase my vibration to meet her.

It is tiring and quite a strain.

I recall having this same thing with the Unicorns

'What he did show me was that he had muted his energy just enough for me to be comfortable in his company. He let me know that he did not lower his frequency but merely made it more accommodating for me. He then asked me these questions or rather they were impressions I received – ‘Why would you want to lower your frequency? Would you be happy if I lowered mine and how would it serve either of us? By sharing with you all I have to offer, do you not find yourself feeling better?’
This brought to mind my previous blog about feeling guilt and lowering my frequency. Heck, I was getting answers fast.'

So today I am sitting here meditating and listening to calming Native American music to soothe all of me.

Hubby is struggling with the clearings going on. It has hit him big time. His throat is fine but his sinuses are causing problems. He is up most nights with a hacking cough. So much grief and anger coming out for clearing and this is the only way his body can do this. He looks exhausted…and angry. I hear him swear every so often when he has a coughing fit.

It is rather strange. Hubby is seldom very ill. There is only one occasion I have seen him incapacitated…he had vertigo in the early years of our marriage. No matter what tests and scans were done they couldn’t find anything wrong with him. I kept suggesting he try my chiropractor. I’d been going to a chiropractor since I was 16…a gift from my mother who started me off on this road of alternative medicine.

He finally consented to see my chiro…who solved the problem. That was his first real experience of anything alternative.

I seem to have lost my thread…

Anyways, he is puzzled about these one to one sessions with Vicky, as I am doing general classes with loads of others and surely that is enough.

I explained that it is like I am studying something, such as when I studied herbalism or vibrational medicine. Because Vicky’s classes are huge, there is no chance of her correcting anything that I do. In the Kundalini yoga classes there are only three of us and that is okay, but mostly that is about the breath work. He is satisfied with that explanation.

I do believe that I need to strengthen my body for the time ahead, as the energy will be far more intense than it is and my body needs to be in good shape. I also need to strengthen my core and get the necessary balance to make sure that I can cope with the influx.

So far what I know and understand about sexual energy, so Ba’shiba tells me, is about the size of a pinhead. Oookay, so that kinda made me sit up and take this whole thing a little more seriously.

Hence the need for hubby to clear as much as possible, as he will be on this journey with me.

I have made a booking to have a session with Lisa Gawlas tomorrow. Lately I find that there is a great deal of synchronicity between our blogs. I am not one to book sessions of this kind with anyone. I stopped getting readings done many years ago, as none of them were accurate, despite friends saying how wonderful and good theirs were.

Besides mostly clairvoyants can only see the potentials of what can happen and what is forefront in your mind and energy field. You can walk out and go in a different direction and then everything the clairvoyant has told you is incorrect, which I regularly did. No clairvoyant has ever been accurate for me.

I was meant to find my own way, which I have. But I figure this session is more about my energy and where I am rather than telling me about my future. It is nice to get confirmation from a physical person of where I am. I can see most of it, but there are bits and pieces that I have missed that an outsider will be able to see.

Energy reading is different to future readings.

Ba’shiba has the loveliest of eyes. They are a sort of chocolate brown in some light and in others it is russet or mahogany. They change constantly – I think it depends on the energy at the time. There has been occasion when they have been the colours of autumn.

She is still trumpeting at times…she is doing so now as I write about her eyes. Hehe…yikes…okay the wash of love is quite strong, sorta blew me out of the water.

Signing off to bask in the bliss…

P.S.  Sunday 13 May

I apologise for my intolerant and judgemental attitude in the beginning of this blog. I was railing against that which I found intolerant and yet fell into the hole of intolerance myself. I should know better and not stoop to a lower level.

I have since centred myself after a gentle reminder by a dear friend…whom I thank for this. 

Hehe…maybe it was interference ;-)


Dorothy said...

Yes! I feel the same each time I visit this one particular blog and now rarely go there, only once in awhile to see if anything has changed. Nope. I totally am on the same page as you.
Love the dragon. I was told a couple of years ago that I had a dragon with me, telling me that we would work together again, that we used to do so in ages past. I'm not nearly as high vibrational as you and if yours bothers you lol, I have a long way to go before mine shows and works with me! But I do think of him, feel his presence, and talk to him.
You are so busy, I am impressed at how much you work your body....mine is rather slow moving anymore when I used to be really active. I figure once I get all the junk cleared, I will feel better, more like moving. I've hurt for so long, it's been difficult to stay motivated. Watching you and Mati, I feel like a slug! LOL. Keep holding that beacon, I'll get there!
Had such a migraine yesterday, been ages since I did. These days I feel the energy in my head chakras like there's a helmet or band around my head. Whew.
I love Lisa, she has such an interesting way of reading our energies. She told me much that I had no clue about, you will have a great session. Ask questions, that jumps her into more clarity. I have one scheduled for Monday. Basically I just love talking to Lisa hehehe. I feel great when I get done.
Have a great day!

Karen-Pallas said...

Hehe...if you'd told me I'd be doing all this activity a few months ago, I would have fainted.
Yeah...sometimes my headache verged on migraine but I never had the strange vision that I used to get before the onset of a migraine - merely had the pain and the nausea.
I am looking forward to it - um...sorry to put so much pressure on Lisa :-)
I have yet to figure out any questions I want to ask...sigh...I need to get my arse into gear.
I read your lovely blog dedicated to your mother...it was such a pleasure to read.
You have a great day too, Dorothy.

Anonymous said...

I do know what you mean KP ... however we cannot truly know what another's path is all about. You have your path and your way and that works for you which is great and so interesting to read and to follow. However we all have our unique roles in this adventure. A lot of starseeds are physically transmuting stuff a lot of the time .. along with breaking down old systems and all sorts of other stuff. Sometimes they are indeed attacked and I can see that this particular person who you are mentioning is currently going through a challenging time. We are all working for the same end. Personally I love and respect her as she has helped me at a time when I needed it and did not fully understand what was going on.
I understand that you no longer want to read what she is writing ... however just this morning I read another blog where someone was attacking others who are performing tasks which may come across as negative or self-created....
Anyway ... I do understand what you are saying ... however there are some who have taken on some monumental tasks to assist during these times and who so often get vilified by those who are working for the same goal. I saw this so much on LW ... there are many ways, many songs, many pieces to this puzzle ... all are needed and necessary.
That's how I feel anyway...
I really enjoy reading about what you are doing and appreciate being on this journey with you.
Big hugs and so much love

Karen-Pallas said...

Indeed...one of my human traits...being judgemental and intolerant, for which I apologise.

Anonymous said...

KP .. You were simply having a rant .. which we all do. Good grief ... if you had've been over at our place on Friday evening you would've witnessed a banshee in full flight! I am the queen of rants!!
Lately I have found so much written against this particular person that I wanted to try and put her perspective out there as I feel that she has a tough job and helps so many along the way ..while sometimes having to contend with being misunderstood as well.
Biggest hugs !!
From the part-time Banshee and fellow (im)mortal

Karen-Pallas said...

I understand, Mati...it is all part of her path...but maybe, just maybe all these negative things coming her way is a reminder to step out of duality and into a different perception.
She'll get it eventually and I am sure she appreciates your standing in her corner...but this is a piece of her shadow she needs to look at.
Hugs to you sweetheart for helping me to step out of the duality and into unity once again.