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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Rejecting a life of abundance in all its forms

The worthiness around abundance seems to have been a theme in the run up to the annular solar eclipse yesterday.

Abundance encompasses all aspects of our lives from money through to making time to honour ourselves for where we are. 

How many of us believe that we don’t have time to spend in our own company, or we don’t like our own company and would rather have something to distract us.

Once again it boils down to balance in our lives and with the new energies bombarding the Earth we are being pulsed to do something about it. If not, the things in our lives that we have not looked at will be in our face constantly…urging us to take a look. 

Ignoring it won’t send it away…it will simply grow until we have no choice but to take a look.

Everything in our lives is a creation of our thoughts and emotions…even if by default. How many of us know what thoughts and feelings are running around in our minds and bodies?

And yet for those of us who have attended to clearing our emotions, digging deep, embracing those darker aspects of ourselves and living mostly in love…are experiencing a totally different world. We haven’t addressed everything…then we’d be perfect…none of us are perfect…yet :-)

It takes me by surprise when I see a headline about some doom or gloom in the world. I did notice this week how many people are feeling the doom gloom and fear. So this reflection of doom and gloom is something I’ve had to look at.

I’ve withdrawn this week into myself…as has hubby, which is unusual for him. The personal one-on-one training that was supposed to start last week had to be postponed by Vicky as she couldn’t make it. We start today…after the eclipse.

So the money elemental has been a large figure. Last night hubby said that he has been visualising and creating (WOW WOW) but lately has been feeling doubts. Oh honey, that is so normal…we all feel it. But we pick ourselves up and carry on…after some deliberation.

Life is effortless…well mostly it is effortless. I have a ways to go yet…and yet as the days, weeks and months go by, my determination and resolve gets stronger. It also helps that hubby and I are finally on the same page! Woohoo…

There are many ways to do this and there are a lot of free websites and free YouTube videos, so it shouldn’t cost much except time.

The greed of the 3D world to make money and the problem that many lightworkers face – that of wanting to do it for free – needs to find balance.

Money, as Inelia says, is merely an energy. Please read her blog Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money. It is a neglected elemental who has much to give and yet many of us reject it…or embrace it as a means to an end. Everything has an agenda. It is this agenda that needs re-dressing and balancing. We are not getting ‘rid’ of anything…we are merely bringing it back into balance.

Our whole life is filled with relationships – from being a couple to family to job to possessions, etc. What is our relationship like with everything in our lives? What parts of your relationships do you not like? What are they reflecting back at you?

It is time to love ourselves, warts and all, for everything we have brought into our lives. Through this love we can change our reality. Admittedly it is not easy…but the hardship is well worth it. Ask me…

I am in the process of putting together workshops…finally getting back into the swing of things as I used to do. But these will be very different from anything I have ever done.

And of course, I will charge…it is a reflection of the changes from my current form of abundance to another :-)

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