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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Earth man

Last night’s sleep was pretty fragmented. I was so hot and my skin so sensitive that as soon as I pulled the duvet over (cos I was getting chilly), I’d heat up and feel like I couldn’t have anything on my skin at all. Ripples of energy running around just underneath the skin created a sensation of morphing within my skin.

Made me wonder what I’m becoming.

Anyways in the run up to last night I had a feeling yesterday afternoon that I needed to work on opening my hips and the first and second chakra…which I did with some yoga and dancing.

Last night I massaged hubby as I felt a tingling need to get my hands on his body.

Before starting I opened my mind and heart to Ba’shiba. Her energy supports me to go higher…at the moment I need a boost to get me there.

Hubby lay on his tummy. As I worked on his back…to my surprise found a small tendril of a creeper growing out of his spine. I stared at it for a while wondering why it was there. I heard a giggle and looked around to find some children-like entities around me. They were all girls and were covered in white flowers…holding baskets of white flowers. They were moving around us dancing, laughing and throwing these white flowers at us. We were in a field that was a clearing amongst very tall trees and it was filled with meadow flowers.

I could feel my hair (which is half way down my back) growing longer until it covered me. I had flowers in my hair and was dressed in a white filmy dress.

I was prompted to work on hubby’s back. It felt like he was the soil…deep rich black soil full of nutrients. I could feel my etheric hands plunge into this rich soil, sending healing and nurturing. More tendrils grew out his back and head. I started to make patterns in the soil (his back) sometimes gentle and precise movements like you would see in a Japanese garden…at other times scraping random and mixed up.

This continued for some time. At times I felt like moving my body…so I did.

Once again I lost track of time and the sequence of events…but I will do my best to capture what happened.

Once I’d finished I lay stretched out on top of his back and we stayed like this for a while. I could see beautiful gold light emanating from his body creating an upward movement of almost sun like energy…similar to what you would see in a forest of trees and the sun creates rays.

The girls were joined by small boys who were dressed in green. They continued to laugh and dance around us. The peaceful energy was incredible.

We stood eventually and my earth man…covered in rich deep soil and tendrils of plants poking out of his skin, with pin pricks of the golden sun energy emanating from inside…started dancing in a strange kind of indigenous dance with high legs and arms. We danced together laughing with the whole funny experience to songs from Madness.

The pleasure and love was so tangible.

Suddenly my earth man stopped and the front of his mud ‘skin’ opened and inside I could see a golden sun-filled being. The light coming out of him wasn’t glaringly intense to the eyes.

He closed his mud skin body and we continued to dance. It made me laugh in delight…here is hubby who is so controlled and self-conscious doing a strange dance with the abandonment of a child.

Later when he was lying on his back I realised that the hair around his belly button was creating a mandala of energy. It was beautiful…sort of a pencil drawing of energy and it was then that I realised that all the hair on his body was alive and had its own signature of energy…each one emanating an energy.

The mandala really drew me into a trance like state…most of which I cannot remember…but the feelings that came from there were incredible.

This morning my ‘earth man’ is working in the garden and full of energy.

On reading about the latest solar flares on Mati’s blog I understand now what was happening yesterday. Lisa and I had to re-schedule our session together as she was not getting anything…the light was too intense and all she could see was an array of coloured flowers falling from above into my crown. She believes we (as in all on earth) are being readied for the eclipse. I agree with her.

I did ask hubby who was in such a trance last night…it took a while to get him back…what he’d experienced and being short of words all he said was ‘in a field of flowers together’.

Oh, I remember now…at one stage he came out of his trance and said very quietly, ‘Thank you. If I hadn’t married you, I would never experience the gift that you give me every day.’

He said that as soon as he said that the song by Queen called You’re my best friend came on, something I didn't notice until he pointed it out. ‘Spooky’, he grinned.

He admits that he resisted it…but we both agree that it made me stronger in my faith in myself.

We are so on the same page these days…in the same energy…yesterday as we were out walking, he said that he thinks that things will change by autumn. Wow…I’ve been getting the same feeling…October is a month that has been whizzing around in my head for a while.

Time will tell…

My small understanding (which I am sure will grow) is that hubby is the new earth and when we connected at the hips (yeah you know what I mean), he was connecting me to the new earth…I was the blooming and budding flowers that his nurturing soil was creating. Through him I was anchoring the energy.


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to read and to feel how in tune with each other you both are. That song `Your my best friend' is the song I sing to my husband ... especially that bit `I've been with you such a long time...' :-) My hub and I have always been together... he is my hub ... completely.
It is going to be interesting to hear about your reading with Lisa .. you are tempting me to have a go as well. She is such a fab and wonderful lady ... as are you of course.

Karen-Pallas said...

Thank you...
Maybe you should have a go...we are here to support each other as we evolve into our new roles...and her insights are incredible...well they seem to be from what I've read, as I've yet to have mine :-)
From one fab lady's heart to another's - heart hugs of love