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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Love in spite of what has happened

Hubby and I spent the day in Canterbury yesterday and went to the Cathedral.

I was very impressed. They closed off the walled inner medieval city to traffic. You have to park in carparks outside the city and then a bus takes you in. It is not expensive – a flat rate for the parking and bus. I first came across this in Polperro, Cornwall.

 It certainly makes sense – and something I wish they would do here in our town.

Anyways the town centre is full of narrow streets and old buildings overhanging – full of history. This is what I love about the UK and Europe – the history. Not all of it is good…but it is the architecture that really grabs me the most.

We made our way to the Cathedral. As we were walking hubby and I recalled our early years in the UK when our son was only 3. He had this fascination for churches – but only the really old ones. The first time it came to our attention we were wandering around Salisbury. We’d been into the Great Hall and seen the round table that historians were convinced was Arthurs. As we made our way into the Cathedral our son grabbed my hand and pulled me into a pew insisting that we sit for a while.

Now I’ve never sent my kids to church or discussed religion in any way shape or form. I figured as they got older they could decide for themselves what they want to do…therefore I never shoved my spiritual beliefs down their throat, but they did grow up with them.

So here is a little boy of 3 who knew exactly what to do in the church. He sat on the pew and picked up one of the books in front and opened it. Obviously he couldn’t read at this stage but he stared at the words (the book was upside down :-)) and he started mumbling to himself. It fascinated me and I watched him for ages wondering what memory had raised itself in his consciousness.

It is useless asking a child of that age what is going on as they cannot always express it very well. All he kept saying was he wanted to be there. It happened every time we passed a cathedral or church….he’d grab me by the hand and pull me in and we’d have to sit for ages while he communed with someone. At that stage my other sight wasn’t that good and so I cannot say for sure what was going on.

As he grew older that fascination waned and these days he couldn’t care less.

But I still love cathedrals. It is not what they represent so much as the architecture and the incredible feats and painstaking attention to detail that draws me.

Yesterday at the time we went they were having a service, so we could only wander around the hall and into the crypt before leaving to walk around the huge grounds…it was like a miniature city.

We could hear the droning of those on the pulpit – at one stage we heard a woman’s voice and they were going on about something that I tuned out. Down in the crypt was a display of all the silver and pewter from the 1700s onwards. Reminded me to a degree of the Vatican…although their display was paltry compared to the Vatican.

Anyways I was wondering why we needed to be there. When I walked around I instantly realised why. It was dedicated to soldiers who had died in all the different wars and there I saw what I assumed was a statue of Athena. It could of course be Britannia...but for me it is Athena. She is depicted elsewhere with soldiers. It might not be her…but the familiarity and recognition was instant.

I knew I had to do something…I don’t transmute anymore so there must be something else I must be doing. As we walked the pain in my shoulder (which had started on the drive) started to climb. I assumed it was the energy within me that had been incubating for these last few days, was reaching boiling point.

Hubby has been very withdrawn and insular since Wednesday which is unusual for him. I’d not really felt that as I had other things to do…but I still knew that there was something going on inside me and I was content to leave it to do its own thing. Last night he came out of his shell...

The pain finally reached a crescendo and suddenly I thought, I’ve got to acknowledge and love those who sacrificed their lives for an ideal. The minute I stopped to do so, the pain receded and then finally went away. Those discarnate souls who are wandering around in the 4th dimension, unsure of where they belong and why they did what they did only to discover it might not have been the right thing to do in their zeal…all need acknowledgement, acceptance and love.
It doesn’t matter how we feel about war, everything that has happened on earth is for a good reason. How can I not acknowledge them…they thought they were doing the ‘correct’ thing. This business of war has followed me all my life…well of course it would…here is the Goddess of War (amongst her many titles).

I kept seeing the Green Man…not only in the cathedral but also in the surrounding shops. Made me smile when I saw his face…reminded me of hubby in Australia.

Oh by the way, I had my session with Lisa on Friday afternoon, but once again she wasn’t able to see much…except when I asked about the sacred union travelling. I asked the question but we weren’t sure that she would see anything. The instant I voiced the question she saw a blue and purple intertwining columns of energy, much like the medical sign but without the sword. So we have re-scheduled for the end of the month…but we did get to chat for a while longer which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you, Lisa, hugs of gratitude to you for the work that you do.

I was wondering about the sacred union once again this morning and asked Ba’shiba what was going on and she said the following, which jogged my memory into action:

We are learning to understand that the whole of life is blissfully orgasmic. She asked me if I remembered when our son was little and we’d played some game such as peek a boo or hide n seek or something like that. Yeah I did and I remembered at one stage having to change his nappy and saw that his little penis was stiff from the pleasure and joy of life. He was having so much fun as little kids do without a worry in the world.

We all have this sexual energy running through us and when we really get into the pleasure of life, the arousal is constant. Most of us interpret it as needing to have sex and an orgasm. But that is not what it is about. It is about the enjoyment of life in all its aspect…every single thing we do should be orgasmic and pleasurable...it's the joie de vivre. But we have denied this to ourselves and viewed it as ‘dirty’. It has also been misinterpreted and misunderstood by many over the years in different ways. From paedophilia to pornography, rigidity to perversion.

This is ending…but only if you help yourself to overcome any revulsion that you feel about anything in your life. When we are fully in control we can direct this energy anyway we wish. You can feel blissful about portions of your life and not about others, but that means you are leaving bits and pieces of yourself behind, and in doing so you will not have full control of your energy.

Does this put us under pressure? Yeah it does…but isn’t this what we are working towards. We cannot sit back and go yeah well I’ve worked so hard through each lifetime I want a reward. We are here to understand and learn…Earth is after all a school of learning.

And so it will be hard in the beginning until we understand fully within our minds and bodies (the soul and spirit know already). It is experimenting and making mistakes. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t.

Hehe…last night I got a massage…as hubby paid attention in detail to every part of my body I suddenly thought about the sign we saw yesterday (and one which is all over the UK) which said PLEASE DON’T WALK ON THE GRASS. It instantly contrasted with the signs we saw all over New South Wales in Australia which said PLEASE WALK ON THE GRASS.

Hubby can walk on my grass and play in my garden any day of the week :-)

Oh yeah...just remembered...while hubby was massaging me, it came to my attention that he was focusing on the base of my spine. I suddenly realised that this is where the original eight cells are housed. Last week when I massaged him I also felt the need to concentrate on this area of his body. I saw a partially open rose bud appear over the area.

 Ah, haha…just read Lisa's blog of yesterday…the Passion of theNew Life is Orgasmic 

Blimmin’ heck the synchronicity is stunning. And she explains it so beautifully…I cannot add anything to what she has written. Good on ya, Lisa!

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Well, that's funny. I spent the day yesterday in Chichester Cathedral!