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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

So far...

It was hubby’s birthday when we arrived in Australia. After the long journey…he was a bit grumpy. Understandable.

It was wonderful to see our daughter and our friends. We met their two children for the first time. Really great.
They have such beautiful children…a lovely quiet little girl with long shiny golden blonde hair and a boisterous little boy with strawberry blonde hair.

We slipped back into where we left off as though we’d gone to visit them in Wandsworth…where they used to live in the UK. Seeing our daughter after two years was the same. Slipped back into where we left off.

Hubby and I were a bit fragmented energetically until yesterday. Because we were more ‘together’ inside ourselves, we were more together in the outer world too.

On our journey from Seoul to Sydney I met the spirit of the plane who seemed more masculine than the other plane’s spirit. The difference was that the first plane’s spirit had been a figurehead on the front of the plane…much like you’d see on the ships of old…whereas on the second plane he was on top of the plane holding a fiery cross that sat on the nosecone of the plane. Still haven’t figured out the symbolism of that yet.

Yesterday morning I meditated and found myself surrounded by…let’s see…Polynesian, Sumo wrestler (hehe…not sure why), Aboriginals – men and women, Maoris – men and women and what I think might have been indigenous people from Papua New Guinea…and so many more but I wasn’t introduced to them. I suppose as I meditate more on Australian soil I will get to know all the nations participating.

We were dancing to some music which was a mixture of all the cultures. Very unusual. This has never happened to me before. But I needed to greet all and be welcomed by their energy. As this is a part of the world I’ve never been exposed to or in touch with, it was necessary. I need permission to do my work and whatever I do whilst here will set the signature for what I do on this side of the world in future.

You cannot simply walk into a country or continent and ‘get on’ with what you need to do without introducing yourself and asking permission.

One thing I have found lately is that I am so connected to people that I start talking to them as though we’ve known each other for ages and we were busy talking. Some are uncomfortable when this happens. I suppose it must seem quite abrupt that I carry on a conversation with them and quite a few seem confused. But in my world we have been communicating telepathically…it just takes some of them a while to catch up and follow their instincts, but mostly the brain and logic gets in the way.

It makes me smile and really wonder what our new world will be like. To be so tuned into each other that there is no need to really talk. Looking forward to it more and more.

Yesterday I did the talk. It was the autumn equinox.

As I walked in the door I created a safe space. I tend to do this automatically as a matter of course. Beryl, the owner of the centre, asked if I would ask permission from the guardians to do the talk. I said I would…but I forgot. I forgot. Shows you how out of practice I am. When I did the developing circles, any healings or counselling I always created a safe space and asked permission out loud with each session.

Lovely energy in the room…and truth be told…I thoroughly enjoyed doing the talk. It brought back fond memories of the developing circles and the interaction with others.

I ‘saw’ quite a bit going on…and one of the chairs was empty. It seems there was an entity sitting there..but not sure who it was. The other entities I saw in my meditation in the morning were on the outside surrounding us in a circle…and of course everyone’s guides, guardians and quite a few Ascended Masters. Didn’t take much notice of who.

Toward the end there was a vortex of energy in the middle of the circle, which slowly expanded to encompass all of us. We were sitting on a disk of rose quartz.

One thing that has become quite noticeable for me lately…yeah, another…there are so many of them happening that I forget to note them down.

Our bodies are constantly exchanging energy. As our bodies have a consciousness of their own they talk to each other. Although on reflection I am not even sure it could be called an exchange of energy. It is more like an intermingling.

Have you ever noticed the first time you meet someone it can take a while before the two of you are comfortable in each other’s company? Or maybe you never become comfortable…

What is happening is that your body’s frequency and the other person’s body frequency are finding a common ground…so that eventually both of you are vibrating more or less at the same level.

Lovely lovely people that I met yesterday…and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

It is such a pleasure being here with ‘old’ friends and our daughter. It is like being in an extended community filled with love and happiness.

Anyways during the talk I got a right talking to from the Aboriginal guardians because I didn’t ask for permission. I think what also might have set them off was the fact that I was saying that as we are male and female coming into balance all those sacred sites that are for women only are probably needing to change as that is ‘old’ energy.

Um…yes…well…some were not happy at all. Hmm…good thing confrontation doesn’t bother me these days :-) I did apologise for my oversight.

In the afternoon I started to feel a bit strange. I got that let-down feeling a woman gets when she is breastfeeding and my throat was struggling somewhat so I went to lay down. Whilst laying down, ‘they’ (as in all the entities I mentioned before that were dancing) were busy anchoring my energy and getting me ready for my work.

Darn…talk about not being subtle or gentle. They literally took me and rammed my feet in the ground hard…almost as though I was a spike. As soon as they did that I could feel the energy shoot up into my body and it was not a gentle energy. Whoa…talk about strong kundalini and the sexual energy was overpowering.

Hubby happened to come in at that time and lay down next to me to read his book. At this stage I was like a full to bursting bubbling cauldron of energy. I put my hand on his heart and it seemed to release some of the energy into him. This seemed to syphon off some of the energy and I felt a whole load more centred.

When I did get up I had wobbly insides.

Jeepers…I’m not sure if it is simply that the energy this side of the world is very forceful or if the earth energy these days everywhere is like this…but it packs a not so subtle punch.

Maybe it’s simply because it is a different energy to any other that I’ve experienced and someone else going to Africa might have a similar reaction, but because I’m used to it, it won’t bother me.

Oh, but yesterday was a very special day…the whole day.

What a great way to spend the autumn equinox.

I am certainly feeling far more centred today, so we’re off to Sydney again for another day of sightseeing. We did the bridge, Opera House and harbour cruise on Tuesday. It has been a different experience for us as our daughter is the tour guide. A vast change from the days when we were the ones in charge :-) She’s so grown up!!

Hehe…I’d also forgotten how difficult it is to remain focused with a house full of little ones.

I've had to schedule the blog to post on 22 March at 00:00 as my little netbook is still on UK time and it is yesterday - 21st. So it will come up as posted once we are on our journey to city centre.

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