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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Eat drink and be merry

Full on, hectic and exhausting. I’d forgotten how full on the life of a mum can be.

I’ve eased into my current life stage by stage until finally I don’t have many distractions around me and could concentrate upon myself. Hmm…yeah well, I’ve lost the ability to meditate despite all the chaos around, the ability to quickly snatch time for myself despite the constant interruptions and to remain focused no matter what. Suppose it was what I needed to get me where I am, because in the last few years I have really come into my power big time.

But as I am going to be travelling more I need to tap into the ability to be flexible as plenty of sightseeing and socialising is all part of it...and I need to be comfortable out of my own space.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, I woke suddenly and a short while later heard a really loud bang…almost as though the mirror in our room had cracked. I lay quietly wondering what it was as there was no other sound, except a slight feeling of dread. I asked what was going on and was told that someone was trying to get my attention.

Well they certainly had my focus and went to town. I felt a strong energy moving in through my feet and up my body and out my head. Then the mischief started…

We have two mobiles with us – one is mine from the UK and the other is an Australian one loaned to us by our friends. Both of them kept switching themselves on and off, making noises and lighting up the room. Eventually I turned them over. The energy around was very mischievous rather than malevolent. But even so it was quite heavy and over the top.

In the morning I felt like I’d been railroaded. The whole night I’d tried to contain it so that it didn’t move into the rest of the house. Our daughter mentioned that she’d woken from a deep sleep in which she’d had nightmares about being chased. She was so frightened she tried to sleep with the light on for the rest of the night…and had a headache in the morning…which didn’t seem to shift. She told me this as we were travelling to the next suburb to do some shopping.

I scanned her body and saw a small shadowy attachment at the back of her neck which I cleared for her. Meanwhile my stomach was objecting and not feeling good. I’d get a pain in the stomach and then it would go and I was continuously nauseous.

From a distance I cleared the house and everyone in it. Luckily everyone was out for most of the day. We met up late afternoon to go watch my friend do belly dancing at a fund raising event. It was so lovely to watch and created a beautiful energy.

We’d arranged to go out for dinner to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday. I wasn’t feeling great but was determined to still go ahead. I couldn’t eat – I had a few mouthfuls of coconut chicken soup (Thai food) and a bit of water.

Whilst at dinner that night my friend asked if I’d loved the mischievous energy. Poof…no of course I hadn’t. I am so out of my comfort zone I’d forgotten. In that instant I loved it and felt a portion of it integrate. With that the pain in my stomach went and I was feeling so much better than I had been.

I felt the good energy flooding my body…which by this stage was so tired, all it wanted was some rest. We arrived home to meet our daughter’s partner. He’d spent the past week at their home in Bathurst, giving her time to catch up with us without any interference. So it was our first time of meeting him.

Lovely young man and someone I’d have believed would be her partner. I was very happy to meet him although I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.

I must say that this whole energy was puzzling to me. I kept getting different information and it was confusing me. Sometimes it seemed that it was mine and other times it wasn’t.

The following morning (today) I decided to go to Kundalini Yoga with my friend…it was a spur of the moment thing and I felt I needed it. So off we trundled.

Everyone was there when we arrived and they were getting ready to start the class. I grabbed a mat and blanket and went to sit down. I recognised one lady from the talk and gave her a hug. Basically to the teacher of the yoga I was a new face and she asked if I’d done Kundalini Yoga before. I hadn’t. In fact I’d only ever done about 6 weeks of yoga after I gave birth to my daughter.

She said that she was focusing on the digestive system that day. My friend and I exchanged grinning glances. Synchronicity. The food and diet aspect has been at the forefront of my mind lately.

Wow …what a work out. The teacher chatted to me afterward and mentioned that she had the feeling that she needed to stretch the amount of time of each pose because it was so needed. Haha…how funny.

I was surprised and happy because most of the poses that we did, I've been instinctively doing for years. I have made up my own toning of muscle movements that help me feel good, I do these daily. Some I didn't know and really stretched me.

She also asked where we were travelling to afterward and I mentioned that we were stopping off in the Blue Mountains after the Gold Coast. She told us about a cave that she’d found and explained how to get there. She said it was a sacred Aboriginal site. Bingo!

The resonance that went through my body made me sit up…or rather stand up straight. This is the site I needed to go to. They’d mentioned that there was a site I had to visit but it was not the birthing site that I’d mentioned in one of my blogs before. I knew what I needed would pop up when I needed to know and voila! here it was.

My stomach started to feel a bit dodgy when we got back to the house and I had a shower to see if it would help me feel better as my body was aching that deep fluey ache. It was there that I finally had the epiphany.

Collective healing of the digestive system. It wasn’t only my integration – it was a collective integration and everyone was helping. Wow…such an incredible insight.

How many suffer over food. From malnutrition and poverty to obesity and overeating…or simply not knowing what is the right thing for us – to eat meat or not to eat meat. To cut out this and that or to carry on eating this. People feeling they need to do this or that but never sure. All of this energy surrounding our digestive system – energy that we take in whether by eating drinking or simply swallowing our truth, or swallowing energy that surrounds us that gives us indigestion and our body has a hard time digestive the negative energy.

We are as a collective transmuting this energy.

I am feeling a bit out of sorts and not a little emotional. Our quiet time at the coast will give me a chance to fully integrate and love this aspect of both myself and the world.

Did I say that I’d stopped transmuting for the collective? It seems not and I have to take back my words…

We spent a wonderful afternoon down by the river playing and walking. So serene and peaceful. Just what I needed, although my body was grumbling. The yoga had certainly pushed her past her limit.

I’m feeling quite emotional about leaving our friends but at the same time I am looking forward to spending this time alone with our daughter and her partner and getting to know them as a couple.

I’m not even going to think about the goodbye at the end of the holiday. Everyone is trying to persuade us to come live here :-) – we’ll have to see where spirit takes us.


Dorothy said...

I am avidly following your journey. I hope you know how much I enjoy your posts and how much I get out of them. Thank you for the work you do for us, the collective.

Iris of Peace said...

I just read you last two blogs...
I totally forgot when your trip was! For some reason, I thought it later in the year, silly me.

Interesting about the collective digestive stuff -
I have been digestively cleansing every morning for about 3 weeks now. I was visiting the bathroom so often, I decided to do a juice cleanse (no food) and am on day 3. You also do this salt water cleanse (every morning - bleh) so I can't say I am done with the turlette yet... TMI jen! :)
This is the closest I have come to fasting. I am feeling much clearer in the head today. Yesterday (29th) was a bit tough... Eating is so much fun, and it is so social - think that is what I miss even more than the food!
Are you anywhere near to Ishtar? I love picturing the two of you there, down undah...

I hope you are enjoying your daughter to the fullest... Have so much fun on the rest of your trip!!!!! Must hear about the sacred site!!!
hugs to you and the fam xoxoxox jen

Karen-Pallas said...

Thank you, Dorothy. You've made my day :-)

But equally you are doing work for the collective by simply clearing your own stuff.


Karen-Pallas said...

Hi Jen...yes having a fab time. Unfortunately never got to meet up with Ish...although she wasn't far from where we holidayed in Evans Head.
Well done of the 'sort of fasting' :-). I've switched to a mainly fish diet with loadsa fruit...also doing me the world of good.
My friend noted, before we left, that I am 'very good' because I seem to drink water constantly. I never noticed it, simply slipped into it.
Although since I've been here mango juice has been my thing - probably need the sweetness for the electrolytes cos it gets blimming hot at times.
Sacred site...we'll be visiting on Friday or Saturday.
Thank you, Jen honey