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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Heading out to Evans Head

We are driving up to the holiday home on the coast (Northern Rivers). I thought, mistakenly, it was on the Gold Coast…but it is not. I believe the Gold Coast is not a good place to be if you want peace and quiet.

We set out early this morning. As we were driving I settled down after an hour or so to meditate. I found myself walking through some grasslands surrounded by all kinds of ancients. Council of Elders was my thinking, but I am not sure.

We walked for ages and as we did so the grasslands slowly petered out into the dark red soil of inner Australia. We finally arrived at Uhuru, where I was told that we would be entering a sacred birthing site. This surprised me as I’d been told that the birthing site in Sydney wasn’t for me – I’d assumed that all birthing sites were out of bounds for me.

I was then told that I needed to be at the central one to make a difference. The ritual and anchoring would spread out to all the other sites. But birthing sites were not merely for women to give birth to children, but also for us all, whether male or female to birth the new us. But in order for this to happen, I needed to anchor the energy.

I had to be cleansed first. They made a paste of the red soil and smeared it all over me and in my hair. Every inch, it seemed, needed to be covered. A while later I tuned in to find myself covered in white chalky soil like the Africans use for their initiations of the young males. I assume it had to do with the initiation of my male and female side.

When I next tuned in I was dancing like a lunatic. I was standing outside of myself and could see that I looked like a wild woman who’d not seen a bath or comb for many a year. The frenetic dance seemed to be getting the energy moving…not only within me but within the earth.  The impression I got was the same as when I’d worn the grass skirt of energy and was doing an intricate dance with my feet, almost like I was leaving a message in the ground for those that would pass by.

I’ve been feeling a bit queasy sitting here in the car. Something is disturbing me and I am not sure what it is. Maybe it is simply the full on battering I have received since we arrived here. Hubby and I are out of sync again, as both of us struggle to find the balance and centre ourselves. But this is necessary if we are to do the ritual ceremonies set up for this week. Hard and fast clearing is needed and so we zoom on without respite.

I’ve not been very grounded and centred since we arrived. Hubby asked me this morning when I was actually going to join him on holiday. Um yeah…I am here but not quite in the way he expected.

I’m trying to be very here and now without any emotion, mainly because our daughter’s partner is here. He’s been dealing for the last year with our daughter’s emotional meltdowns…being the empath that she is. Her deep compassion for those around her has her reeling and the poor boy is having a lesson in how to support her by being thrown in at the deep end.

Although on reflection maybe I should give in…he will learn from the best in how to support and deal with an empathic partner. Hubby has years of experience under his belt and would probably be good mentor.

I’ve been mulling over why I’m dealing with the digestive problem….you’d think that being an Anchor of Balance for Love and Pleasure it would not be part of my remit. In order to find love and pleasure, we need to clear as much of everything as possible. Sacred union both with-in ourselves and with a partner encompasses all. We cannot fully enter sacred union if we are carrying far too much baggage. It is about being balanced in every aspect of our lives.

As we were walking through Botanical Gardens, Sydney last week we heard a song being played. It echoed out over the water of the bay and really spoke to me. It was coming from the area that they are building a stage on the water. They plan to have the opera La Traviata there and hanging suspended over the stage was a huge chandelier. I assume they were doing a sound check because this song kept on playing over and over again whilst the workmen swarmed all over the place putting everything together.

Our daughter has an App that gave her the name of the song – Paradise Circus by Massive Attack. It sounded amazing playing out over the water. We’ve downloaded it onto her iPod and it is now playing in the car.

We’re arriving soon, so I’m signing off.

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