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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hehe :-)

Hehe…I found a condom under my pillow this morning. Hubby must have put it there while I’d been downstairs making myself a cup of coffee. He was up already, working in his office. It made me giggle.

Hubby with his sense of humour was giving me a message. It’s started my day off well. There’s nothing like a smile to make you feel good.

What on earth does a condom have to do with anything? It’s a joke between us…puts a grin on my face every time I see one.

So what’s been happening lately?

Firstly, my hairy mountain man has decided to keep his beard for the time being. He’s also been saying and doing things that have surprised me. He’s reading my blogs regularly (hi babe…phwoar…vroom vroom :-) ) and tells me he has been protecting himself.

Every morning when he climbs into the car he holds his smoky quartz crystal and programmes protection into it as well as requests that his day goes well…okay this isn’t new…he’s always done this. What is new is that he now throws a white light of protection around himself as well and makes an intention that when one negative thing happens, ten good things will take its place.

Wow…I was speechless when I heard this…while he grinned at me. I did try to think of some quip but couldn’t.

The meditation that I uploaded yesterday - Hearts and Breasts - has changed quite a bit from something that I used to do regularly. I used hubby as my partner and it has certainly brought us closer over the years.

We seem to be picking up from where Lighted Loving left off a year ago and makes me wonder how much I had to clear before we could continue.

The large heart thing is new...as is the higher heart being involved. The energies of the world are and have changed and so we need to move with the times.

I’ve started doing this meditation (have been practising the new version for a while now) including all those that I know, have known and will know in the future as my multiple partners. Incredible how much the heart opens up. There is a massive rotating pink and green heart in my living room. Not sure why it is there but hey…I’m not gonna complain.

My connection with hubby is different to the ones I have with others. I have created that intention through our energy interactions. I feel that my connection with all my aspects is also slightly different because they are me.

Suppose the best way to describe it is the same as we’d explain our relationships with others. There are those that are closer than others, but when it comes to my hubby, the energy is different because we are a couple.

We are basically creating a new relationship with the world at large. It will be one filled with unconditional higher heart love. Yeah, there will be hiccups along the way. It mightn’t make you best friends with everyone but will certainly clear the air around a difficult relationship with another.

We are also creating a bridge between 3D and 5D.

I will practice these different meditations for a while before I video them and upload them. I’ve always tested things on myself first to see the effect.

If they don’t resonate with you…don’t do them or force yourself to do them. Maybe you have a different path to walk.

What I can vouch for as far as I am concerned (and this is merely from my perspective) is that using this method has definitely made a huge difference in my life and my relationships with all around me. And this…even though up until I started this new version, I’d only connected with hubby and no-one else.

Breath work is very important. As you might or might not know Aeolus is the Cosmic Holy Spirit and his essence fills the very air that we breathe.  

Think about this…if we have difficulty breathing or stop breathing or have a lung disease or fill our lungs with that which is not life giving…what are we denying ourselves?

He is the one that gives us our first in-breath when we are born and takes the last breath when we transition.
Breathing reminds us of home, maybe that’s we feel lightheaded and tingly when we breathe deeply. 

Yeah…medically we draw in too much oxygen and we cannot cope…but it is too much of the very essence of who we are that makes us feel lightheaded.

How many of you have done breath work and found that issues have come up?

I will never forget one occasion when I was doing a workshop and was suffering with back ache from sitting long hours. A friend of mine is a deep tissue masseurs and she asked me to lie on my stomach while she pressed on certain spots on my spine, telling me to breathe deeply and on the out breath to groan the pain out.

I did so for a short while before I became lightheaded and my whole body stand to attention and as I breathed out I started to tone a note. It seemed to go on forever as whatever was stored in my back released. It was the most profound moment and everyone that was there (it was a Flower of Life workshop in 1996 with 65 people) gathered around and held a space for me as I worked through it.

That showed me how powerful the breath is.

I’m not gonna go on about this because everyone knows how important breathing is (or they should know).
I somehow suspect that much of the meditations in store will be about breathing and releasing…hard not to have it with Aeolus involved, eh?

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