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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Seoul - 17 March 2012


We’re sitting here in Seoul after a 9 hour flight from Heathrow.

Erk…a cramped and uncomfortable flight. It’s 7.30am in the UK but 4.30pm in Seoul. My body clock is slightly confused…but I suppose it’s a bit like a night shift. Feel like I need to climb into bed now and have a good four hour sleep…ain’t gonna happen.

We had a plane full.

I don’t know how many bottles of water we’ve lost through customs. Had to throw away what we had before going through customs, where they checked everything and then again the bottles of water we received from the airline, even though we were only transfer onto the next flight…still had to go through customs and get rid of the bottles that hadn’t been opened!! Water companies must be making a huge trade from the airlines.

The Koreans are incredibly friendly, always smiling and bowing…and really helpful. Talk about technology world!!! I felt rather inadequate when I took out my little silver Nokia to text our son and daughter…jeepers – everyone walks around with some kinda technology in their hands…even pay their bills via their phones. Makes me feel like I’ve come out the dinosaur bush into the city…

Nah…only kidding…but it is certainly an eye opener. I’d heard about this kinda world, but have never experienced it. Many friends I know have been to Singapore and Hong Kong…the mecca for technology shopping. Not my cup of tea…it took me a long time to upgrade to my little netbook...which I only did cos my last laptop finally died and couldn’t be resurrected.

The air hostesses on the Korean Air flight are very polite and respectful. I watched Memoirs of a Geisha on the plane and it struck me that the hostesses were similar to the geishas.  I was struck by the translucently beautiful white skin they have. But after watching the movie I wondered if it is make up that makes their skin to white. Not sure…have to look this up when I get internet access.

I had a very interesting flight though.

As we coasted along the runway slowly waiting to take off, I suddenly realised that the take off was the part I really enjoyed. It’s the build up and anticipation of the thrust of power that always knocks my socks off. The slow coasting and the suddenly the engine sound changes and the thrust from the engines pins you back in your seat. I always find it thrilling.

Later on once we’d reached the correct altitude I went into a deep meditative state…the theta state that always makes me feel tired.

I was greeted by the spirit of the plane. This is the first time it’s happened. I’ve always been aware that there is one for each plane but never really encountered one. I suppose the reason is that every time we’ve travelled long distance, we’ve always had children to think about so it never crossed my mind. We haven’t travelled long distance like this since 2005, when our son was 11 and our daughter 15.

I found myself outside flying in the slipstream that the plane was making. I wasn’t the only one - there seemed to be about twenty of us doing this. The plane seemed to be content to forge the way ahead with us doing acrobatics around her. I had such fun with this until I got interrupted by hubby touching my arm…they were delivering towels for us to wipe our hands.

Slipped back into it for a few seconds, only to be interrupted again by something else…so I left it.

Much later I noticed that one of the air hostesses kept standing at the bulkhead staring out over us. I had been dozing and decided to tune in to see what was happening.

I found a small dragon standing in front of me. Wow…never had that happen before…but it seemed to tie in with Asia. I’ve always associated dragons with this area of the world. She turned into a young woman who said we are travelling over Mongolia and had just passed over Nepal and ‘they’ were aware that I was overhead. Huh?

Hmm…not sure what relevance that had, until I realised that the light I was emitting was forging a path through all the countries that we were passing over. As I’ve never been to this part of the world before I should have guessed that this was happening.

Anyways, she bowed to me and asked if I would consider visiting Korea. I said that we were spending a day and night there on our way back…but she shook her head and said, ‘No, it needs to be longer.’

That was when we discussed me coming back next year for two weeks.

During this whole conversation I kept on opening my eyes and the air hostess would have disappeared…only to reappear a few seconds later and stand staring out over at us again.

How on earth this will come about but I have a feeling that an intention has been set, so something will come my way.

There were a few restless children on the plane. One baby – about 9 months – wouldn’t settle well, so I violet flamed him and his mum and opened my heart to connect with them. This is when I realised I was connecting to more than them. It was the whole plane.

The young Korean girl sitting next to me was such a sweetie. Very shy, but very helpful when I asked her questions about the cuisine we were being served. Very interesting meals…hehe…hubby’s pet hate is baked beans. The UK loves to serve baked beans with almost everything. So when our omelettes for breakfast arrived, the last thing he expected from Korean Airlines was baked beans with his omelette…but that’s what we got…obviously catering for the British passengers :-)

Just had a wedding re-enactment by the Korean Cultural Centre. Can’t upload pics but will do so when we get back to the UK.

Hubby discovered we have a rat in the house on the day before we left. He went up into the loft to get a few things and said he felt like something was watching him. He eventually looked around and found two beady eyes staring at him from one of the rafters.

Hmm…I looked up rat symbolism and discovered that rats are quite creative, quick thinking and make the most of situations and are very family oriented. Hubby is born in the year of the rat, so this is very true of hubby.

Hmm…me the tiger and him the rat…

It made me think of a blog I’d read somewhere saying that it is impossible for animals, insects or birds to send us messages. They just happened to cross out paths.

Well, yeah…sure I can imagine the animals sitting together in a huddle going…’She needs a message and he needs one and maybe you can bite that one…’ Hehe…not really. It’s kinda like synchronicity, isn’t it? They cross your path in the same way an old friend you’ve not seen for years suddenly appears or phones you, cos you’d been thinking about them.

Anyways…hubby gets all ‘gotta conquer this rat’ whereas I am live and let live and don’t believe you need to kill everything that crosses your path. If we learn to live in harmony with animals, etc. there is no need to kill. If they do bite or something – they are merely reacting to your energy and passing on a message. Quite simple really.

Anyways gotta go – flight being called...on to the next leg.

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