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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

A perfect moment of stillness and connection


I was waiting for the kettle to boil so I could make a cup of tea after my sleep this morning. I stood in the kitchen back door staring out at the garden marvelling at the lushness and the beauty of the flower blossoms this time of year.

I was still half asleep and sort of ‘far away’ when I realised that four Blackbirds were sitting on the fence, not far from where I was standing. It was three males and a female with their brightly coloured beaks and legs. A beautiful tiny House Sparrow landed next to them.

It was an absolutely perfect moment of connection and stillness; and then they all flew away.

It’s no wonder I get messages after working at night – it’s easier for them to get through to me without my analytical mind getting in the way.


Woke this morning at 6am to a sound of squawking. Hubby grumbled in his sleep and twitched. I lay for a few seconds wondering if he would get up but he didn’t budge. I headed out the room to the top of the stairs to see our black cat standing in the hallway with a small bird in his mouth. How the hell did that happen? He has a collar on with a bell.

I knew if I chased him he would run. So I stood quietly and asked for help. I went to put some clothes on and ran downstairs to see where the cat was. Both of them were sitting outside the downstairs bathroom as though guarding. I peeked my head in the bathroom door and saw a small Starling next to the toilet. I went in and shut the door wondering what to do and if it was dead. As I moved closer it moved. Ookay…time to call in the rescue brigade. I shut the bathroom door and ran upstairs to find hubby groggily sitting up in bed.

‘Did you save it?’

‘Um, yeah. But you need to catch it.’

He stared at me. ‘What’s wrong with you catching it?’

‘You’re the animal/bird person.’ (which is true – he’s got a great affinity with animals – I’m a people person)

Long story short – bird saved. Hubby released it in the park down the road. On the way back he encountered our neighbour who said he’d been out in the back garden when a group of Starling started squawking and dive bombing something. Our cat jumped onto the fence with a bird in its mouth.

Gonna have to buy a new collar today. His has disappeared, no wonder he could hunt stealthily!

Blackbird - Spiritual path, self-aware, new beginnings, grounding, potential, dreams, transformation. Be more aware of your dreams at this time as they will have a message for you. Can indicate you need to be aware of your spiritual path, and learn and understand your connection with spirit. This is a time of transformation in this world and the spiritual world, you need to have more confidence in your own potential, you can achieve much more than you realise. You will soon see a new beginning coming your way.

 Bluebird - Commitment, happiness, fulfilment, balance, confidence, patients, joy. The Bluebird is about you becoming aware of the fulfilment and happiness that is already in your everyday life. Look at the way you find joy in your life and how to improve and increase the enjoyment you get. Indicates that you should be more confident at this time within yourself and within your actions. Let's you know that contentment and fulfilment is within your grasp. Now is the time to get a balance in your life especially between work and play, a time to bring fun and joy back into your life.

 Blue tit - Perseverance, quick reaction, problems, joy, positive news, attention to detail. It is important that you act quickly with any problems or difficult situations, this will avoid bigger problems. You will receive some surprising and positive news, important to pay attention to small details especially with anything legally binding. There will be several opportunities for enjoyment and fun, take full advantage of them. A time to be aware of all what is going on around you, and not to take risks or be complacent.

Starling and House Sparrow – have yet to find that out. No time this morning as I’m off to work – another long ten hour shift (oh and my yearly appraisal – happy days:)).

Many birds delivering messages…oh, and don’t forget the owl and the spider.

Sheesh, is there a theme running through here?


A perfect moment of stillness and connection - to read comments on LW

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