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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Processing Emotions

Processing is one of the very first tools I was taught when I started on this journey. It has been the most valuable tool I have in my arsenal. I highly recommend it. You can use it with any form of healing such as flower essences, reiki, massage, reflexology, EFT, etc. It does not have to be a stand alone tool, but over the years it has been the sole tool that I have used time and time again. I've then had body work done afterwards to reinforce the changes I have processed and to assist my body with the changes.

There is no hard and fast rule - each of us is on our own individual path, so what works for me won't necessarily work for you. Investigate and seek your own way. There is nothing wrong with being a maverick. Throughout my journey I have taken what I needed and created my own way of healing that suits me. I even learnt chanting from a Buddhist friend of mine when I joined her at her meetings regularly for about a year. This is a fabulous tool to have when you feel the need to use it. It opens the throat chakra in the most brilliant of ways.

A friend of mine uses Reiki, Bowen, Metamorphic Technique, Reflexology and Tuning in her sessions with her clients. Whatever she feels drawn to using for each client is what she uses and doing it this way she is an extremely powerful healer.  I miss her as well as her wonderful healing hands as she now lives in France permanently.

It has become such an ingrained habit that I'd forgotten about it as a tool until I read about Inelia Benz's website.

In the early days when I used to get gastro enteritis, migraines or bad colds, I always spent time doing processing. It might take a while to release all the traumas, but the hard work is well worth it. What I would do is go into the presenting illness, such as the painfully sore throat of a cold or flu and be with the pain. It would then bring up what I needed to know about it. Take a look at the channel I did about Negative Emotions. This is processing.

Processing of emotions is simply going deep within yourself to find whatever emotion is bothering you. Once you have found it, immerse yourself in the emotion and allow whatever thoughts and memories to come into that space. It doesn't matter what it is - some of it could seem really odd. Some could be past lives or simply a way of your mind explaining why you feel the way you do. Don't judge, simply go with it and allow yourself to release in whatever way your body feels it needs to i.e. tears or shouting. Once you have released as much as you feel you can, fill the area with love and thank you for body its graceful ability to adjust. The adjustment will not be instant. Be patient with your body as it makes the changes necessary.

The body is made up of the physical, and the subtle bodies of the etheric, the emotional and the mental. There are a few other subtle bodies but we will concentrate on these first three. Each time you incarnate, whatever traumas you've had in previous lives, arrives with your soul to settle at a cellular level within the current body that you have created. A small trauma that you might have had many lifetimes ago settles within the emotional and mental subtle bodies. In other words the emotion sits in the emotional body and the thought form that goes with it sits within the mental body. Each time you experience a similar trauma, these are added in layers around the core trauma to the emotional and mental bodies, until finally it is so big it reaches into the etheric body. Processing helps us to remove each layer until we find the core issue (which is normally something so very tiny, we wonder why we got ourselves into such a tizz about it in the first place).

The etheric body surrounds the physical body and is the blue print of your physical body. Once this trauma hits the etheric body, it enters the physical body and becomes a dis-ease. This simply means that your body is ill at ease because of the emotion, which causes blockages in your meridians. The meridians are energy circuits that run around the body feeding it with the chi necessary for it to survive. Because the meridians are unable to reach a certain part of the body because of the blockage, this area of the body then stagnates.

As you release emotions, it creates a chemical reaction within your cells and toxins are released. This is the reason water is so important, as it flushes out the toxins. If you don't flush out the toxins they remain in the body causing havoc. Flushing out takes different forms, such as bleeding, runny nose, diarrhoea, vomiting and any other form of liquid release you can think of.

Processing acknowledges that which we carry with us, and by acknowledging that which we don't like, we bring it to the surface for release. Being in denial does not help. You need to be brutally honest with yourself. No-one needs to know what you're dealing with as most of us find it very personal. The first step toward clearing is to acknowledge it to yourself.

Before you do any processing at all create a safe space around yourself. If you're not sure how to do this go to Create a Safe Space for tips and information. Creating a safe space allows you to release your emotion without involving anyone else (for example you might be fearful of someone or be angry at them).

Inelia Benz has a wonderful website filled with all kinds of information on release.

One of them is about ANGER. I have posted it at the end of this page. You can use this over and over again until you feel you've released all the anger you can find. Don't do too much at a time. The tool is the same for any negative emotion you are releasing, simply insert fear or pain or whatever it is you want to clear. You will find once you've released quite a bit that your thought patterns will start to change, very subtly over time, so that eventually you will look back after, say, six months and realise you are doing things differently. People will react differently to you. This is because without the negative emotion, the thought pattern has nothing to attach to. Your painful or hurtful memories will then simply become memories without any emotional connotation whatsoever and therefore you will not be transmitting that pain, anger, or suffering any more and attract it to you. The Law of Attraction then helps you attract a more peaceful life. Your world around you will adjust itself and you will create a far happier reality for yourself.

The less baggage we carry the higher our frequency or vibration and the higher your vibration the more information you will get. It then makes it easier for your higher self to integrate with you as your cells are able to take the influx of higher vibrational energy that comes with your higher self. The denser and more stuck you and your energies are the less chance there is of an integration.

Happy processing :)

Here is Inelia Benz's meditation

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