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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Friday, 10 June 2011


This morning I woke up feeling so very tired and disorientated, having been pulled from a very vivid dream in which I was hiding from ominous beings who were human in form. All of them seemed to wear blue and yellow jackets. It reminded me a little of the mini series in the 80s called ‘’V”. I was fascinated with this series when I first watched it.

I, as has everyone else, had quite a strange week. The usual workload, trying to integrate my higher self, getting unexpected revelations, be a wife, mother and lover, getting flung into scenes that seem to be my 5D higher self and then straight back into being ‘me’. Very disorientating.

I keep feeling like all the pre-conceived ideas I’ve had about ascension are being blown to smithereens. Today I feel like I’m free floating, totally unplugged from everything I knew. We had a training session at work today, going over our training on a new machine that many of us were struggling with. Everything at work is changing – it seems to be reflecting the world around me. New procedures are being implemented and causing chaos. The trainer said, ‘All the complaints we’ve had have been from the technicians because they are so used to a certain machine. None of the patients have complained because they’ve never had one before so don’t know any different.’

This really got me thinking about my pre-conceived ideas, including my ideas of what my higher self and/or the Gods and Goddesses should be like. This is what we been taught and has been a ‘truth’ for us and yet is it the reality? Such as Athena only being an entity of war, logic and a great statistician. How can she be a compassionate entity who loves music and has a lover? But how can you be a being in balance if it does not cover all aspects?

I was listening to Kate Bush after my training at work today. Cloudbusting came on and I instantly thought of mythbusting. The sun coming out is my higher self shining brightly in all the clouds and gloom. When I focus on her all seems bright and wonderful and I am heart centred.

Athena directed my attention to a blog I did in March called Happy to be a Pleasurina in which Lighted Loving did a small channel about the feminine energy.

Here is the channel:

When the feminine energy was withdrawn from the planet it was decided to leave behind a few sparks so that a vague memory of the feminine would still be held within the consciousness of humans. There are many of these dim sparks but we will mention two that most of you are familiar with.’

Mother Mary was one of these flames, placed upon a pedestal as the ultimate female whose purity and virginity would be worshipped. Sexual tantra also fulfilled this role thus allowing the dim glow of the feminine to be worshipped by those willing to take part in the role play.

It was necessary for this strong worship to be upheld during the dark times as the masculine energy lashed out in his pain at the separation from his other half.

Very soon the Goddess energy will be back and will flood the earth. It will be a cathartic time for many. Once all has settled down the beautiful balanced partnership of the two – God and Goddess – within each human and in the outer world will create a world of love, peace and harmony. There will be no need for worship of either. Simply a respect and honouring of what each has to offer.'

My understanding now is that each Goddess and God took on a specific identity, which when you actually think about it, is not really a being in balance, is it? Yes, they all have their own personalities but if each Goddess/God only focuses on one aspect where is the balance in this?

If Athena is only focusing on her masculine side of war, logic, creating agricultural implements, etc. where is her feminine side? Is she then considered a balanced being? She has a ‘being’ feminine aspect and a ‘doing’ masculine aspect.

As we move up and become balanced beings ourselves the masks that were necessary are being removed. It is confusing to us because we’ve always believed certain things and now they are suddenly not ‘true’. What is truth and what is fiction? Our world is being turned upside down.

I think the only way to get through this is to take note of what comes up without judgement. It will all eventually fall into place.

Ominous - to read comments on LW

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