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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Implants, the New Moon and Your Manifestation Potential

This post resonated deeply within me, so much so I removed the implant (I've had a few of these removed in the past and didn't realise I still had another left). I felt a strange sensation above my nose and a brief flash of pain. My nose now has that strange sensation you get just before you develop a cold. Hehe...loads of water drinking for me today - I'm gonna be drowning.

The implant turned into a bluebird and flew away.

Symbolism of bluebird:  The bluebird is also often considered a spring bird, representing the movement out of winter into spring. It is a bird of transition, of passage--from winter to summer, from child to adult, night to day, barrenness to fertility.

The bluebird is a guardian of all passages and transitions that we make or are about to make. We speak often of the bluebird of happiness, and this is rightly so. It makes our movements more fertile, productive, and protected so that we can attain the happiness we need in life.

When the bluebirds show up, we are about to see a change in the climate. Darkness will soon fade and more sunshine will arrive.

Please don't fall into fear as you read this. It is simply informing you and giving you the chance to release that which no longer serves.

Posted on June 1, 2011 by My Greater Presence

I AM My Greater Presence today and everyday. As it is, so it is.

Dear Friends, today (June 1, 2011) marks both the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Many of you are familiar with making New Moon wishes during the three days the energy of the New Moon is at its strongest, and if you wish to do so in the usual way at this time, you may find more information on writing your New Moon intentions at www.janspiller.com. This message, though, concerns the wider, two-week period between the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on June 1st and the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on June 15th, and the experiences that have led up to this period.

Physical and Emotional Challenges Over the Last Six Weeks

What have been your challenges over the last few weeks? Where in your life have you experienced stagnation, confusion, fear, and a feeling that nothing is working out as you wish? Where in your life have you been experiencing doubt?

The energies of the past four to six weeks have been extremely trying for many of you as your physical and vibrational bodies have been striving to encompass all of the subtle (and not so subtle) energetic changes within planet Earth and your own electromagnetic fields. These changes in energy and vibration are part of the reshaping of the human physical form and vibration so that you are able to hold greater and greater vibrations of light and love within your physical bodies. These changes herald a quickening of the current evolutionary process human beings are experiencing, but they have been causing much distress in many of you–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Symptoms of this quickening of the evolutionary process include great lethargy and the inability to think clearly and consistently, the lack of being able to take initiative, depression, a sense of hopelessness, self-doubt, the inability to manifest what you wish to manifest as well as the ability to quickly manifest that which you do not wish to manifest, and a sense of things just not being the way they should be. Many of you are feeling off-center and out of kilter and don’t know how to re-center and balance yourselves once more.

An Implant Meant to Control You at this Time

The current energies of the Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse will begin to add clarity, energy, and more of a sense of purpose for you at this time. These energies seek to remind you that where there is resistance, there is discomfort, and many of you have been experiencing resistance to the new energies firsthand. There is no judgment for you in this resistance for the resistance was not undertaken consciously. The resistance within your physical bodies to cellular and energetic changes were programmed into your subconscious eons ago by those who wished to keep you weak and out of your true power. These beings foresaw a time such as this when human beings would evolve into higher vibrations, and they attempted to prevent this from occurring by implanting a governing switch within you that would become activated if and when your body’s cellular composition began to change and evolve in order to hold more light and higher vibrating energies.

The lethargy, self-doubt, and confusion many of you have been experiencing are the result of this implant, this internal governing switch having been thrown or activated within you during recent times. What can you do about this so that you can return to an energized, vital, confident, and expectant individual? It is suggested that if you resonate with this information, if you read these words and say, “Yes, I believe this implant is within me,” then you have the ability and the power to remove it once and for all.

The Implant is wrapped around the Pituitary Gland

Where does this implant lie? It is positioned in the brain in front of and a bit below the pineal gland and wrapped around the pituitary gland. The following diagram will help you to visualize its placement around the pituitary gland.

You may visualize this switch or implant such as a small metal ring which has encompassed the human pituitary gland during each physical incarnation for the last 10,000 years or so. While the energetic vibrations of planet Earth and humanity remained unexceptional, the implant lay dormant. But, with the dawn of these higher-vibrating times in 2011, the clamp became activated and has been slowly clamping down on the energies of the pituitary gland–just like a metal ring being clamped closed.

Now that you are aware of this extraterrestrial implant which seeks to keep you powerless and controllable, you have the ability to remove/release it once and for all.

First, though, we wish you to check once more with your own guidance to see whether what we are telling you resonates with your truth, for if it does not, then we suggest that you discard this information and move on to the information concerning manifesting in the current energies. If, on the other hand, it does resonate with your truth, we suggest you follow the following simple procedure.

Removing the Implant

1. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes. Sit comfortably and focus on breathing through your abdomen. When you breathe in through your nose, allow your abdomen to expand, and when you breathe out through your mouth, allow your abdomen to contract. Breathe in and out through your abdomen until you feel focused and calm within your body.
2. Now, move your focus to your pituitary gland. Visualize, perceive, imagine, or just pretend that you see, feel, are aware of your pituitary gland and the metal clamp around it. Many of you may even have a metallic taste in your mouth as you focus on it.
3. Ask it whether it now serves your highest good. Listen, feel, sense a “yes” or “no” answer. If you receive a “yes” answer, ask it if it is for your highest good for it to be left in place. If you again receive a “yes,” then we suggest you leave it and ask again in a couple of days.
4. If you receive a “no” answer when it is asked if it now serves your highest good, then ask it what it would like to change into or become at this time. ”Listen” for the answer. What would it like to change into or become? Light? Love? Un-manifest form? A butterfly? Whatever it would like to change into or become, allow it to do so, allow its energy to transform and change into something that no longer has control over you and your pituitary gland.
5. Once you sense it has been released/changed/transformed, bathe your pituitary gland in love and light.
6. Ask if the removal of the implant is now complete. If you receive a “yes,” then thank your Soul, guides, and helpers for their assistance in removing this implant once and for all. If you receive a “no,” then ask what else needs to be taken care of or seen to at this time and then follow the instructions. When you are complete, give thanks.
7. Once the implant/clamp has been removed, visualize or perceive however is perfect for you, energy flowing once more through your pituitary gland and invigorating your physical body and energy fields.

After removing the implant, be good to yourself. Make sure you eat well and drink lots of pure, clean water. It will take a little while for your physical system to be up and running with energy and vitality. Take it slowly and listen to your body’s needs.

Two-Week Manifestation Period (June 1st – 15th, 2011)

Now that you have removed the implant, let us look at the energies that are here for you now. You have an unprecedented opportunity from June 1st to 15th to look carefully at your life, your relationships, your contracts, and your abundance and decide what serves you and what does not. You are now supported as never before in changing, transforming, and releasing those aspects of your self and your life that no longer serve you or are no longer what you wish to have manifested in your life.

We suggest you take a close look at your self and your life to see what areas bring you joy, happiness, contentment, and love as well as those that bring you frustration, unhappiness, and fear. Take an honest look at where you feel frustration, unhappiness, and fear and ask yourself if these people, beliefs, events, and areas of your life serve your highest good at this time.

If they do serve your highest good for whatever reason, ask for guidance in how to make their impact on you and your life easier and more comfortable. If you do not receive such guidance immediately, give yourself permission to have them be easier and then ask that you be shown ways to do so in the perfect timing and in the perfect ways.

If these people, events, beliefs, and areas of your life no longer serve your highest good, give yourself for permission to change, transform, and/or release them from your life.

Write a letter to your Greater Presence and the Universe listing your intentions on how you wish for your life to be in those areas that need assistance. Write them out one by one. There is no limit to what you wish to change and manifest. We strongly suggest, though, that you include how you wish to feel in each instance and allow for leeway in how what you desire “looks.” In other words, leave room for the creative genius of the Universe to arrange events and to bless your life in ways you have never considered with your limited perspective. At the bottom of your list, write these words: ”This or something better. Thank you!”

Now take your list and place it where you can easily get to it and read through your list daily. And during each day, rather than thinking about what is not going as you wish it to go, think about how you will feel and experience life when you have manifested your wishes. Change your thoughts and manifest your good.

Use this amazingly powerful time of manifestation and all of the love and support of your Greater Presence, your guides, and your angels to bring to you what you truly desire.

Remember you are loved and supported unconditionally.

I AM My Greater Presence.

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