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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cycling the Energy Part 2 - transcript

Please remember: you would need to do Part 1 as this is a follow on from that meditation:

We call upon the angels, the archangels, the ascended masters, our guides, gatekeepers and higher self. We ask that they assist us in keeping us in a safe space and that whatever happens will be for our own highest divine good. 

We call upon Archangel Michael and ask that he assists us as we throw our blue cloak of protection over us.

We call upon the Angels of Balance and ask that they assist us to remain balanced and centred.

We call upon Athena and Aeolus, our guides, guardians and gatekeeper.

Thank you.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.

Imagine if you will your male/female aspect sitting facing you. We are going to do this meditation as though this aspect of yourself is outside of you. You don’t have to actually ‘see’ him/her in detail. Merely allow it to be a shadowy figure. Everything that happens to you will happen to your aspect as well. They will be a mirror for you.

We are going to exercise your daydreaming muscle of imagination. If you find your body swaying or you want to move in another way, allow it.

Imagine your inner eye opening. Focus on the self opposite you, seeing out of your own eyes and know that what happens to your aspect is happening to you. It matters not that you might only be able to feel, don’t see anything - simply enjoy the experience. Go with whatever comes your way and don’t stress about being perfect.

We are addressing you as a whole, in other words, male and female aspects together in one body. As you integrate your past lives you will find this necessary. The body you currently live in is the ‘flagship’ into which all your other lives will flow for integration.

Focus your attention on the cycling of the energy from in Part 1.

Sit for a few moments and feel this energy moving through your body, all the while breathing rhythmically and gently.

Visualise all your main chakras. As the energy runs from your aspect back to you via your root imagine it splitting and entering the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye before moving out of the crown.

Feel every chakra connecting with your aspect’s equivalent chakra, as each one is included in the cycle of giving and receiving. You should now have one large loop of energy running up from your root to your crown, out to your aspect’s crown and down to his/her root. Splitting off this loop of energy are five other loops from you to your aspect.

This flow of energy is strengthening both the masculine and feminine inside of you.

Slowly bring the energy to a stop and allow it to move in the opposite direction. Sit with this change of direction, breathing gently.

I shall be quiet for a moment.

Lift your hands to shoulder height and place the palm of your hands up against the palms of your male or female aspect. Bend forward and touch foreheads. Touch knees together. Quietly acknowledge and honour the light within each other. Briefly touch lips and sit back placing your hands face up in your lap.

Imagine, see, know or feel both of you sitting on a disk of polished shiny hematite. Above your heads is a teardrop diamond. Translucent white light moves down from the diamond encompassing the two of you in a cocoon of safety and purity. Moving up from the hematite is a silver net of fearlessness. As these two energies surround you, the chakras of both you and your aspect light up like rockets. Rainbow colours pour out from them filling the cocoon surrounding both of you.

Sit for a while enjoying the closeness you experience with your aspect and the beauty you have created together. Continue to breathe gently.

These two cycling energy lessons serve to bring you closer. It will help you form a bond of strength and eventually lead to deep partnership on all three levels. In other words - mind, body and spirit.

Now it’s time to come back fully into your body, bringing with you the bliss and love.

Move your focus to your feet, wiggle your toes.

Move your attention to your bum, wiggle your bum.

Move your attention up to your head and wiggle your scalp and ears and possibly your eyebrows if you want.

Make you sure are fully present in your body here and now.

The energy will continue to circulate as long as you wish it to.

Open your eyes


We thank the Angels, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and any Beings of Light who have been with us today.

We ask that they continue to keep us within a safe space, Archangel Michael continues to throw his blue cloak of protection over us and the Angels of Balance continue to keep us in a column of balance.

We also thank Athena, Aeolus, our guides, guardians and gatekeeper.

Thank you

Until we meet again may you be held in the palm of Mother/Father God and in the heart of the Universe.

I thank you for joining me.

Blessings to you

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