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What I share about my life is simply to help reinforce the understanding that it is possible to live with love and laughter, in between the tough times.

Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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We honour the light and the life within you.

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Monday, 20 June 2011


I am feeling very humbled this morning. The outpourings of love and support I receive daily whether from spirit or earthly have moved me to tears.

I seem to be crying a lot lately…possibly more than my whole life put together…and that is saying something.

I often wondered how it is possible to have an open heart and not cry all the time. I’ve opened mine on several occasions and then partially closed it because the intense emotions were too much and I seemed to be very tearful.

My heart is very wide at the moment as I take in the world’s despair and send it back as loving caring kindness. But it is not this that is moving me today.

It’s the simple fact that I am who I am. This tiny human body is someone important. I’m sure all of you connecting with the god or goddess who is your HS will understand what I mean. Those who are not yet aware of their HS – imagine the fairy tale story of believing you’re a prince or princess from elsewhere and you are lost. You don’t fit in anywhere and suddenly one day a grand being approaches you and says you belong elsewhere and ‘I am here to guide you home’. Home, of course, being the 5D version of your HS. Hold on to that vision because you are a spark of someone divine, despite not feeling very divine.

I have only ever met Athena once before now. I decided early on in my journey that I wanted dispensation to clear my karma from the Akashic Record so that I didn’t have to do all the ‘hard work’ of clearing my emotions. When I appeared before the Lords of Karma I remember walking into a massive pillared hall with many huge beings sitting in a half moon circle waiting for me to speak. I was escorted in by some angels and felt very small. No-one said anything. Some simply smiled and others sat stone faced waiting for me to open my mouth. It was rather intimidating but I gathered my courage and asked. I remember addressing Lady Athena, ‘cos she seemed to be the only one who I could approach. From what I remember the answer was almost instant – NO.

Didn’t I feel like an idiot?

And so…many years down the line I understand why. How could I do the job I’m being groomed for if I don’t do the leg work myself?

This morning I opened up and surrendered to Athena. I’ve come to trust her and myself enough to do it. It’s a rather strange feeling. When I came to myself I felt as though I had to learn to use my body all over again. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it certainly wasn’t this.  It’s like having a blurred picture and slowly bringing it into focus.

I did some more transmutation of the collective this morning of the shadows that I mentioned in my Darker Aspects blog. Once I’d finished I asked Athena (for some reason unknown to me) if I had any more implants left. She pointed to my legs and feet. Oh boy, here we go. It seems to be the final one.

I looked at my legs and found that there were a form of energetic callipers on my feet and legs reaching up to my hips. It seems that these were placed on me so that I would walk a certain way to complete my mission. It is now time for them to come off, so I can fully walk in my godhead.

So this is one more transmutation I will do today or tomorrow.

In the meanwhile she let me know that all I have to do these days is simply BE with people, no action needed. I will use action when it is called for.

She showed me with a group of people and all I did was simply stand in my light and BE. By BEing with others it helps them to see their own godhead through the smoke and mirrors of this 3D existence. No advice, no talking…simply BEing.

This reminded me of a few of the channels that Lighted Loving channelled through me earlier this year.

This is what a feminine warrior does…she simply holds the light for others to see, thus bringing into the light those aspects of themselves they cannot see or don’t want to see. But it is not done in a forceful pushy way.

This makes me feel quite humbled to have been chosen to be the archetypal feminine warrior.

I did ask why I don’t know much about Greek history, seeing as Athena is one of the Greek Gods. She said that the history as we know it is embellished. Each god/dess is an archetype, once again a vague memory for humanity to hold on to.

Each myth and legend serves the same purpose. Over the years these stories have mutated.

Humanity as a whole have created an amazing depth of emotion to their world. Some are lost and trying to find their way back. Each demon confronting us is our own. Acknowledging each emotion is merely bringing us back into balance, so that the light and the dark are together once again, working in harmony.

As we clear each negative emotional trauma that memory simply becomes a memory rather than a walled in prison to keep you in one place.

There are many lightworkers transmuting on behalf of others. As more and more are added to the ranks, the greater the changes humanity will witness. Hold out a hand to a brother or sister struggling to climb the mountain. Harsh words serve no purpose other than to send them sliding back down the mountain and creates disharmony within yourself.

And so it is.

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