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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Right or wrong?

Something very interesting has been buzzing around me lately, actually for months now…and I’ve ignored it (as I am wont to do).

On one of the other ning websites that I belong to one of the bloggers was very mentally oriented in that he believed things were learnt in a specific way and, if you saw auras, they were exactly this way. In other words, it was a very rigid way of seeing things. Many were upset by his analogy and shot him down in flames. It wasn't what he believed in so much as the way he said it. I think this irritated most, including me. Live and let live.

We've had to learn in this very rigid way to keep the light alive as we moved through the cycle of negativity. But that time is past and old paradigm. Even so, is he wrong? I don’t think so, he has his own path to walk and this way of being and thinking suited him. Was he right or wrong trying to shove his way down others' throats, believing his way was the only way?  Difficult question and here we could start philosophising. Maybe his rigid way of thinking might have helped someone who decided that this was the way forward for them. We’ll never know.

What I do know is my first mentor taught me that everyone has a valid point of view and that nothing is right or wrong. It simply is. Each one of us has a different perspective. Never once did I hear him negate anything that his student told him. He would simply nod and ask a few questions.

When I was first learning to ‘see’ in my mind’s eye, ‘read’ people or do channeling he never told me I was wrong. He believed that by letting us do our own thing we would eventually learn and be able to use our own discernment. You progress by finding out for yourselves. He also believed that actions speak louder than words. He simply held us in a safe space, supporting us energetically as we learnt. Through experimentation and his support, I came to know myself better.  I am very grateful to this man who is filled with so much integrity, humour and kindness.

It is on this basis that I have lived my life. With my children I stepped back and let them learn through their mistakes, guiding them and asking relevant questions but never interfering. I believe the same goes for others. I would never force my opinion on anyone, even if I believed them wrong. For years I would merely sit and never say a word, while I watched. I am an observer of people. I know many found it disconcerting or thought I was boring or aloof. I was none of those – I had nothing relevant to say (who’d have guessed that nowadays :)).  This dam has overfilled and is now flooding out.

Seriously, who am I to tell someone they are wrong and I am right? I don’t believe that is my job. Everyone’s opinion is relevant whether it is the same as mine or not. Embrace diversity and show tolerance.

That doesn’t mean I am a bunny. No, I am definitely not a bunny – I have an inner tigress that flexes her claws and growls on the odd occasion. But I would rather boost someone and shine a light for them to find their own way instead of browbeating them into following my way. It serves no-one least of all me and the person I’m browbeating. I would be arrogant to believe I have all the answers and that I know what their life path is. No-one knows anyone else’s life path or why they are here and what they need to learn.

I simply let them be. There have been occasions where I’ve had to draw the line. These occasions have been hard but necessary. People come and go in my life, sometimes peacefully sometimes not so peacefully.

So next time you find yourself trying to convert someone to your way of thinking, stop and take a look at yourself and see what inner demon you are dealing with and remember that actions speak louder than words.

And no-one, I emphasise - no-one has the answers for you, except you. Follow your heart.

3 July 2011:
I've had my rant and I feel better. It all now falls into perspective.

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