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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Crazy woman

Moan, bitch, moan, bitch…groan.

My ego is taking her objections to the extreme.

She’s been slowly coming to the realisation that she’s not going to be in charge for much longer. That simply makes her mad and she has turned into a maniacal madman/woman.

In November 2009 I developed an urge to start writing about Athena. I’d never been into Greek Mythology much besides the odd fleeting interest and certainly had never had much interest in writing. I decided to intertwine the story with all the experiences I’d had with energy work and working as a lightworker both in the astral realms and here on Earth. It started off as a bit of erotica based on tantra in which she and Mars, God of War (in Roman Mythology) become lovers and then extended to become a story about a whole underground community. I had such fun writing it and was sitting daily adding to the fantasy. I sent it off for a critique and received some good advice, which made me decide to go back to the beginning and chart her journey from when she left Olympus and how the community started.

Over the last few days so many memories have been opening up at unexpected times during the day and night, that I’m coming to realise that I was possibly writing about myself and my journey. Athena and I are, are becoming one for longer and longer occasions. This is her 5D self, not the full essence of Athena. One occasion I found myself sitting in a meeting of beings in human form discussing tactics. Everyone was simply in the moment and no-one was trying to outdo anyone else. It was a magical moment and reminded me of a few scenes I’d written about in my book.

For me to come to the realisation, during the super moon in March, that she was my higher self was a bit of a shock. She said at the time that there were several sparks of her out there but slowly it has dawned on me that she meant these were my parallel selves that are slowly integrating into one that is me/her. Each one was out there experiencing different realities and emotions.

This morning I was partially awake after working a night shift last night. I moved my foot and felt a strange sensation of having claws scraping against the sheets. Realisation hit me and catapulted me into sitting straight up, flinging the sheets back and staring at my feet.  Fully awake I realised I’d had the strange sensation of shifting into an owl and the scraping I’d felt was my feet as claws. I don’t know if I was really shifting or if it was simply a very vivid dream. Athena has shown me how she shifts into an owl so maybe my mind was playing tricks.

Do you think I was trying to shift on my own? I wonder what hubby would do if he woke up one morning to find an owl sleeping next to him. Hmm...on reflection he's so used my strange foibles, he'll probably blink once or twice and then asked if I wanted a mouse for breakfast.

As I move up in vibration integrating with 5D Athena, my ego is feeling distinctly peeved. She initially grumbled that it was not fair as she’d been the one that had helped me navigate this world and now was being pushed to one side. Sheesh, talk about a drama queen. She is demanding that the ‘body’ is hers.

‘Hang on,’ says body, ‘I’m not anybody’s property and I’m doing some hard work here transmuting. Besides you’re not losing out, as you will be partners with Athena.’

Ego’s having none of it. She’s always been in charge. She rounds on Athena and spits out, ‘Don’t think you can get away with this. I’m going to make Body miserable.’

Athena, my soul and heart simply smile. Eyes narrowed with suspicion Ego turns to St Germain demanding that he do something about stopping this nonsense.

He shrugs and says, ‘You thought I was a hard task master. You’ve not had the privilege of negotiating with Athena, have you?’

Ego walks off in a huff to sulk in a corner.

Body very forlornly limps along trying to keep up with Athena. Athena shows Body a little bit about what the future holds.

Body looks at her with apprehension. ‘I don’t think Ego will like this.’

She smiles looking serene but firm as she nods. Body feels a shiver and frowns. ‘Ego’s behind me right now, isn’t she?’

Athena nods again, just as Ego screeches maniacally. Body turns to find Ego standing over her with a knife in her hand, an evil look in her eyes. ‘Damn,’ sighs Body with resignation.

Athena simply flicks her hand and Ego’s arm stops swinging down to strike Ego in the leg. ‘Aaarrggh,’ Ego screams in frustration.

And so the saga goes on…

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pascal said...

I enjoyed your post, It's interesting to seak of Athena in snetimental or love stories.