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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 6 June 2011

An Intense Time

An intense time to be sure, as each of us is being umasked to reveal who we truly are. This leaves us feeling slightly disorientated and unsure.  And…it’s really triggering us in ways we never expected to be triggered. Phew…a maelstrom of emotions whirling around and touching each and every one of us, causing mayhem.

Years ago, I had a past life regression with a hypnotherapist friend of mine who does Life between Lives and takes you back to what happens between each incarnation. As she took me back through various lifetimes it needed to be done over a period of time.

One of the furthest back she took me was to a life where we were very spiritually evolved and yet living as humans. I couldn’t place a specific era or ‘date’ as per our linear time.

My father was, what I can only explain as, a wizard. Haha, he even had a wizard hat and cape with symbols on them. I was his only child but my mother had passed on and he had a housekeeper who looked after him with a great deal of devotion. She was also his assistant. He was pretty absent minded but taught me a great deal about everything – even astrology.

I was a happy child and grew up in a loving community that understood how emotions and energy worked. My father was valued for his knowledge and the ‘king’ (I think he was a king) called upon him regularly to sit in on court proceedings.

The hypnotherapist took me forward to a time when I was at my prime in life and a highly respected person in my own right. My father had passed on and I was handed the position he held and all was well.

Finally she took me to very near the end. Things had changed so dramatically it was a very visible difference in the cycle. It had gone from light and bright to dark and gloomy. Everyone believed I was a fraud and I was brought before the very court I used to sit in and assist with any knowledge. The court itself was falling apart and the wall hangings in disarray. The king’s son had taken over rule and wasn’t quite sure what to do with me as everyone was wary. They believed I was a witch who’d put some kind of spell on them (even though most professed not to believe it). This seemed to be the birth of suspicion.

I ‘knew’ that times of ‘dark’ were ahead and this was part of the cycle. There was nothing I could do as we all descended into the negative world.

Eventually they decided to place me in a cage and hung me up on a stone wall by the entrance for all to see as they passed in and out of the walled city. The cage was so tiny my legs were folded up against my chest, my hands tied around my legs, my head lying on my knees facing the people. I couldn’t move.

I was left to die of starvation. People threw things at me and laughed as they walked by, as they grew bold enough to do so. The circulation in my legs stopped. The pain was excruciating. My neck and back started to hurt more and more as I hunched over day after day, until I finally died in agony in a world gone mad.

I thought I’d released the trauma around this. I’ve always had a weak back and poor circulation in my legs and this was an opportunity for me to clear the emotions associated with it. But of course, now I realise not all of it was cleared as I still have problems. Huh, silly me. There are many more lifetimes I am aware of in which there was a problem with my legs.

My back has been hurting lately and my legs have a strange tingling sensation almost as though I’m getting pins and needles. Now I know everyone would be saying – some illness or another, but no it isn’t. It is merely a symptom presenting itself for release.

I’ve had far more in-depth observations from this past life without the help of a hypnotherapist. I distinctly remember a few occasions when my father watched me with a great deal of sadness in his eyes. Deep down we both knew what was going to happen.

This was the start of my negative cycle of karma. I was there at the beginning as we slipped into this cycle of ‘darkness’ or negativity and I am here once again to be part of the upswing into the cycle of ‘light’ or positivity.

One more layer to be peeled away as we come full cycle to return to the positive after having gone through the negative. In order for me to really embrace the positive and higher vibrations I need to clear the denseness of this negative world to find the balance between the two.

P.S. I seem to have confused everyone about Life between Lives. This kind of regression takes you back to that place you go between each life that you have (whether it is here on Earth or elsewhere). You and your guide decide during this time whether you have learned what you needed to learn and understand and if so, then choose what your next incarnation will be. The lifetime I mention was not a life between lives but simply a life that we decided on. Sorry, I did not make this clear.

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