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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Happy to be known as a Pleasurina

The practice of tantra is very dear to my heart. Okay, I have many things dear to my heart but all of them lead to one thing – a closeness with me. I love the expression that tantra creates, the beauty of who we are and...

Well, you know I’m heading for a BUT here.

There has been a slight jarring note with-in me about the feminine. Yes, I know the feminine is the creative, nurturing side and we are moving into the feminine Aquarian era and this side has been repressed and is considered submissive and (by some) inferior. On the other end of the scale we have the worship of the Goddess, placing her on a pedestal – this is the jarring note, as it does not seem very balanced to me.

Don’t get me wrong - as a Goddess myself I am very happy that we are a-changing. I’ve been through the hell of feeling helpless and being angry with the masculine – been there, seen it, done it, have cleared it and moved on.

I cannot help sparing a compassionate thought for the masculine? He stood alone without his feminine counterpart to balance him. The two missed each other deeply. The pain caused by their separation created our world as it is today.

I’m probably going to be shot down by the purists but I do feel very strongly about this. I apologise in advance if I get up your nose with this blog. It is not meant to be confrontational, merely thought provoking...which to some could be confrontational.

The deeper hubby and I delved into tantra the stronger the niggle. I kept on wondering, ‘Why the worship’ or the constant focus on the feminine? I was uncomfortable with it but put it down to my own stuff. And yet as the years went by this niggle grew and I finally realised the reason for it.

Let me explain from my perspective, which I’ve been mulling over for a while. With-in each one of us is a masculine and feminine side, whether we are in a male or female body. We are entering a time of balance between the two with-in ourselves, and therefore, a balance with-out as well. Perfect, whole and complete.

Worshipping the feminine surely defeats that balance? Do we not need to treat both with the respect and honour they deserve? When we went through the matriarchal era the Goddess was out of kilter without her counterpart, which has been mirrored by her male counterpart in this current era, albeit rather dark and hard.

With the channels of Lighted Loving they seem to have recognised this need to address this perception. Is it me influencing them or them influencing me? I don’t know. All I know is that what they are teaching resonates with me. There is no worship of either aspect, merely recognition of what each brings and honouring and respecting what each has to offer.

Some of their channels about Cycling Energy I found confusing and was getting myself into a bit of a tizz about how to understand it. Here is what Lighted Loving explained to me:

When the feminine energy was withdrawn from the planet it was decided to leave behind a few sparks so that a vague memory of the feminine would still be held within the consciousness of humans. There are many of these dim sparks but we will mention two that most of you are familiar with..’
Mother Mary was one of these flames, placed upon a pedestal as the ultimate female whose purity and virginity would be worshipped. Sexual tantra also fulfilled this role thus allowing the dim glow of the feminine to be worshipped by those willing to take on part in the role play.
It was necessary for this strong worship to be upheld during the dark times as the masculine energy lashed out in his pain at the separation from his other half.
Very soon the Goddess energy will be back and will flood the earth. It will be a cathartic time for many. Once all has settled down the beautiful balanced partnership of the two – God and Goddess – within each human and in the outer world will create a world of love, peace and harmony. There will be no need for worship of either. Simply a respect and honouring of what each has to offer.'
Each channel they’ve done has been about balancing the masculine and feminine energy with-in and at times it’s confusing. I have come to conclusion that I need to think of me as both God and Goddess with-in, inside a feminine body. You can understand how my brain struggles with this concept, even though it resonates within me!! I have now learnt to let go of analysing and simply be. It’s only when someone asks me that I have difficulty with the explanation. Words are very limiting.

Tantra has given me a beautiful basis from which to work for which I am truly grateful. I am now moving beyond that.

And so I find myself happy to be called a Pleasurina as it really says who I am. A Goddess complete and whole, standing with her God and creating a world of balance filled with love, pleasure and harmony.

Happy to be known - to read comments on LW

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