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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Raw food for cats

Here I am cutting up raw food for the cats whilst listening to music blaring in the background, singing at the top of my voice. This must be the six zillionth time in the last 7 years that I have done this. It’s a labour of love that I do every two weeks.

Our two kitties arrived at our house at the very tender age of 4 weeks. Their mother had rejected them and the owner of the mother cat was hand feeding six kittens and finding it exhausting. I agreed to take them and mother them. They were both so very scrawny with hardly any fur on their little bodies. I started them off on minced raw food and as they got older and stronger made the chunks larger and larger.

They do have a preference for turkey and chicken livers. I’ve tried them on beef, lamb and pork but they seem to find it too strong for their taste. Therefore I stick to poultry and fish – things they would catch if they lived in the wild.

When I first took the cats to our homeopathic vet 7 years ago, she seemed rather dubious about putting them on a raw food diet. Something about worms – but if the body is in optimum health this shouldn’t present a problem. I de-worm them regularly like everyone else does. Unfortunately there is nothing out there that isn’t chemically based except wormwood but I’m a bit hesitant to use it without supervision and our vet is not au fait with its use.

I was determined as we’ve had so many animals with problems that have developed over the years from terrible commercial food and vaccinations. I read up and investigated thoroughly and finally came to the conclusion that if I made their food myself, I at least knew what was going into them (unless they catch a mouse but I’m sure the mouse isn’t injecting itself with something or another). I also concluded that it was best to use homeopathic nosodes instead of vaccinating them. I don’t shove my children full of chemicals, why should I do that to my cats.

I have changed their diet on the odd occasion (especially when I got tired of cutting up meat) to try them on tinned food and pellets, I even tried raw food from a pet store as well as organic tinned food but each time their skin broke out in an allergic reaction and had a sudden infestation of fleas and a visit back to the vet for more homeopathic pills.

The vet is now finally convinced it’s a good idea and refers people to me for advice on their animal’s raw food diet. I must admit that it was a major surprise when she rang to ask me if I minded if she referred someone to me. It never crossed my mind that what I was doing was fascinating to her.

I also make up my own spray for the house for fleas and our vet found some herbal flea stuff to put on the cats. She wanted me to tell her whether the herbal stuff works or not. Once again, she referred someone to me for advice.

Strangely enough, in my job, you would think that the hospital would insist I have jabs to immunise me against all kinds of diseases that I would come into contact with. Although they send around circulars saying we should, I ignore them and make the intention that I don’t need it because I am protected and safe.

I have worked long and hard on my own body as well as that of my family and our pets to make sure that no chemical passes our lips (except the odd glass of wine and maybe coffee – okay, I’m not a saint – it’s probably more than the odd glass of wine J). What I mean is that I don’t use anything other than homeopathy, vitamins,  herbals or flower essences to keep us all at optimum health. I even make my own skin moisturisers and cleansers.

But what suits me won’t suit someone else. Why have I written this? I have no bloody idea just felt like blogging about it…I’m insane, I know. But I’m happily insane. I am on a roll of happiness. I figure it must be something to do with the ‘dangly bits’ man standing next to me – mmm…hubby is cutting up the yukky bits like hearts, kidneys and livers as we listen to Rocking Against the System, an album of South African classics.

Here is one of the songs that I love so much – deep rhythmic sounds of Africa while I dance around, bumping bums with ‘dangly bits’ man

Hey Boy by Via Afrika

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