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Monday, 2 May 2011

King Cobra

Monday 1 May 2011
Sheesh, these experiences are arriving at a fast rate – I feel like I can’t keep up as there is so much inside and outside going on. For the last few days I’ve been getting the words "You have until 1 May" and they were upping the ante. I never bother to ask why cause I never get an answer, as I tend to get in my own way when I know the answer and try and pre-empt what will happen. This is what they call going with the flow. Although I did ask if hubby was ready – cause I worry about him on this rollercoaster cause as I move up so does he.

And do you know, I thought today was the 30th... so I couldn’t understand the urgency!!

Last night I woke to find a King Cobra, his hood up, looming over me. I almost wet myself – my fear of anything reptilian shrieked at the top of its voice and my panic hit a big time high. Jeepers, talk about dramatic. Jem of Lighted Loving in his lion form was sitting next to the snake and he calmed me down, once he got through to me. But I must admit I was still seeing ‘evil’ everywhere. My heart was pounding really hard.

I realised that the King Cobra was in fact really beautiful, once I’d calmed down. He had the most exquisite stripes running down his body of gold and what looked like black Jet. His eyes were emerald green, his mouth deep ruby red and his fangs looked like ivory. His image waivered between being real and a statue. I knew that there had to be some significance with the gems and crystals but couldn’t quite wrap my head around it.

His eyes were quite hypnotic and kept freaking me out as every time I gazed into them I felt myself falling. Jem calmed me down by talking to me and explaining that this was what they had been talking up ‘upping the ante’. Flipping heck – talk about the unexpected. What the Cobra was going to do was unwrap my some of my closed memories. At this stage I wasn’t sure I wanted that. I knew it was important but the fear I’ve been feeling lately as well as the sore feet attested to the fact that I’d been holding me back.

How can I be that silly and full of contradictions? I demand to move on and when I get the chance, I hide away and deny I wanted it. But...never one to shirk or not face my fears I agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Taking a deep breath I gazed into his emerald eyes and was instantly hit with the strangest feeling of my brain moving as my third eye whooshed open. My brain felt like the inside of a piano as each key was hit almost as though my brain was being tuned. I don’t remember much of what happened except the brain thing and a feeling of weightlessness. I remember a beautiful white opal being placed in my third eye – a very large oval shaped opal possibly the length of my thumb. Once again I knew there was some significance with the opal.

This morning when I woke I had an oval mark that stretches from the bridge of my nose to the top of my forehead. It did fade after a few hours.

Once the King Cobra had finished (his name is Anas, by the way) and I came back there was a female cobra intertwined with him. She had the same colours but her eyes were sapphires and she had one big fat stripe of Jet running down her back.

I think I must have fallen asleep cause all night I dreamt about Egypt and wearing a headdress (which I have since researched and found out is called a Nemes), a choke collar and holding a staff. It was made of gold and turquoise but only had a snake on the front without the vulture.

I haven’t got a clue what it all means.

I looked up the meaning of snakes

Rebirth, wisdom, fluidity, wholeness, transmutations, sexuality, look for transitions, changes and new opportunities. Creative forces are awakening with heightened intuition. Snake can teach about shedding what is not needed; perceptions, attitudes, ideals. Physiologically, it can activate the sexual drive, bring more energy, etc. Spiritually it can stimulate greater perception of how to apply your insight and intuition.

Okay, so I understand the thing about changes and the sexuality thing. I’ve been hedging on that lately – supposed to be channelling messages on the change to our perspective of sexuality. There is a channel that Lighted Loving keep nudging me to do, but I keep running away cause it’s very deep and I know it will be life changing – well for me and hubby anyway. What can I say – I’m a scaredy cat sometimes.

I had a look in my Crystal Bible book for the meanings of the gems:

Turquoise – protection, enhances intuition, purification, dispels negative energy, aligns physical with spiritual, male/female, empathetic and balancing.

Jet – draws out negative energy, protection brings, balance and stability.

Emerald – integrity, successful love, balance, protection, opens heart, raises consciousness, wisdom and aids eloquent expression.

Sapphire – wisdom, peace of mind and serenity, facilitates self expression and speaker of truth.

Ruby – energizes and balances, encourages ‘following your bliss’, protection, passion and stimulates heart chakra.

Opal – protection, enhances self worth and helps you to understand your full potential, cloaks an individual and makes the invisible, is associated with love, passion, eroticism and desire, a delicate stone with a fine vibration and helps release inhibitions.

Gold – opens and balances the heart, crown and five chakras above the head. It also encourages the flow of etheric fluid throughout the physical body, which stimulates tissue regeneration and balances the brain at an energetic level.

These are some of the properties of each gem and precious metal – I have chosen what I thought was appropriate – I could be mistaken – it happens.

Today I’ve been off balance all day. We went to a garden and leisure fair at Ardingly where they hold the annual South of England Agricultural show. I really enjoyed it – except for constantly walking into people and tripping over my own feet. My third eye was throbbing the whole time and I was totally ungrounded.

Hmm...what next?

Tuesday, 2 May 2011
Interesting night. Nothing extraordinary happened except again I woke in the early hours of the morning but no-one appeared and all was still. I lay for ages waiting for something to happen but nothing did. It finally sunk in that the opal on my forehead was pulsing gently and the vibrations were moving through my body as a fine mist and it made me feel quite ethereal. Amazing sensation.

The opal seems to have expanded now and is right across my whole forehead. Um...is this how I’m becoming crystalline? Weird.

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