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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Emotional Alchemy

It never ceases to amaze me how I'm always placed in certain situations for a very good reason. I have come to understand that my higher self and my guardians are doing a fantastic job of teaching me.

Our roster at work has changed this month. As the years have gone by I have changed the nights that I work and therefore the colleagues that I work with. I've worked regularly with all of them bar one, and she is the one I am currently assigned to work with permanently. I wasn't supposed to but through a series of bizarre incidents it turned out this way. I must admit that I've not had a lot of interaction with her except to see her at meetings. I was sharp with her on one occasion for a few repeated oversights - yeah, I'm not always Pollyanna running through meadow flowers :)

Whenever I have a change like this I know that there is something to be gained by both of us. I was wondering in the run up what it would be this time. I do know that her health is not very good because I've often had to cover her nights when she's been off ill. It has caused some resentment amongst the other technicians because she seems to take off at the drop of a hat and it places a burden on our already stretched roster.

I didn't quite know what to expect. So I decided to be up front on the first night and, as the senior in charge, I explained how we would work together to keep things running smoothly. I find that because we are so busy at night we need to have a set routine. This has worked well with the others and we keep on top of things.

This young woman seems quite brash but as I've worked with her this month I've seen how much of it is a cloak of protection to cover her deep seated anxieties. Last night I had a premonition 'something' was going to happen...

She was ill with a cold again when she came in, complaining about all her aches and pains. I understand it is not pleasant to be ill, but to be constantly focused on how difficult her life is and how awful her health simply creates more and she is 'growing' this state.

Once everything was done and our patients were sleeping, I sat down with her and had an impromptu counselling session. I could feel the energy of change pressing down and knew it was for her. I just needed to get her to 'open up' - thank you Wesack Full Moon :).

Long story short...it was a very cathartic moment for her and a deep healing took place. I don't believe for one minute it was 'all me' - I do believe that she was ready and the energy was waiting for the right time and safe space within which to do it.

It was a beautiful night for both of us and this morning as we said our goodbyes to go home she turned to me and said, 'I know why you and I are working together. Thank you for being such an angel.'

This whole episode has really moved me. How wonderful to see these beautiful changes taking place. I know it's not complete and she has a long way to go but it's a start.

And today, as part of the synchronicity and while I was wondering if I should write this up...I read Matariki's blog http://matarikidimension.wordpress.com/. What really resonated was this:

'It might be simply the stress of not have the monies to pay the bills. The mental mind worries, frets and has great concern with sleepless nights and troubling thoughts and there is a dependency within the system on the rush of chemicals that the worrying thoughts create.'

Well I remember the days these worries had a stranglehold on me and this young woman was suffering with the same troubling thoughts.

And here it is for all to read - thanks, Mati -

Message from the "team"_________

We are here once again offering our words of gratitude as well as our acknowledgment for your service in uplifting the consciousness of the collective, by the courage of your every action as aware magnificent multidimensional beings.

You are becoming more and more aware of your true self as an aspect of divine consciousness. You are pure energy, pure vibrations that are anchored and processed through the systems of the physical body. This physical body is only your vehicle; it is the required equipment which allows you to interface with this dense reality.

For eons of lifetimes the pattern has been repeated as you have in-spirited another life adventure in this dimension with the goal to awaken and assist others to awaken from the collective amnesia. Each lifetime offered the opportunity to acquire emotional wisdom, to entrain with the vibrational frequencies of all the emotions available through personal experiences. To sense, to endure despair and anguish, to feel great love and passion, to fathom the depths of anger and rage, to embrace the emotion of pure joy and to delight in the sensation of your physical form, to suffer deep heartache, guilt and remorse and to discover your ability for compassion, understanding and forgiveness all of these experiences impart knowledge..

The vibrational offerings of all the emotional frequencies you experience have been honing your skills as a conscious energy alchemist. The evolution of consciousness that is occurring at this time on your planet is stirring your remembering, your divine authority, and your skill to transform all that is before you. You are not powerless to what is unfolding in your life or in the collective matrix. You are truly powerful beyond measure.

This dimension, this timeframe has been locked into patterns of dysfunction, patterns of helplessness and victim consciousness. It has been programmed, taught and passed down from parent to child for generations. You were taught to honor authority, to not question what you have been told or taught. Now is the time to question. Question what you believe to be true in the deepest reservoir of your heart’s intelligence.

Many of the emotions of hatred, violence and prejudice have been activated and generated by those collective groups in power for their own selfish goals and needs. You are not a victim of this kind of manipulation of fear and lack anymore. You are waking up to the poisonous thoughts and messages that are being broadcast to humanity.

Realize that planet earth is a free will environment; it is always your free will to choose. It is also a reality of opposites, a reality of polarity with the extremes of emotional experience at both ends of the vibrational spectrum. Understand that each life is reflecting this vibrational spectrum through all the myriad experiences available. Realize also that each emotional frequency, each emotional feeling or vibration sets off a reaction within the physical body.

The physical body’s reaction to these discordant emotions of fear, terror, worry, or stress creates a chemical and hormonal response. When this cascade of chemicals and hormones are rushing through the systems of your physical form, they are causing damage to the organs, muscles and nerves. What is most important for you to become aware of is that your body’s tissue grows addicted to this rush of chemicals, however harmful, when you are stressed or fearful. And, like in any addiction, it continues to desire that reaction. It might be simply the stress of not have the monies to pay the bills. The mental mind worries, frets and has great concern with sleepless nights and troubling thoughts and there is a dependency within the system on the rush of chemicals that the worrying thoughts create.

Awareness and empowerment come when this unsupported pattern is discovered, when you personally realize and recognize what your emotional addiction(s) might be. There is no judgment here; there is no make wrong, but rather the awesome awareness that you can shift your emotional response at any time. It will be a partnership between your physical presence and your own personal connectedness to who you are as a multidimensional being.

Once you realize that your emotions are yours totally whether they have been triggered by some outside manipulation or some old program from a past experience or something you are experiencing in the moment, they are yours to uplift and transform. Now you are invited to step into your personal power as a divine conscious being, as a transformer and a master of emotional alchemy. It is this enlightened knowledge that offers the skills and the invitation to serve humanity that you came here to perform.

We have spoken of this process many many times before however we continue to empower you to remember yourselves as masters of energetic alchemy. Remember if you are feeling any discordant emotion it is your birthright and responsibility to transmute it. You are empathic; you are sensitive to the vibrations/emotions of others; you are connected to the collective emotional frequencies offered by humanity.

Individuals are becoming aware of their growing ability to feel more and more of the collective field of energy. This has been especially true for the female aspect of your collective, yet now it is the males who are being triggered to their own feeling nature.

As this awakening and sensitivity occurs it brings great distress for the males of your species. They have been taught to suppress their feelings, because if you are empathic or sensitive you can not be a warrior, you can not kill or maim another.

Yet men are as sensitive and tender as women, they are caring and compassionate. They have not been allowed nor taught just how to express or transform what they are feeling. This is changing. Humanity is changing. It is your work that is bringing more light consciousness to this matrix.

Remember that you are a transformer of dense dysfunctional emotions. It is through the intelligence and presence of the heart’s conscious chalice that this work and this magic is done. This is the task you have come here to do, to transform the energies that do not support your well-being and expansion. This is about raising consciousness from the dense slumber that has permeated generations of humans.

We invite you to give the feelings of discouragement, loss, fear or anger a voice, allow this act of release to be sacred. It does not matter if these emotions are all yours personally or a part of what the collective is offering. They are yours to transform. Ask for support and see yourself surrounded by the love of divine consciousness, feel this embrace as you shout, weep, moan or scream your feelings. Give these feelings an expression in a sacred and holy way. Honoring what you are feeling yet being willing to allow them release and transformation, this is emotional alchemy.

Each time you release a dense emotion of sadness, sorrow, grief or fear be sure that you call forth, and invite a higher vibrational emotion to replace what you have cleared. Name it with intention, and sound it into being. If you have released fear replace it with trust. Once you have released stress replace it with peace of mind and heart. Sound it and call it forth into your reality. Play with this incredible tool of consciously shifting energy.

Make it habit, make it a game of high purpose, and you are a master at transmuting discordant energy. Claim your ability, share this tool with others, and create groups that do this transforming work together for the collective.

When you offer an emotional vibration that carries more light than darkness you are adding to the expansion and the shift. When you recognize your own emotional addictions and bring those to the light with understanding and forgiveness you are doing global service work on a personal level. Your sacred heart is the vehicle of all transformation. When you consciously embrace an experience of fear with even the smallest shift of vibration into trust or hope, you own your power. Each and every time you consciously initiate a new response you open the door to more light, you claim more of your power and you perform an incredible service for your loved ones and the global family.

Remember you are a transformer. Remember you are an energy alchemist. Step into your magnificence and own the ability to make a difference in each moment. Remember you are the one who carries the vision. You are the one who seeds your reality with coherent emotions of joy, love compassion and forgiveness; you offer the gifts of your deepest knowing of truth and light. You are here to anchor the new reality and the new shift of consciousness in the collective.

It is within you heart chalice that the vision of love and peace will be anchored and brought forth. We offer our deepest gratitude for your work and service; we acknowledge that this reality has challenges which take great courage to experience. The divine realms of love and light await your request for support; they will join you upon your invitation. Know that you are seen and appreciated and be at peace.

The ‘team’

©2011 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.
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