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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nature is helping us

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while but haven’t had a chance.

Last week when we went for our ramble through the countryside, we noticed masses of little white ‘fairies’ (as my son used to call them) floating around. These were smaller than the Dandelion fairies. We’d noticed it over the previous week but assumed it was Dandelion being released in masses only to discover that it was something completely different.

As we walked down an avenue of trees we found the ‘culprit’. Pussy Willow – part of the willow family. Every single tree had hundreds and hundreds of catkins that were releasing their tiny white fluffy fairies and they were piling up on the ground below the trees making it look like someone had created a bubble bath. Here are some pictures of the catkins and the mass on the ground.

It was like walking through a snowfall – they got in our eyes, ears, up our noses and every time we opened our mouths they flew in. I’ve never seen it quite so abundant.

I found this very interesting as Willow flower essence deals with resentment and is what we call a rigid essence, dealing with rigidity and an inability to bend energetically or physically. Someone is fixed in their ideas. This rigid energy tends to lead to physical problems such as arthritis.

‘...Restores the qualities of self-responsibility and forgiveness. Those in need of Willow have a tendency to feel a victim of circumstance and to blame others for their life situation. They may become easily bitter or resentful, bear grudges or feel that ‘life’s not fair’ when things do not go their way. Willow helps to dissolve these difficult personality traits and to promote the recognition of the need for self–responsibility, forgiveness of self and others and to restore optimism in their ability to create the life they want.’
Extract from Crystal Herbs website http://www.crystalherbs.com/

Since then I’ve noticed that the Hawthorn trees/bushes have burst into flower and they are literally covered profusely – so much so you cannot see the leaves. Hawthorn essences work on the heart.

‘...The intrinsic energy of the hawthorn is focused on the heart centre...particularly potent as a tool for healing affairs of the heart. The Hawthorn's connection to our heart energy has transcended many different aspects of our growth, both within our relationships with ourselves and each other, and in relation to our spiritual connection to the divine within and without. I believe that the Hawthorn is very much involved in humankind's evolution into the Aquarian age of a more open-hearted and humanitarian attitude to life, love and spirituality. I sense a willingness within the Hawthorn's energy to help us and be part of this transformation.’
Extract from White Dragon website http://www.whitedragon.org.uk/articles/hawthorn.htm

Finally, the Holly bushes are covered in their buds – also seemingly far in excess to what they normally shoot.

‘...Dr Bach says of Holly that it ‘opens the heart and unites us with Divine Love’. Unconditional, Divine Love is the highest form of love and one that is present within the heart of every human being. However when this love is not recognised and nurtured the heart gradually closes down and defence patterns of the personality such as anger, revenge, jealousy & hatred take root. Those in this state can also appear to be suspicious, distrustful or supersensitive to real or imagined slights. The powerful energy of the Holly remedy floods the heart with the vibrations of Divine, unconditional love helping to transmute and transform these negative states.’
Extract from Crystal Herbs website http://www.crystalherbs.com/

These are but a few I have noticed – mainly because there has been much releasing of anger lately and we are being helped by nature to transmute. It is not always necessary to drink the flower essence – simply being surrounded by nature and her wonderful supporting and nurturing energy makes a huge difference.

Does this affect the whole world, including the Southern Hemisphere as they move into winter? I am sure it does. Pollen travels AND we are all connected.

In the throes of massive changes in the collective of humanity Mother Nature is gearing up to help us reach higher levels. With the moves afoot to stop us from having access to herbal medicines, and as much as I dislike the idea of them being taken away, it might be a move that will force us to reconsider how we approach our healing. I always believe in a silver lining to each difficult situation. We will try and stop it but if that door shuts, a new one will open. Will this force us to honour nature, be a part of her and access the natural energies she creates in order to help us harmonise? Time will tell.

Can the big conglomerates stop us having gardens, fields and forests? I’m not sure but I think Gaia might have something to say about that. She’s being pretty verbal these days :)

This is merely my humble take on what is happening.

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