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It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dark energy

I wrote an article about 8 years ago with regard to how our energy affects our children. I wrote it basically in response to a worried mother's query about her children's teeth on a forum that was an offshoot of the Lightworker.com (Steve Rother) website.

How you might wonder does that answer her question? Well, I had realised over the years that energetically I influence my children.

Anyways, long story short, the moderator was impressed with the answer and asked me to re-write it and upload it for others to see which I did. Needless to say it was ignored by the mom and others, mainly because they didn't understand it.

Here is the link to it Reflections

I received the link to the latest Beacons of Light and was scrolling through the segments (which I never usually bother to do) and came across these very interesting interviews.

It once again brings me back to the reason that the 'lost' boys seem to be invading my house.

Yesterday I had a long chat to my mother and I was telling her the story of the boys when she blurted out, 'But does it not occur to you that this is part of why you are here? You are helping people and possibly by inviting them into your house you're doing just that.'

This stopped me in my tracks. My mother doesn't read or watch my blog and sometimes I tell her what is going on. She believes in me and what I do, but doesn't understand it and I can see her shutting down at times when I talk. She is into alternatives things such as naturopaths, herbalists, etc. but healing and energy work is a little beyond her scope.

So for her to pick up on this really astounded me...and now today I see these videos.

My word, I am speechless at the moment...

Here are the two interviews - I hope you enjoy them.

Laurie tells about her son Zach, who was experiencing hearing voices, seeing phantoms in the mirror, and having anger issues, which escalated over the years, and what she did to help him. An energy practitioner taught Zach how to work with envisioning white light to shift his energy out of all the anger. Laurie now works at a school that teaches parents how to work with their children that experience these same problems.

Michael is the counselor that helped Zach Ferris See segment #2 learn to deal with his emotional problems. Explains some observations he made of Zach that showed what was going on with him. Michael tells how he came into doing the work he is doing now. Discussion about negative energies and how they are fear based. Expands on what he tells children to do to deal with the negative energies.

Hehe…one of the comments on both interviews on YouTube is about being distracted by Sandy’s cleavage. Hmm...a serious distraction if ever I heard one...

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