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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Monday, 24 October 2011


Well…what can I say…this has been a rather enlightening week for me.

Where to start?

I'd been skipping along on a high for a while after the angel activation/integration and then fell flat on my face. Sometimes it’s good to have this because it puts things into perspective, especially when you realise how far you’ve come – it’s a good bench mark.

I hadn’t noticed too much from about Tuesday that I was slightly off. Not markedly but something was not quite right. But me in my elated mood took no notice.

As you might or might not know, my son is a silent sentinel (or a gatekeeper as Ishtar calls them). He and his friend came back on Wednesday. He was feeling out of sorts too.

Thursday I’d woken with a pain in my side, my left hip and breast were hurting. Both of these are my thermometers which tell me my body is struggling. I just assumed it was another download and my body wasn’t coping. The pain in my side got worse as the day went by and when I got home from work decided to have a soaking bath. Hubby came in and we were talking about a few things.

We often have debates on how I see the world and how he sees it from a fully immersed 3D perspective. Mostly I am able to persuade him to my understanding (hmmm…maybe I should have carried on studying for my law degree J), sometimes it becomes a heated debate and we agree to disagree. This time we were discussing Mati’s blog about ‘not burning’ . He wanted to know what I'd been reading to come up with this idea. Hah…that really got me started and we discussed all kinds of things including the power of the mind, beliefs and firewalkers. Firewalking he can understand, ‘cos he’d almost tried it.

But he couldn't get his head around not having to get into a certain mind state to walk on fire or not be burnt by the sun. It is impossible, he stated, as we all know the sun and fire is hot.

I was thinking about how difficult it was to convince him and if it was difficult to convince him that anything was possible – how were we to convince the 65 Billion residents of earth, especially those immersed in so much poverty with destruction all around. I became quite despondent. Whilst we were debating this subject I could feel myself getting more agitated and my hip and breast were going off like a red lighted klaxon.

He could see I was getting upset and started to say what a wonderful job I was doing and that the world was changing. Have a look at the Middle East, he said, who would have guessed that this could happen or what about the occupation.

It didn’t help. Thursday night I was in agony and didn’t sleep much. I kept on wondering why my body was having a problem so I eventually had a look and discovered a tear in my etheric body. A jagged tear caused by a claw. There was dark matter trying to seep into my body but the light that was everywhere was managing to keep it at bay.

I thought that as I was living in 5D mostly I wouldn’t be doing any fighting. Hmm…you know sometimes I wonder about myself. Lately Athena has become very feminine and mostly we were BEing not DOing. But of course, being the Goddess of War she wouldn’t sit on her arse and do nothing. The dark is making a last desperate bid and it’s all ‘hands on deck’ at the moment. And so I’d been injured and didn’t realise it.

It has been a long road to recovery, drawing out the poison and healing. It is far better today – just a slight twinge but I’ve been sleeping quite a bit in between resting and healing myself.  It doesn’t help that I am still in warrior mode and busy every night. Strangely enough…or not, every time I look at hubby I can see, super imposed over him, a gladiator. Obviously he is fighting too. He is definitely grumpy.
What has this taught me?

Firstly, when I focused, through my discussion with hubby, on the world and the difficulties in 3D, it stopped me living in the NOW. I started to worry about the world. It is not my place to worry about the world, those days are over. My focus should be on the building of the beautiful 5D world.

By worrying I then allowed the negative energies of the 3D world to attach to me instead of flowing through me. Of course it didn’t help that I was injured, but in hindsight that was just me being silly and assuming what the problem was, instead of going into my body and seeing for myself. Of course, I should have realised sooner when I did the blogs about disharmonic 4D and dark energy. Those were clues…

So once again, hubby has highlighted something for me and I have much to be grateful to him for.

Hehe, Mati...we're pushing the envelope here :).

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