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Monday, 10 October 2011

Master Breath

A few months ago before I stopped doing my regular rituals of connecting with the sun, earth, moon, etc., I suddenly started including a connection with what I called ‘Master Breath’. I have no idea why I was moved to do so but it felt right.

I’ve slowly became aware that the air around us is an entity. Besides the energy we draw in through our chakras, the life force that we draw into our lungs is of the utmost importance.

I have had a revelation lately that shed a little light on one of the many layered reasons that I am working at the sleep centre.

Breathing is an essential mechanism of the body. Without breathing we would die, as we are not able to draw in the prana needed by the body.

Most of the patients that I treat at the centre stop breathing in their sleep. I knew that there was some significance to this but hadn’t quite figured it out. Most of us breathe pretty shallowly at the best of times, especially when stressed. Deep breathing helps us to relax as the much needed prana makes its way around our body. Breathing deeply during exercising takes us out of our head and into our body, thereby stopping us from thinking too much.

I did an internet search and came across a site that gave this information which pretty much resonates with what I have been getting. Aeolus, the Cosmic Holy Spirit is the one who gives us our first breath and takes our last breath. He is the prana or Breath of God and was the Maha Chohan or Great Lord of all the chohans. He is now simply known as the Cosmic Holy Spirit. He is the Breath of Life.

 He is also known in Greek mythology as the ruler over the winds – the wind god and king of the floating island Aeolia. But this is by the by.

He is also Pallas Athena’s twin flame. I had suspected that he was Athena’s twin flame but never really paid much attention until I received my own confirmation last week.

As the days go by and I connect more with Aeolus/Pallas Athena, more information is being downloaded…but I am not always aware what it is. I am still not quite sure how Aeolus fits into this Higher Self connection I have with Athena. I am being very patient and waiting for it all to unfold as it needs to.

He has been nudging me to do a meditation, with his help, about breath work. It is exciting and daunting at the same time.

On another note, I have been using by personal mantra, given to me by Athena, all the time, especially when I find myself become too mental. It is quite incredible how quickly it helps me to centre. Giving up my ritual every morning of cutting the ties and reconnecting in a balanced way sorta threw me. This mantra has taken its place and made me feel very comfortable in no time at all.

I encourage everyone to ask their HS for a mantra to chant.

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