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Life is what we make of it, no matter how harrowing. We accept and embody this with-in ourselves, thereby allowing the energy to manifest outwardly in our reality.

It starts with each one of us as an individual to form the collective consciousness.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010


Our children reflect how we feel about ourselves and the world out there. We are their role models and because none of us are clearing our issues within ourselves everything around us becomes more and more dysfunctional.

Both my children when they were very young had recurring colds and flu causing secondary infections such as ear infections. The ears help bring balance to the body and are connected to the kidneys that store fear. Every time my children were becoming infected they were reflecting my fear back at me. At the time I did not know it but through the years of experimentation and coming to understand how the subtle bodies work it became more and more apparent that as I worked through my own issues and cleared them that my children were becoming healthier.

Giving your child an antibiotic for an infection makes the assumption that the body is not capable of healing itself. Our children's immune systems are not given the chance to kick in and start working. We fill them with antibiotics and pain killers as well as fever reducing medicine. When a child has a fever or the chills it means that the immune system is working and is fighting the germ. Using drugs to suppress this fever is stopping the body from doing its job and as a result the immune system cannot build up any immunity to resist further onslaughts. The drugs suppress the germ that is causing the problem and eventually it will resurface again. Remember antibiotics do have their place but they are persistently over-prescribed due to demand. Antibiotics also cause tooth decay to a great degree and if you are giving your child any kind of antibiotic or drug please remember to also give them Acidophilus (for helping to retain the balance of friendly bacteria in the intestine) and Echinacea (to help the immune system to build to greater strengths). If your child is suffering from fever rather than give them any kind of fever reducing drug support them using old fashioned methods of sponging them with tepid water (not many children like this) or using a fan to keep the cool air on their skin to help bring relief whilst their body is fighting. Unfortunately many of us feel with our hectic lifestyles that we don't have the time for this as our parents might have had in the old days. But the question is what is more important your child or your lifestyle? Again this is a reflection for us of how we don't take time out because we are driven by the stresses of life. We are driven to get more money, more material things and give so much more to our children but what they really want is us, not what we can buy them.

All of us, regardless, are all beings of light and far older and wiser than our belief structures allow us to believe. Allow your child's body to fight it in their own way. Understandably it is distressing for a parent to stand by whilst the child is in the throes of discomfort but take into account the fact that you are doing your child the greatest service you could ever do by allowing them the chance to come to the realisation that they and their body are quite capable of fighting. In order to get the support you and your child needs firstly find a good homeopath or naturopath or herbal practitioner for the physical aspects and then start addressing the emotions involved. Once you and your child start clearing the fear or anger or whatever emotion it is you are dealing with then the healthier and happier you will both become. Remember actions speak louder than words and if you are fearful your child will pick this up from you and act it out in the belief that because mom or dad are fearful then the world must be a terrible place. If they are safe within themselves because of you then the world holds little fear for them. Bear in mind like attracts like and if they and you are fearful your life will be filled with situations filled with fear.

Please keep in mind I am not a medical doctor only a parent and practitioner who through many years of observation and practice is able to offer advice. There are many competent homeopaths, naturopaths and herbal medicine practitioners out there who will give you wonderful advice.

If you are not sure how to go about finding the ‘correct’ one for you put out your intention to the Universe with the help of the Angels of Balance and ask for what you want.

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